Where did these creepy, unelected Jackasses even COME from? From their Daddy’s money?! Is it because they control the MEDIA that they are propping themselves up as “leaders”? We (the People of the World) can fix that. They have violated the public trust for so long now in the USA, that they aren’t worthy of owning/controlling America’s legacy news corporations. We the People can fix that.

These wealthy Nobodies have made themselves the Enemies of the World, and we now officially acknowledge that role. Population reduction, mass Bioweapon attacks, overthrowing governments worldwide – they are definitely the Enemies of the World, and they need to be dealt with like the Terrorists that they are.

The Cabal gathers to discuss censoring the people of the world and continue to plan their takedown of the United States of America

They are the leaders of NOTHING, except for the Rothschilds, who run the countries they have OVERTHROWN by election fraud and government infiltration. But even the Rothschilds are not leaders of THE PEOPLE of those nations; they just control the money and the government decisions. The people of the nations which these Terrorists have overthrown are currently without a government. Insurrectionist governments are not real governments. They are Terrorist Governments, and, like we said, they need to be dealt with like the Terrorists that they are.

It’s time for the People of the World to gather and decide what to do about these Lunatic Pedophile Terrorists, and what we need to do about their little NWO Communist local government infiltrators in City Councils, School Boards and County Supervisor positions across the nation. They’re DESTROYING my little town right now, in Sonoma County CA, which is Agenda 21 Central in California. It’s time to erradicate the Criminals from local, state and national governments. I think you will agree on that.

Let’s meet locally, and then, all of us, we can talk about what we decide is our best plan to rid ourselves of the Vermin who call themselves “The World Economic Forum”. It’s time. American Nation staff will put together a general agenda for these meetings, and we’ll publish it when it’s ready. We’ll keep it simple; no need to complicate what is really a very simple problem.

I’ll set up a forum on AmericanNation.net/forums where we can talk. I’ll let you all know when the forum is ready.

God bless you, my fellow Americans and fellow Citizens of the World.

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