The Cabal gathers to discuss censoring the people of the world and continue to plan their takedown of the United States of America

WHAT ABOUT THIS AMERICAN NATION TODAY? ~ Let’s fast forward to today’s America. Indicting, harrassing and arresting Trump is not about Joe Biden. This effort has nothing to do with Joe Biden whatsoever. Joe Biden is just doing what his bosses are telling him to do. Biden couldn’t orchestrate a coup if his life depended on it. Biden is nothing but an obedient low-level Criminal who does what he’s told when the Central Bankers give him a command. He’s a puppet, like Ukraine President Zelenskyy. Puppets. Harmless, left to their own devices. Those men have no power, except that which is given them by the Central Banker/WEF Terrorist Cabal (aka “the Deep State”), who had to stage insurrections in both the USA and Ukraine in order to put their puppets in place. That’s correct: The Cabal overthrew the United States government and the Ukrainian government by using election fraud. Fact check that. It’s true. We the People are under siege, in case you hadn’t noticed.

No, this indictment and all of the charges brought against our innocent Commander in Chief (Real President Trump) are really about protecting the Central Banker/WEF Terrorist Cabal, who, btw, have run the Democrat Party since before President Lincoln was assassinated for not being onboard with the Central Bank, who shot President Garfield for not being onboard with the Central Bank, who shot President JFK for not being onboard with the Central Bank, who shot Reagan for not being onboard with the Central Bank. Trump is NOT onboard with the Central Bank. What do imagine the Central Banker Cabal have planned for our great President Trump?

THIS ISN’T ABOUT BIDEN ~ This isn’t about “Biden”. Biden is a low level Criminal, Pond Scum compared to the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Duponts, Jamie Dimon & the rest of the Central Banker/WEF Terrorist Cabal. Biden is NO ONE. He’s a propped up cardboard character who is pretending to be President of the United States. We all know that Biden could NEVER be POTUS. He’s not smart enough. He’s not sharp enough. He’s POND SCUM in the Big Picture. It’s the Cabal Players above who are driving this Terrorism.

Add Google, Apple, NY Times, Verizon, Yahoo, LA Times and every other major newspaper and MSM/Legacy television station affiliate in America to the list of America’s Enemies. Do not forget “the Mainstream Media”, which is actually the Deep State-run propaganda arm of the Central Banker/Nazi Terrorist Cabal. Television “news” shows are the voice for the Central Banker/WEF Terrorists. The State Media is where the rubber meets the road, where the Cabal is concerned. It’s their bread and butter; it’s where the most sophisticated Psychological warfare known to Man is being waged against anyone who dares to sit down in front of their TV and turn the channel to Channel 2, 4, 5, 7, or CNN, MSDNC or FOX News, the MSM fake “news” channels.

All anyone needs to do is talk to those who are still watching ABC News and the rest of the fake news stations, and you will witness what a brainwashed individual looks like and sounds like. TV fake news viewers hate President Trump with a vehement, obsessive, pathological passion. Have we ever witnessed such radical hatred for any President in our lifetime? No. They hated Bush, but Bush, it turned out, worked for the Cabal too. They hate President Trump, who gave this nation it’s best 4 years economically in decades, because TV fake news viewers have been programmed to hate President Trump with a passion. It is because the Cabal uses television “news” for propaganda and state-of-the-art psychological manipulation, weaved into their programming, to program viewers to hate the best President in our lifetime and to support the Insurrectionist Cabal, and most importantly, to believe the lying Talking Heads on fake news stations, even over the facts as they are discovered and presented in Alt-News sources online.

INSURRECTION: THE OVERTHROW OF THE US GOVERNMENT ~ The 11/3/2020 overthrow of the US Government is a perfect example of this: Not only are there movies out now, which reveal the ways and means that the Cabal committed their Insurrection, which prove that crimes were committed through illegal ballot box stuffing, mail-in ballots and straight up illegal actions at the Polls who reported the counting of the ballots, but there are countless testimonies by Citizens who witnessed the crimes on 11/3/2020, there is a report from the Italian Secret Service which observed American ballots being electronically transported to servers in Italy, where the ballots were manipulated and additional illegal fake ballots for Joe Biden were added – all of which should have triggered an immediate investigation and an immediate plan for a new election. By law, no ballot can leave American soil. This act by Dominion (who manufactures and programs voting machines nationwide) should have caused a rejection of the entire election. But the law isn’t “the law of the land” since the Cabal overthrew our government during the 2020 Insurrection.

We learned a lot from the 2020 Insurrection. What we saw was the exposure of just how widespread the infiltration and corruption by the Central Banker/WEF Terrorist Cabal really is.

  • We learned that many Democrat Party President-appointed Judges were actually working for the Cartel.
  • We learned that the Cartel had planted their agents into many of the county Voter Registrar’s offices, nationwide.
  • We learned that the Mainstream Media was not investigating ANYTHING, but instead, were covering up for the Cabal, who owns those “news” corporations.
  • We learned that FBI were just as compromised as the MSM, and refused to investigate this election, despite thousands of witness reports of illegal activity at the Polling places, nationwide.
  • We learned that the U.S. Department of Justice was just as completely compromised as the FBI and MSM.
  • We the People got to see just compromised and corrupt our government has become. That’s a good thing.

And today, as the Cabal, aka ‘the Democrat Party’, continues to commit Treason and multiple felonies, day after day after day, while waging an illegal Department of Justice attack on the Real President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, we see the People of America waking up to the fact that nothing that we’ve been told about the 2020 Presidential Insurrection/fake election is true. And nothing we’ve been told about the January 6, 2021 event at the capitol, which was staged by the Cartel, using Nancy Pelosi and scores of undercover FBI agents who dressed/posed as Trump supporters to orchestrate the entire fake J6 uprising and assassination of unarmed Veteran Ashli Babbitt, right in front of multiple cameras – We the People are waking up to the fact that absolutely nothing that the Cartel’s MSM or the fake Insurrectionist U.S. Government has told us about those J6 events is true. Nothing.

The Cabal gathers to discuss censoring the people of the world and continue to plan their takedown of the United States of America

ADVOCATING FOR PEACE WHILE PREPARING FOR WAR ~ American Nation would never advocate for a Civil War, but clearly, something needs to be done about all of this. As we prayerfully consider our options, collectively, Independent, Democrat and Republican Americans alike, and as we pray for peace but wisely prepare for war; as we stare Evil in the face and watch Evil destroying our economy and tens of thousands of American small businesses; as we watch Evil manipulate our media, corporate hospitals nationwide, corporate Pharmacies and watch television “news” viewers taking multiple injections of the Bioweapon they dishonestly called/call a “vaXXine”; as we watch the orchestrated transport of millions of Muslim terrorists pour over our Southern border while this Insurrectionist government fights our border states in court to keep that border open, and we know those Terrrorists are not coming here “for a better life” but are here to wage war on American soil, in our communities; and as we begin to unite again, as a nation, as we did when the Cabal attacked the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001, as we watch the Cabal, posing as “the U.S. Government”, starting World War III, right before our eyes every day, worldwide, many of us are seeking God’s wisdom and guidance to direct our hands and feet, in order to protect ourselves, our families and our communities – lo, our entire nation – from harm.

We the People know this: We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). We know that despite the imminent nuclear attacks on American cities which the Cabal has planned for us, and that despite how completely devastated this nation might become over the next year or two or three, we know that We the People are sitting on over 350 million guns and weapons and tons of ammunition, millions of which were purchased by wary Gun Owners over the past 7 years. We know that America still has “a gun behind every blade of grass”, and that if/when the Muslim Terrorists begin their attacks on Americans, in American neighborhoods, as planned, Americans are prepared to put down that uprising, in no uncertain terms.

We the People will defend ourselves against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and We the People will prevail. We always do. We always will, for we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Unite or die, my fellow Americans. Put down your politics. This isn’t about politics. This is about the Central Banker/UniParty Terrorist Cabal against all Americans. Unite. Or. Die. Fight or die, my friends, with all you have, when the time comes. And pray, pray, pray, pray.

God bless Americans, and God bless America.

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