As We the People sit in wonder, watching our nation collapsing, pondering what to do about a clearly compromised government – OUR government, no less – and a clearly compromised “news” media, clearly compromised corporate hospital system, clearly compromised Central Bank system, clearly compromised supply chain system, clearly compromised pharmaceutical drug corporations, clearly compromised government-run public school system, clearly compromised pro sports corporations, clearly compromised insurance corporation system, and a clearly compromised economy, rife with intentional inflation which has made it hard for the American Middle Class to get ahead, and now, to even keep up with the clearly compromised retail prices, wondering if we should fight back or defend ourselves, it seems that We the People are only folks on Earth who don’t seem to realize that THE WAR HAS ALREADY STARTED, and it’s been going on for YEARS now.

“BE PATIENT, WE ARE WINNING” ~ As softhead Conservatives continue to chant “Be patient, we’re winning”, American Nation would be quick to point out a few poignant facts:

  • We aren’t winning when millions of Americans have been killed by the Central Banker Terrorist-owned Big Pharma Bioweapon attack of 2020-2024, and continue to be poisoned every day.
  • We aren’t winning when nearly 1 million children are executed by Abortions every year since 1968 in the Central Banker Terrorist-owned “Planned Parenthood” Child Assassination facilities, used for the Central Banker/WEF Terrorist Agenda 21/30 “Depopulation” effort.
  • We aren’t winning when millions of our children and grandchildren are sent over to fight and die in the Central Banker Terrorist’s wars against nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc., whose only crime is that they won’t surrender to the Central Banker Terrorists and let them take over their countries.
  • We aren’t winning when our entire government has been compromised, taken over by the Central Banker Terrorists/aka “The Federal Reserve Bank”, and infiltrated at the top levels of nearly every agency, like the FBI, CIA, FDA, FCC and the CDC.
  • We aren’t winning when the Central Banker Terrorists overtly overthrow the U.S. government, openly and publicly, as they did in the 2020 Presidential election, and no one was arrested despite having irrefutable evidence of the entire crime, from beginning to end.
  • We aren’t winning when the Central Banker/WEF Terrorists have planted 5G towers every mile in heavily populated towns and cities and have used them to poison Americans with Radiation Poisoning since October 2019.
  • We aren’t winning when the legacy “News” stations have been completely compromised and are being used for nothing but propaganda and to terrorize viewers, like they did with the fake “Covid-19” flu fraud, and Americans haven’t burned down every single fake news broadcasting station who have been involved.
  • We aren’t winning when the Central Banker/WEF Terrorists have been poisoning every city municipal water supply nationwide since the 1960’s with Fluoride, one of the most poisonous, Cancer-causing substances on Earth, and have put Fluoride into every available brand of toothpaste, and Americans ALLOW IT.
  • We aren’t winning when inflation is through the freaking roof, and intentionally so, by the same Central Banker/WEF Terrorists who orchestrated the FIRST Great Depression.

All that this Conservative saying, “Be patient, we are winning”, really accomplishes is to keep We the People in our seats, legal gun owners stockpiling more guns and ammo yet not lifting a freaking finger to defend ourselves, while our entire culture is being decimated, while White people are being demonized, while our churches and tens of thousands of American small businesses have been wiped out, while tens of millions of Muslim Terrorists are being transported to Mexico by the Central Banker/WEF Terrorists and brought into our country illegally across our Southern border, while our rich American heritage is being destroyed, while our history is being changed, we aren’t winning. While our children are being taught to be Racists and are subjected to Queer Transvestite shows, while school children are reading about how to have oral sex and learning that it’s okay that adult males want to touch them inappropriately, while our children are being manipulated in public schools and convinced that boys are girls and girls are boys, and encouraged to have their genitals removed without their parents knowing about it, when the “Mainstream Media” continues day after day to pump propaganda into America’s TV’s while calling it “news”, and terrorizes our elderly and the low IQ American television viewers, we, my fellow Americans, are not f***ing “winning”.

LOOKS LIKE THE WAR HAS ALREADY STARTED ~ Another important consideration, which AN staff agree unanimously, is this: While we do not advocate for war, it’s become crystal clear that the war has already started, and that we are losing this war, judging by the millions of casualties/deaths that innocent Americans suffer every year, in and out of American corporate hospitals.

Another critical conclusion we’ve all drawn is that we have two choices, moving forward. (1) We can do nothing and let them continue to kill us all, like the Jews in Germany did, in the 1940’s, who got on the trains and cooperated with the Nazis during transports to the gas chamber death camps as 6 million of them were murdered because they didn’t know where they were being taken? We know what these people are doing. Or (2) we can fight for our lives.

Yes, we might die if we choose to fight, but we’re definitely going to die if we don’t fight. How do YOU want to go down? Fighting, like our brave Forefathers fought against tyranny? Or laying down like Cowards, doing nothing to defend yourself and letting these modern day Nazis kill you and your children, your grandchildren and your families?

IN CONCLUSION ~ In conclusion, we are not advocating for a Civil War, which is what the Central Banker/WEF Terrorists are trying to goad us into. No, we don’t advocate violence, even at times like this, when we are under sustained attack by an enemy who have control of our government and our media and our hospitals. What we at American Nation know is that Americans are the smartest people in the world, and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We can win this war, one way or another. We don’t have to surrender to the Central Banker/Wef Terrorists.

We advocate prayerful consideration, to let the Holy Spirit guide us through this war. We believe that we’re smart to have stockpiled weapons and ammo, and we advocate being prepared, in case the obvious happens: that the millions of Muslim Terrorists, smuggled in by the Central Banker/WEF Terrorists, aided by the co-conspirator Democrat Party, might open fire on Americans in America’s cities, towns and streets. We advocate exercising our 2nd Amendment rights, confirmed/acknowledged by the Supreme Court of the United States again in 2021, to conceal carry everywhere we go. Everywhere. All laws which violate our God-given Constitutional rights are repugnant to the Constitution, and there has never been a time more critical to remember that legal fact. Conceal carry, everywhere, all the time. Be prepared. That’s what we are advocating.

God bless us all, my fellow Americans, and God bless America. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Philippians 4:13

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