So far, the Central Banker Pedophile Terrorist systematic Take-down of the World Economy, after their systematic infiltration of virtually every United Nations member nations’ governments, the initiation and implementation of America’s “Second Great Depression” is looking like this:

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    The Central Banker’s used a fake (Covid-19) Flu Pandemic to effectively shut down an estimated 85% of American small businesses.
  2. Used same fake Flu Epidemic to scare & terrorize TV “news” viewers into taking their fake vaccine, which is really a Bioweapon.
  3. Poisoned millions of Americans with Bioweapon called “mRNA”, causing Myocarditis, Neurological problems, deaths and more.
  4. Poisoned virtually all vegetables and grains, cereals & processed foods by genetically modifying the plants (GMO).
  5. Burned down hundreds of Chicken ranchesĀ and food processing plants, killed millions of Chickens.
  6. Poisoned tens of thousands of Beef Cattle across the Midwest.
  7. Manipulated interest rates and raised prices in order to make gas & food very expensive for families.
  8. Working to infect fruits, vegetable and meats with mRNA Bioweapon.
  9. Overthrew the U.S. Government by massive election fraud, taking control of the government.
  10. Stopped building the wall at the US Southern border, and transported millions of Muslim Terrorists into America.
  11. Uses US Taxpayer money to house & pay the Terrorists, then tries to force Americans to bring them into our homes (New York).
  12. Runs a constant stream of medication ads on MSM to create the false narrative “Medications are the answer to everything”.
  13. Cancelled/replaced White people on television w/90% black people, trying to stir Racist response.
  14. Systematically increasing prices & interest rates in order to cause massive inflation & make food/goods unaffordable.
  15. Systematically bankrupting their own corporations to make it appear that the economy is crashing.
  16. Making announcements that the WEF is creating a world government, even though they are unelected leaders of no nation.

There are far more steps these Central Banker/WEF Terrorists are taking right now to prepare to implement America’s Second Great Depression, but really, what they’ve done is shown us so much about who they are, what they have done over the past few centuries and truly made us realize that these same families were responsible for the first Great Depression.

1936 during the first Great Depression (1929-1939) – Look familiar?

As we watch them doing exactly what they did in 1929 to cause the Great Depression (although we didn’t see them doing it during the first Great Depression), we’ve become aware that these CB Terrorists had infiltrated our government decades ago, and have run the Democrat Party since before President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. We see now that the Rothschild family, along with their co-Conspirators the Rockefeller family, DuPont family and others, owned the cotton and tobacco plantations in the South, and were responsible for bringing Slave labor to America in the 1700’s.

We can see that they were responsible for causing the Civil War, as they tried to break off from the Godly Union states, so that they could continue to enslave Blacks and impoverish Whites in the South. Lincoln wasn’t having any of it, in advocating for a strong American Union of states and freedom for the Black Slaves, which is why these Central Banker families assassinated both Presidents Garfield and Lincoln. When President John F. Kennedy decided to cut ties with the Central Bankers’ Federal Reserve Bank, and audit the Fed, the Central Bankers assassinated JFK, then his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. They then murdered Martin Luther King Jr., who was making great headway at uniting Whites and Black people, and used MLK’s assassination as a media distraction, to create the false narrative that ‘America is a dangerous place to live’, when in reality, THEY were simply dangerous people, operating in the shadows of our government.

But we digress… The Second Great Depression is coming. It’s too late for We the People to stop it now. Congress has allowed this giant Rothschild/WEF Monopoly on the corporations who supply Americans with goods, and they are shutting it all down in their effort to destroy our economy. We cannot stop the WEF/Central Banker Globalists from shutting down their corporations, and that shut-down will collapse the U.S. economy, throwing America into our Second Great Depression. We must prepare for that reality, because barring the Lord’s intervention, it appears to be certainty: The Second Great Depression appears imminent, at this point.

Find a way to grow your own food, raise or barter for meat (chicken, beef, pork), and prepare for a long period of poverty here in America, because that is what these Central Bankers are forcing on this nation. Never forget who are responsible for all of this. It’s not “Joe Biden” – Biden is just a Puppet for the Central Bankers. Democrats and RINOs are just puppets for the Central Bankers, too. All much be eliminated from public service, but it is the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the DuPonts and the other member families of the WEF who need to be eliminated from the American government and never allowed to do business in America again – ever. Never do business with these people again. They are shutting down their businesses as we speak, so let their businesses die and never go back to work for them again.

Start your own businesses, and/or go to work locally. The corporate hospitals will all die away and local Doctors will take their places, like it used to be. The Central Bankers, WEF member and Globalists have destroyed the America we all knew and loved, but We the People can restore that same America, little by little, with patience, perseverance, courage and faith. And we will rebuild our great nation. Americans will learn to adopt a more humble lifestyle again, and We the People will get back in touch with what is truly important in Life, and it’s not Hollywood stars or MTV or “the news”. What’s truly important in this life is Family and community, children and first, and foremost, God.

I said “God” last, because many of you have been taught & brainwashed to reject God, but this nation would not even BE HERE, were it not for the Lord, Jesus Christ, and His Followers who followed God’s lead and created this nation, acknowledging God in our nation’s founding documents. “Seek me and you will find me, when you seek me with all your heart:, says Jeremiah 29:13. I’ll leave it at that, for now. First, however, we’ll need to accept the fact that we are going to have to change the way we live here, the way we feed ourselves, support our families and the way we go about our business.

In the middle of all of those changes, we will need to do several things, collectively. We need identify and eliminate every Muslim Terrorist locally, who has been brought into this country by the WEF/Central Banker Uniparty. We will need to eliminate the WEF UniParty, and then elect independent Americans to represent us in our new Congress. We the people are going to face adversity like we’ve never faced adversity before. We’ve become soft and spoiled rotten, focused on Selfishness and we have become shallow and Narcissistic, in large part due to the television “programming” we’ve all endured since birth.

Many people may not survive this transition, from the Central Banker System into the True American System that is coming. We must do our best to help those who too seriously brainwashed to see any of this Evil in our midst. We take care of and protect our families first, and then we reach out into the community to see where we might help others.

This change is coming. Barring a miraculous intervention by God, Himself, the Central Bankers have thrust this planet into a period of inevitable poverty, but we will overcome this Evil effort. We will, because we have the Lord on our side… and because we are Americans, and because we live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, and we are going to keep it that way. Amen? Can I get an Amen?


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