NBC and MSNBC have both been outed as “government-run fake news agencies”, by long-time NBC/MSNBC employee, well known military and war Reporter, whistleblower William Arkin.

From Collective-Evolution.com:  “Mainstream media has a huge influence over the minds of the masses. Although it’s weakening, it’s been used as a massive brainwashing tool since its inception. This is evident by the slew of documents showing the close relationship mainstream media has with government agencies, like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The latest example I wrote about was whistleblower William Arkin. Arkin is a longtime, well-known military and war reporter who is best known for his groundbreaking, three-part Washington Post piece on clandestine black budget operations in 2010. He’s gone public outing NBC/MSNBC as completely fake, government-run agencies.”


THIS is Fake News Central

Americans have trusted the Mainstream News Media for so long, most of us didn’t realize that the Deep State had long ago weaseled it’s corrupt UN one world government dictatorship head into the American Media and turned it into a brainwashing tool for the masses – “government-run fake news agencies”.

Many Americans recognized that the Mainstream Media had become little more than an onslaught of Liberal opinions and hate, and so, many Americans have stopped sitting obediently in front of their TV screens every morning and night. In short, Americans have stopped watching ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC “news” shows. But most viewers probably hadn’t realized that NBC and MSNBC had been taken over by Deep State operatives within the U.S. government who have been intentionally misinforming them night after night after night, with some of the best manipulative psychological propaganda that money can buy.

From NewsPunch.com:MSNBC reporter William Arkin, a longtime and well-known military reporter, has resigned from his job with MSNBC while admitting the network has become infiltrated by Deep State operatives.

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According to the respected military reporter, MSNBC is now the “propaganda arm of the CIA and FBI” and routinely peddles disinformation to the masses.

Arkin recently blasted NBC News along with MSNBC news in an email for “becoming captive and subservient to the national security state, reflexively pro-war in the name of stopping President Donald Trump, and now the prime propaganda instrument of the War Machine’s promotion of militarism and imperialism.”

Thanks to the collapse of the Russian collusion hoax, relentlessly pushed by mainstream media for the last three years, millions of ordinary Americans are slowly waking up to the fact the mainstream media does not always tell the truth.”

If you ever wondered why American Liberals cannot be reached, now you know: they have been brainwashed! NBC/MSNBC has been outed as “a government-run fake news agency” now, intentionally feeding viewers Liberal Agenda-driven lies and nonsense and telling viewers that their Deep State propaganda is “the news”.  It’s not “the news” when NBC/MSNBC filter everything they broadcast through their own Hater, anti-Trump criteria, designed to manipulate public opinion, not to bring “the news” to their viewers.

From Arkin, regarding MSNBC: “…becoming captive and subservient to the national security state, reflexively pro-war in the name of stopping President Donald Trump, and now the prime propaganda instrument of the War Machine’s promotion of militarism and imperialism.”

What scares us the most is the government takeover of what used to be independent news agencies. Why wasn’t this takeover public record? Why don’t viewers know that NBC/MSNBC are “government-run fake news agencies”? Where are the government agency watchdogs, like the FCC? Crickets, that’s where. Not a peep out of the FCC, who oversees all that is broadcast in America. That suggests that the FCC has most likely been compromised as well, by Deep State operatives.

5 FAKE NEWS SHOWS ~ Because CNN is by far the most deceitful and clearly the most fake news, in our view, we have to  conclude that CNN is also a “government-run fake news agency”, and of course, CBS and ABC, who only broadcast stories which are identical to NBC and MSNBC. All 5 corporations – ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC – all broadcast stories which are identical. Only FOX News offers a differing perspective, and FOX also doesn’t base every story on their opinions. FOX bases their stories on the facts discovered through investigations.

AN is not saying that FOX is not part of the government-run fake news agency. We’re only stating that all 5 of the other stations have been identified by our President Donald J Trump and by untold millions of other American citizens as “fake news”, because they all report the same perspective. AN is simply pointing out that there is a difference between the 5 supposedly “news” agencies which are called “fake news” and the FOX News Agency.  We’ve seen some Left-leaning from FOX, but nothing remotely resembling what NBC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN and ABC are guilty of, which they pretend is “news”, particularly during this impeachment hoax, in which all 5 agencies pretended their imagined accusations against President Trump are real. Americans know better.

THE NEW ‘GANG OF FIVE’ ~ Since Donald Trump’s surprise 2016 Presidential election victory, American citizens can see clearly that the Democrat Party has been working in collusion with “The Gang of Five” (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC), aka the Mainstream Media in a calculated campaign to overthrow President Trump, and We the People see that these Democrat Party accusations against Trump have all been fake, hoaxes at best, especially this impeachment “inquiry”. With no witnesses and no specific  crimes, it is clear that the Deep State, who appears to run all of the “fake news agencies” (not just NBC/MSNBC), do not have their hooks into Donald Trump yet. President Trump is a free agent, a President of the people, by the people and for the people.

Investigations are taking place right now into who actually runs CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CBS, thanks to the Whistleblower William Arkin’s reporting that NBC/MSNBC are “government-run fake news agencies”, and we applaud William Arkin’s efforts at uncovering the truth about the fake news media in America.

PRAY WITH US FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP ~ American history proves that anyone who gets in the way of the Deep State – President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, Ronald Reagan and a long list of others taken down by the Clinton Cartel – all suffer the same fate: assassination. We applaud and support President Donald Trump’s campaign against the corrupt, anti-American Deep State, aka “The Swamp” and we pray for President Trump’s continued protection from these traitors to America. We pray that our president is surrounded by a strong contingent of the best military trained bodyguards on Earth and that our great President Trump will finish the work he has started and clean out this Swamp of every Deep State operative in our government’s midst. And we pray this in the powerful and holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Democrats in Congress are now walking away from the Democrat Party, over the fake impeachment hoax perpetrated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Hater House Democrats. Representative Jeff Drew of New Jersey has officially abandoned the Democrat Party citing the embarrassment that Democrats are in the middle of in their effort to impeach President Donald J Trump without any evidence and without any crimes. A second Congress member – Rep. Colin Peterson – just announced that he, too, is leaving the Democrat Party due to the impeachment hoax.

Like thousands of even life-long Democrat Party members, whose families have been Democrat Party members for generations, the Walk Away Movement is exploding in America! Democrat members are walking away from the DNC in droves right now, re-registering as Republican or Independent voters.

Embarrassed by the shameful attempt to impeach President Trump, solely because the desperate Democrat Party knows they cannot beat Trump in the 2020 Presidential election, House Democrats had NO witnesses and NO evidence whatsoever to charge President Trump with what are supposed to be “High crimes and misdemeanors” and now Congress members are walking away from the Democrat Party.

Using the Mainstream Media as a weapon today, the desperate Democrat Party has collectively lost it’s mind and is embarrassing itself in front of America and the world. And now, Democrat Party members are abandoning the Democrat Party, in full view of the Media and the world, and they are starting to pay the price for pursuing a FAKE IMPEACHMENT HOAX with NO EVIDENCE TO IMPEACH President Donald J Trump.

American Nation says “Welcome to the Republican Party, former Congressional Democrat Party members! Welcome!”

DemocRAT Party vs. We the People

There is no question among American Nation staff that We the People have the answer to America’s problems – ALL of America’s problems:  Republican SWEEP in 2020! Vote out all of the Democrats from Congress, state Congress, County Supervisors and City Councils. That’s the only way to get rid of what has become the most turncoat political party in this nation’s history.

Get those lazy do-nothing Democrats out of Congress, out of state, county and local politics and get Democrats out of leadership completely in America. Democrat Party losers have wasted so much valuable time and more than $40 million dollars in taxpayer money on their hate-filled obsessive vendetta against President Donald Trump. Truly, this “Liberalism Disorder”, this intense and hostile mental illness that is spreading through the Liberal community is taking it’s toll on the Democrat Party.

Why do Democrats hate Trump so much and why has their hatred become an obsession in Democrat leaders’ minds? That’s simple: Trump had the audacity to win the 2016 Presidential election, that’s why!

But wait! We the People gave Trump that victory, didn’t we? Yes we did! WE put President Trump into the White House – Trump simply campaigned for the job, so the vendetta that Democrats are on right now isn’t even against President Trump – the vendetta that Democrats are on right now is against YOU and ME, my American citizen friends! Democrat Party leaders are trying to UNDO the 2016 election which will cancel YOUR VOTES and mine.

The saving grace about America’s election of Donald Trump as US President in 2016 is that America is great again, thanks to President Donald J Trump and the biggest blessing? That now we KNOW that:

  1. Democrats are corrupt (Biden’s son making millions in a field he had NO experience)
  2. Democrats are degenerates (Epstein Island child rapes)
  3. Democrats are criminals (Epstein Island child abductions and pedophilia and child rapes and murders).

We wouldn’t have learned ANY of these things about Democrats if We the People hadn’t elected President Donald Trump our President! Now it is time to clean up the corrupt, criminal, degenerate mess that Democrats have made in America by pulling off a clean sweep in 2020!  Let’s vote a straight-up REPUBLICAN ticket in 2020 and get these sick, creepy people out of our government. Republican SWEEP 2020 will be great start to making America even greater again! We can do this! Republican SWEEP 2020!


Democrat Party “Impeachment” HOAX

NO “high crimes” or “misdemeaners”. President Trump has committed NO IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE and Democrat Party leaders KNOW IT, and SO DO WE THE PEOPLE!

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Fake “impeachment” is a desperate attempt to SMEAR President Trump because Democrats have NO electable candidates for 2020. THAT is what THIS is all about: A desperate attempt to smear the President because Trump has ALREADY proven he’s got the 2020 Presidential election in the bag!

We are seeing the END of the Democrat Party, as they self destruct right before our eyes. Taken over by Communist One-World Government dictatorship Deep State operatives, Democrat Party leaders have been PAID OFF by the Deep State Cartel and are possibly acting under DURESS… or else they are simply Communists. We suspect the latter…

We the People don’t have to put up with these desperate Democrat Party crimes. We can remove every Democrat Party politician in one fell swoop by a REPUBLICAN SWEEP in 2020! #RepublicanSWEEP2020

Democrat Party Impeachment HOAX Continues

As this morning’s Clown Show begins, it’s incredibly obvious that the Democrats aren’t investigating anything – instead, they are attempting to crucify our good President Trump, charged, tried and convicted of crimes they cannot even point to.  It is a Clown Show, nothing more, and AN Editors are waiting for the United States Attorneys General to step in and clean up this horrific HOAX and the mess the Democrats are making all over Congress. Stay tuned…



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DEMOCRAT PARTY LEADERS are running scared – What has appeared to be “hate” for President Donald Trump turns out to be far more complex than that. Democrat Party Leaders who have been trying to impeach President Trump (first mention of impeachment came just 3 hours after inauguration) ongoing for three years aren’t just ‘filled with hate’ for Donald Trump. Oh no… this effort has nothing to do with “hate”, really.

Democrat Party leaders are desperately trying to remove President Trump from the White House because Democrats know that President Trump will discover exactly what crimes Democrat Party leaders have committed over the 8 years prior to Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential election victory.

Democrats are worried that their criminal behavior over the past 8 years of the Obama administration will be discovered. Democrats thought they had Hillary “Killary” Clinton coming into the White House in 2016, which would have facilitated more crime, more secrecy and instead, Donald Trump is in office with a heart for America and a desire to clean out the Swamp!

So all of this “hate” is really fear-based panic, in which Democrat Party leaders are afraid their crimes will be exposed by President Trump’s investigations. We’ve already learned that Democrat/Liberal leaders have been actively involved with Child Rape, child abductions and Pedophilia after Jeffrey Epstein’s “Child Rape Island” was discovered. American Nation suspects that the flight lists, upon which are suspected that we will find the familiar names of ex-President Bill Clinton and many other high-profile Democrat Party and Liberal leaders, Hollywood producers and actors and Mainstream Media hosts.

We cannot wait until that depraved, degenerate, criminal child abduction/child rape business is exposed and that all involved will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Please pray with us that this evil is exposed, made public and prosecuted to the maximum penalties allowed by law.

AmericanNation.net supports a Republican SWEEP in 2020!


Chronic Liberalism Disorder

About the Trump SMEAR CAMPAIGN: It’s all the Democrat Party has for the 2020 election. They have no electable candidates so they hope to SMEAR President Trump in order to get people NOT to vote for Trump. The problem is, the Democrats have no case against Trump because Trump committed no crime.  Trump will win the 2020 election by a landslide! You heard it here first!

About Kaepernick: The NFL met as planned – Kaepernick moved 50 miles away. He got a fair shake – Kaepernick simply wasn’t there where the NFL was, where they agreed to meet. He’s not a victim; he’s an Opportunist who suffers from chronic Liberalism Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

About public schools teaching “Transgenderism”: It is chronic Liberalism Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder in action, and not for children. Teachers, leave our kids alone!

American Nation still advocates getting rid of the hostile, violent, dishonest and anti-American influence in American politics: REPUBLICAN SWEEP 2020!