WE THE PEOPLE CAN DO THIS ~ I’m not going to lie; it won’t be easy. In fact, many of you who are reading this right now, are going to tell yourselves “There’s no way”.… But the fact is, there is only one way to win this war. And there has never been a better time to do this. Let me explain.

You and I are the only reason these Globalist families are wealthy. They’ve created fake money that is worth less than the paper it’s printed on, and then they turned around and hoarded that worthless crap. WE buy their overpriced products. WE support their Monopoly of businesses. WE made their businesses successful. WE made them wealthy. And WE can bring down their empires.

The only power these Globalists have is the power we give them. So let’s stop giving them power. We can do that. WE have that power.

America is only “The Land of the Free” if we stand up for our rights. When we don’t, when we let foreigners into our markets who start violating our rights to free speech, compromise our government, change our laws and try to take our guns, then We the People need to ban them from our shores. Period.

But have we done that?! No. And now? They are systematically destroying OUR nation, right before our eyes! Aren’t they?! Yes.

Child Slave Labor in China. No benefits. Paid but pennies per hour. Do YOU still support this by shopping from Globalist-owned stores? Stop it. Shop LOCAL.

All of these Globalist corporations are funding the BS Climate Change scam. Amazon, Target, Google, Apple, Walmart, Facebook, Microsoft – all of the Globalist corporations work together, because most are owned by the same families, and have only pretended they were independent companies – but they weren’t independent.

The Central Banker Cartel owned/own them all. 300 families own every corporate business that you know. There is a completely closed system that owns everything and you aren’t allowed to be wildly successful, like they are. Oh, America used to be “the land of opportunity”, but now? Not. Why not, you ask? Because these wealthy families have created a MONOPOLY on ALL needed goods and services, and they use nefarious businesses practices to keep US out of the market. Now you know. But wait… We the People have a plan. Of course we do.

So here is our new plan:

  1. *STOP buying from Amazon, Apple, Verizon, Walmart, Target and every other Globalist store. These @$$holes intentionally SHUT DOWN and DESTROYED tens of thousands of Americans’ small businesses during the COVID fraud, that THEY committed. Don’t do business with them. Ever again. They are ruthless PREDATORS, not honest businessmen. This is a PRIMARY goal. That means you cannot do it half-heartedly if it’s going to be of optimum effectiveness. You need to cut the cord, so to speak, and stop supporting the Predator Banker businesses. Don’t worry about a few dollars here and there. They use SLAVE LABOR and CHILD SLAVE LABOR in China and Africa. And you want to support their businesses?! Seriously?
  2. Take a few hours and locate local Grocers, Butchers, local eggs, Farmers – they’re there, in your community, waiting to provide you with non-GMO food, fresh untainted meat, organic milk and food products. Do you pay a little more? Isn’t your health WORTH IT? The Globalists are poisoning you with their processed food and meat – “Cancer food”. Buy local – support local businesses!
  3. Form local Community Watch groups – do this immediately. You’ll need them. Trouble is coming. 12 million Muslim Terrorists have been brought here by this corrupt Insurrectionist Biden regime, just over the past 3 years, to wage war against YOU and I, and to burn this nation to the ground. Pray up. Arm up. Stand up. Circle up and be prepared to defend yourself, your families and your communities.
  4. Take an immediate interest in who is sitting your City Council, County Supervisor seats and Mayor’s office. Are they pushing the “Sustainable” goals and agenda? If so, they are committing Treason and must be removed from office. “Sustainable” is the code word for the UN Agenda 21/30 Depopulation Agenda, the demolition of all sovereign nations, like the USA, and the establishment of a global Dictatorship – Communism. Get rid of those people pushing the “sustainability” agenda.

This will be a good start for the new America, as we return to traditional American Family values, as we root the Globalist Banker Predators out of our system and replace them with good, honest, patriotic people who are willing to serve this country.

Let’s get started, shall we? Start with number 1. We can do this, we can. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Philippians 4:13

*When you shop at Walmart, Target, Amazon and the other Globalist businesses, you support CHILD SLAVE LABOR. Remember this, next time you’re saving $5-$10 on a pair of Levi’s, these children, held as Slaves, are paying that $5-10 FOR you with their lives.

SLAVES. Child SLAVE labor. That’s why you pay less at Target, Amazon and WalMart.
Remember, next time you’re saving $5-$10 on a pair of Levi’s, these children, held as Slaves, are paying that $5-10 FOR you with their lives.
Child SLAVERY – that’s why you pay less at Globalist stores. Stop it. Shop locally.

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