September 7, 2022 Article written by James H. Taylor Jr. on FB ~

“The destruction of these Food Processing Plants, Storage Warehouses, Fertilizer Plants, Farms, Ranches, Supply Truck Crashes, Railroad Derailments all across our nation is domestic & foreign enemy sabotage all planned & being carried out by the Devil worshipping Satanic Luciferian/D’lluminati/New World Order/One World Government/Deep Dark State/Satanic Shadow Government/God-less Global Communist Cabal & their cowardly jackbooted thug gestapo stormtroopers to bring chaos, anarchy, rioting, looting, murder so they can enact martial law & suspend the 2022 & 2024 elections, stay in power & subjugate the people to their enslaving, genocidal & murderous tyranny.

Their plans are going to fail & backfire bringing about their own utter destruction & delivery to their eternal judgment.

Conspiracy Theories are actual conspiracies, ploys, plots & plans of evil & wicked men that are being exposed.

Conspiracy Theorists are the courageous Watchmen who discern through the Holy Spirit the conspiracies of evil & wicked men & expose them with the light of truth for everyone to see.

All of these evil & wicked ones who scheme, plot & plan the destruction of others will themselves be utterly destroyed & delivered into their eternel judgment.

Do not fear evil men, but rather bring the fear of the Lord to them.

Sincerely & Unapologetically,
James H. Taylor Jr., One Man of Courage, Watchman Warrior, and
American Crusader for Christ.

Joshua 1:9
Deuteronomy 31:6
Isaiah 26:3 & 4; 35:4; 41:9 & 10; 53:1 – 12; 59:1 – 21 (19)
Psalms 3:3 – 6; 144:1 – 3; 91:1 – 16
Proverbs 3:5 & 6
Ezekiel 3:17 – 19; 33:1 – 33
1 Corinthians 16:13
2 Timothy 1:7; 3:1 – 17
Ephesians 5:6 – 17; 6:10 – 18”

*Limited editing by Pat Riot, Publisher at Original post is here.

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  1. Pat I sent you a message on facebook about what you are doing, great work. I live here in Santa Rosa and thought we may be able to help each other get the word out. check you FB messenger and if you could get back to me



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