Stop calling it “News”. Television “news” shows are not “news”. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSDNC, PBS – these are not “news” programs anymore. Quite the contrary, in fact, these are nothing but fake news, which are Central Banker-owned, Deep State-run propaganda corporations now, in the business of programming viewers to think bullsh*t is true, and terrorizing viewers to keep them in fear. That’s it. No investigative reporting anymore. They all read off the same scripts every day, with the same talking points, parroted verbatim, just like the other fake news stations. It’s pathetic.

When you’ve spent time in the Real World, seeing what real investigative Journalists are uncovering and reporting on websites like,,, (AN staff’s favorite), and follow real Investigative Journalists in shows like Epoch TimesGlenn Beck, Veritas Founder James O’Keefe at OMG, The Gateway Pundit for starters, then you see, as clear as day, what utter bullsh*t, crap and lies the State Media/MSM puts out every day. Once you see true reporting, it’s impossible to go back and listen to the lying Liars again.

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