UN Agenda 21

THE PLAN TO WIPE OUT MANKIND ~ There is a plan to wipe out most of Mankind, and most people don’t even know about it. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”; it’s a fact, and you can look it up for yourself here. United Nations Agenda 21 was published in 1992, yet oddly, very few Americans have read it, or, even more oddly, few people even know that UN Agenda 21 exists. We intend to change that, here at AN’s new sister site UNAgenda21.org.

We have provided you a copy of the Agenda 21 PDF file (click here to download or read), so you can read it for yourself, and see for yourselves how the Fake US media has lied to us all about Agenda 21/30. A21 is every evil thing you’ve heard it is, and it is not a “conspiracy theory”. It is a fact that these wealthy, globalist, Satan-worshiping, Central Banker Pedophile Lunatics, who wrote Agenda 21, and who own virtually every major global corporation on Earth, are planning a vicious end to your life and mine, and they’re implementing that plan right before our eyes, in your community and mine.

We will present to you a comprehensive, easy-to-understand list of UN Agenda 21/30 goals, and on what pages these diabolical goals are listed, in the document called “UN Agenda 21“.

Hang on, it’s coming.

Next: THE LIST – Everything You Need to Know About UN Agenda 21, Because You Didn’t Even Know UN Agenda 21 Existed

THE LIST ~ Everything You Need to Know About UN Agenda 21, Because You Didn’t Even Know UN Agenda 21 Existed

“The List” is long. The horrific, insane, inhumane plans that are laid out by the Central Banker Globalist Cabal in UN Agenda 21 are virtually, if not literally, all “Crimes Against Humanity”. Where these people came from, I don’t even care. They are psychotic, unelected Billionaires who are trying to take control of the entire planet, and frankly, I will fight or die in order to stop maniac Lunatics like these people ever have control of my life or my family, or my country. I think my band said it best when we said “Eff Those Effing People”.

Here is a short list of horrendous plans these Lunatic Predators have for you and I. as listed in UN Agenda 21:






















These Globalist people have been in their own little world for so long, they actually think they can strong-arm us into submitting to their crazy, Pedophile, Communist plans. Guess what, Pedos – we won’t submit to ANY of your demands, and eff your Agenda 21 plans for us. Eff you and eff your wealthy psychotic families. We don’t know you, we didn’t elect you, we don’t trust you and we will not submit to you, under ANY circumstances, under ANY conditions, not for ANY reason, no matter what. That’s where We the People of the world stand, united against YOU.

Now that your intentions are clear and our response is equally clear, let’s move on. We know you’re in our government, and that is not okay. We did not elect you, and so, we will remove you, physically, if need be. You overthrew the US Government on 11/3/2020 and we caught you. You will be arrested and tried via Military Tribunal very, very soon. We look forward to the Necktie Parties, in your honor.

AMERICAN POLICY CENTER’S “HOW TO STOP AGENDA 21” PDF ~ We recently stumbled across AMERICAN POLICY CENTER’s “How to Stop Agenda 21” booklet, and downloaded it (for free). We are grateful for their efforts, as they are similar to ours: To expose local government’s implementing UN Agenda 21 in your community and mine. Let’s start with the American Policy Center’s “TOP 10 SUSTAINABILITY FALLACIES” list.

These are the ridiculous and deceptive claims which the Central Banker Globalist Cabal makes about “Sustainability”, followed by the Truth and Reality about these claims.