Rise Up

It’s time. In fact, it’s way PAST time to rise up.

It is time for all good Americans to rise up, en masse, where we go one we go all, and we rise up in the spirit of unity.

  1. The US Government was overthrown on 11/3/2020 by the Western Central Bankers (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DuPonts, et al, members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and were aided by the Democrat Party.
  2. Americans were terrorized by a televised “COVID-19” propaganda fear-mongering campaign which began in late 2019 and continued through 2022. Many Americans were traumatically and effectively terrorized and coerced into taking multiple injections of a deadly CDC Bioweapon called “mRNA” which destroys the Human Immune System and attacks and destroys the heart and other vital internal organs. Millions worldwide have died, including my own brother (just 5 days after his second Pfizer mRNA injection), from Myocarditis, blood clots, brain aneurisms and other mRNA-caused medical conditions, yet this Insurrectionist government continues to push mRNA “COVID-19” injections through their Big Pharma pharmaceutical corporations such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aide and others. At this point, knowing what we know now, it’s murder to inject someone with mRNA.
  3. Both major political parties in the US Congress have been compromised now, with Democrats voting unanimously 100% of the time for bills which violate Americans God-given Constitutional rights, and Republicans doing nothing but sabre rattling to confront these egregious acts of Treason against Americans. As Democrats diligently tear down down our Constitutional Republic’s fabric, releasing violent Criminals onto the street, refusing to allow bail for violent offenders – instead, releasing violent Criminals with no bail – Republicans are clearly nothing but Actors, all of them. Some talk a good talk, but despite major Treasonous Felonies being committed by Democrat Party members, right before our eyes, no one has been arrested or even investigated. Both parties have become one Treasonous uniparty, waging war on an unsuspecting, very delusional America, thanks to the Insurrectionist-owned Propaganda Media corporations like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and FOX News. In short, Congress is openly committing Treason against all Americans, and it’s time for Americans to do something to protect ourselves and our Posterity, and to protect our precious Republic now.

Which brings us back to our original point. We believe it’s time to rise up in unity, en masse, to confront these Traitors to our nation and take control of our government again, putting Congress back in the hands of the People.

Yes, we are aware that our legitimate, true President Donald J Trump has already turned our government over to the US Military shortly after the 11/3/2020 Central Banker/Democrat Party Insurrection. We are aware that President Trump and the US Military are continuing to gather evidence of Treason and are preparing to arrect the Insurrectionists at some point and that Military Tribunals are already planned for the Insurrectionists in Congress and abroad.

But we are also very well aware that President Trump and the US Military are waiting for We the People to stand up for ourselves, before they will intervene on our behalf. They will not stage a Military intervention unless/until and without the will of the People being made crystal clear. The way the will of the People is made clear is by all of us rising up in unity, en masse, all across our nation to demand that this tyrannical Insurrectionist government step down and return the US Government to the hands and control of the American people.

For that reason, and for so many other reasons, too numerous to list here, American Nation believes it is time for Americans to rise up against the unelected Treasonous Insurrectionists who have taken control of the US Government – OUR government, of the People, for the People and by the People. Please pray to that end, that our nation would be returned to the hands of the People, and that our Republic and our precious Constitution would survive, be protected and secure and that this vast, vital and essential undertaking be swift and thorough.

May our freedom be secured without a single shot fired, but regardless how it is done, my our freedom and Liberty be secured once more, from the hands of those who have stolen our government.

May God bless Americans, and God bless America.