Let’s talk, openly and honestly, about what’s taking/taken place in this country for the past 150 years or so. War is coming.

Never, in my lifetime, have I been aware that our government, the U.S. Government, has been run by a secret Shadow Government. It never occurred to me, or to my friends who grew up here, either. We have paid attention to politics here, watching “the news”, staying up to date to whatever is unfolding on a given day, month, year. Did we know Politicians were corrupt? We knew. Did we know how corrupt? Not even close… until now. And now? War is coming.

And yet, here we are, and here it is: A Shadow Government, in control of our Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, NSA, FDA, FCC, the Department of Education and much, much more. And it’s not just a recent development. Oh, no. This has been going on since at least 1913, when the Rothschild family’s Federal Reserve Bank was created and hired to run the U.S. Treasury. That family, and their Co-conspirator friends and investors, have systematically infiltrated virtually every agency throughout the U.S. Government, and continues to use the U.S. Government as a weapon against We, the People. And now? War is coming.

AmericanNation.net will be exposing this Shadow Government, the Traitors who serve this illegal government and the Central Banker Conspirators who are still using the U.S. Government as weapon against the American People. Why are we doing this expose’? War is coming.

Wake up, stay alert, and be prepared for the war that this Shadow Government is setting up right now, the “American War”, waged by the millions of illegal aliens and Muslim and Chinese Terrorists who have been intentionally transported to Mexico and brought across our Southern border by the Rothschild-Democrat Party members in Congress, as well as the Republican Party RINOs, for the past 3 1/2 years. Americans have NO “Congress” any longer. Every member of Congress knows about this Shadow Government, both Democrats and Republicans. Every member of Congress has their “role” in this, as Actors who are pretending that America still has a two party system. Every member of Congress knows that this is no longer true. Every. Single. One.

So if Congress isn’t going to protect us, or provide directions for the U.S. Military to defend us, which, clearly, they have not, then who will defend our precious nation, our precious families and communities? Who, if not the government we supposedly elected to do so? That would be US – You and Me – just as it is throughout history when a government is taken over by Insurrection like our U.S. Government has been taken over. It’s you and me.

War is coming. Get prayed up. Arm up. Ammo up. Stand up. Be prepared to fight or die, because those will be the only two options that Americans will have, once the Shadow Government turns their terrorists lose on American cities and rural America, as well.

Ignore the Naysayers, who are blinded by propaganda media psychological warfare on their TV’s, saturated by propaganda nonsense, as gullible as people can be, and get prepared to defend yourself, your families, your communities and your country. War is coming.

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