We all know Big Pharma. They are the Rothschild-owned pharmaceutical corporations who produce drugs and medications which cause  side-effects – like “may cause death” and “may cause permanent neurological problems”, side-effects that are worse than the disease or malady that the meds are supposed to treat. Big Pharma, we see, are part of the “Depopulation” effort being made by the Rothschild’s other organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the United Nations (UN), the WEF and more.

Big Government, as well (thanks to Andrew Breitbart (RIP), is a familiar title for the Rothschild’s Democrat Party, which, over the past 150 years, has successfully infiltrated the top levels of virtually every essential agency of the real United States Government, including the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the FCC, FDA, NSA, many more agencies and, as we said, the Democrat Party, and has also clearly compromised roughly 17 members of the Republican Party.

BIG LIAR ~ Which brings us to Big Liar, the propaganda arm of the Rothschild’s infiltrated, compromised U.S. government. Big Liar includes the White House Spokesperson (at any given time), the mainstream legacy media corporations like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, all of their respective affiliates as well as newspaper corporations like the New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Time magazine, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic – all compromised now, and all propaganda, all the time. You can thank the Uniparty Traitors in Congress for changing existing laws against Monopolies for the Behemoth that the Rothschild’s have created. I AN’s opinion, Rothschild corporations should be BANNED from doing business on American soil.

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BIG LIAR, A BIG PART OF THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT ~ Big Liar, aka “the Shadow Government”, has lied to the American people about virtually everything since they took control of the U.S. Treasury and began to infiltrate other government agencies. The Great Depression was a lie, as it had nothing to do with “the economy crashing”. Instead, it was the Rothschilds and their Central Banker co-conspirators who intentionally manipulated the Stock Market and interest rates in order to collapse the U.S.economy, just like they’re doing again right now 2024). They crushed the U.S.economy on purpose, like they’re doing again, right now.

Big Liar has lied about the JFK assassination, as well, when, in reality, it was the Rothschilds and their Central Banker co-conspirators who arranged to have JFK assassinated, and every other U.S. President that ever expressed plans to get rid of the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Bank – every single President. Every mass shooting in recent history, and every significant assassination in U.S.history, most Americans have concluded, were actually Rothschild/Central Banker hits, on people the Bankers considered a threat – Lincoln, Garfield, JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, President Reagan, Andrew Breitbart, JFK Jr. and many more of the people who had the world’s – and America’s – best interests at heart.

Big Liar has engaged in the most sophisticated psychological warfare known to Man using their television “programming”, like fake news shows as well as Prime Time TV shows. We see 1% of the population (Queers) on every show, multiple Queer characters on many shows, when the truth is, they are less than 1% of the Human population. That is clue #1 that there is a not-so-hidden agenda going on with the Producers of this “programming”, but it’s not the only clue. That all of the Globalist-owned TV “news” shows all ganged up on President Trump, all chanting the same verbatim talking points 24/7, and that they did it again during the fake Covid-19/mRNA Bioweapon attack, are clues that television mainstream “news” is nothing but propaganda, not investigative reporting, and not “news” at all. It truly is “Fake News”, as President Trump pointed out in 2016.

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BIG LIAR TV “PROGRAMMING” ~ Anyone who chooses to continue to watch the “programming” offered on the Globalist-owned television networks is either so seriously brainwashed that their programming includes demanding they continue to watch fake news, or they are part of Machavelli’s third group of people, who cannot learn, even when taught. For that reason, AN staff sees no reason to engage those individuals, because you cannot have a reasonable conversation with a brainwashed person. Arguing with brainwashed people is fruitless – always fruitless.

REMOVING GLOBALIST INFILTRATORS ACROSS THE LAND ~ Instead, lets focus on identifying and removing every Globalist Infiltrator within our governments that Big Liar has planted. These people cooperate with the anti-American UN Agenda 21 plan, which calls for the end of the United States of America. Let’s put our energy into that effort, locally and nationally, and our energy will bear great fruit.

We have created a simple plan, which any and all Americans can begin to implement today, which will facilitate the exposure and removal of every Globalist Infiltrator and their helpers in City Councils, Boards of Supervisors, Mayors’ offices and School Boards locally. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, my fellow Americans. (Philippians 4:13) Let’s get busy!

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