September 8, 2022 by Pat Riot, Publisher at ~
I’ve been watching these Deep State Central Banker Globalist Criminal Syndicate players for 30 years (after I got sober). Nothing “theoretical” (“conspiracy theory” BS) about what they’re up to. We know who they are – the worst offenders are the wealthiest families on Earth, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, (own virtually the entire global Mainstream Media), the Royal Family (sorry, it’s true), the Wallenbergs and the list is long and include other wealthy European families… who intend to kill 7 billion people so they can change the laws of the planet to allow them to abuse and murder children and have the planet to themselves. Look it up yourself; United Nations Agenda 21 aims to reduce the world population to just 245,000,000 people, a population reduction (which has already begun btw) of more than 7.5 billion people.
I understand there are ex-military worldwide already in motion to save Mankind, thank God. If there is anything I can do to help, I surely will. 
The New World Order Communists (Deep State Central Banker Globalist Criminal Syndicate) are dumping chemicals on us every day in California, chemicals like Aluminum and Barium, denying us water and refusing to seed the clouds (for rain), clouds that we get every day here, and cutting off our food now. The stores are half-empty. Democrats have created a “fire season” in an ELECTION YEAR and people have just accepted it, not realizing “fire season” only started after Trump took office in 2017, and in reality, many people believe that the Democrats “Fire Season” is nothing but Democrat Party sponsored arson in California. 
The Deep State has closed virtually all of the federal mental institutions in America and put the mentally ill on psychotropic medications and on the street, which, when denied medications, these people literally lose their minds now. This is war and so many people are suffering from Media-Induced Psychosis, unable to turn off their TV’s now.
The world is waiting for Americans to solve this for them, as usual. Every major war and conflict in the past 100 years was a Deep State Central Banker Globalist Criminal Syndicate War, like we’re seeing right now in the Middle East after 4 years of peace with Trump. Suddenly NWO Deep State Democrats are starting up the wars again. The Deep State Central Banker Globalist Criminal Syndicate stole the 2020 election and are now in control of our country.
What would our Founders do? That’s what we need to do now. Right now.

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