“Delusional” is a serious and diagnosable mental health disorder, found in the American Medical Association’s list of diagnosable mental illnesses and mental disorders.

The term “Transgender” is a made-up term created by the Deep State Globalist Criminal Syndicate to fool people into believing that “Delusional” people are legitimately suffering from a gender-related disorder, but that is not true. These “Transgender” folks are DELUSIONAL – diagnosable and irrefutably “Delusional”.

Also, HOW one became Delusional is relatively irrelevant; that one is so Delusional as to believe such obvious biased political propaganda, Media lies and the ongoing glut of fake news (JFK, MLK, 9/11, JFK Jr, Malcolm X, Fake Moon Landing, fake “Climate Change” and ridiculous ‘green energy’ nonsense, COVID Terrorism, MonkeyPox, etc.), ongoing media & Democrat Party Racist propaganda and decades of sophisticated Psychological TV Terrorism justifies and calls for a serious MANDATE by the people to:

1. Shut down and arrest ALL top CEOs and staff of the Deep State Criminal Syndicate-owned/controlled global fake news media monopoly (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all of their affiliates) which have conspired to intentionally misinform and terrorize their viewers.

2. Immediately remove every member of Congress who has participated in making FALSE ALLEGATIONS against ANY innocent Americans (January 6 Political Prisoners, President Donald J Trump, etc.) and who has engaged on any level in the November 3, 2020 Election Steal Insurrection and the Antifa Fake Riot & the January 6 Pelosi-orchestrated assassination of Ashli Babbitt.

3. Immediately remove top leadership of the FBI, CIA, NSA and all other American Agencies who have been involved in SPYING ON and STALKING INNOCENT AMERICANS WITHOUT WARRANTS.

4. Arrest ALL top CEOs and staff of the Deep State Criminal Syndicate-owned/controlled social media corporations (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Apple, etc.) which deny Americans their God-given Constitutional rights by SPYING ON & CENSORING and COLLECTING PERSONAL INFORMATION on innocent Americans and mandate the deletion of such databases on all innocent private Citizens of every nation on Earth who have been TRACKED, STALKED, FOLLOWED, EAVESDROPPED UPON, VIDEOED and RECORDED WITHOUT WARRANTS and/or THEIR EXPLICIT CONSENT OR AGREEMENT. That some of today’s American television viewers have become SO DELUSIONAL and SO BRAINWASHED is literally a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

It’s up to the American Patriots and clear-thinking Americans like us to handle all of this IMMEDIATELY. THOSE STEPS (above) would be a good start and one giant step in the right direction. 🇺🇸

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