MEET BIG LIAR ~ We’re all familiar with “Big Pharma”. Big Pharma are the pharmaceutical companies who are using Big Corporate Hospital doctors and nurses to try to put as many people on dangerous medications as possible, in order to make us all sick and ultimately, to die. No longer are corporate hospitals places of healing; now corporate doctors, nurses and hospitals have all become part of the UN Depopulation effort, and God help you if check yourself into a corporate hospital today. Just be right with God when you check in, that’s what we can recommend. That, or don’t check in, if you can possibly avoid it. That’s our best recommendation.

Click to watch Andrew Breitbart address the Big Liar Media in this legendary “F*ck you – War” video.

Andrew Breitbart (killed by the Globalist cabal – RIP Andrew and thank you for your service to Mankind) familiarized us with “Big Government“. Right now, there is also the Globalist “Big Monopoly” that is about to force the world into a Second Great Depression. Of course, it is Big Corporate who are behind all of this demonic and Satanic terrorism of the people of Earth. But who are the men behind all of these Big Corporate Globalist efforts to control and depopulate the people of the entire world? Meet Big Liar. 

BIG CORPORATE IS BIG LIAR ~The world is aware that it is the Rothschild family, the Rockefellers, the other Central Bankers like the DuPont family, as well as their Co-conspirators (Bush family, Clintons, Obamas, Soros family, Royal family, etc.) who created the UN and the WHO, neither of which are elected bodies, and all of which have tried to dictate policies and even facilitate Depopulating sovereign nations like the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The UN and WHO have been terrorizing Third World nations via other Globalist Co-conspirators like “Depop Bill” (Depopulation Advocate Bill Gates), who has been injecting children in Africa and India with Big Pharma/Big Liar “vaXXines” for more than a decade. No cause for concern there, right, having a Depopulation Advocate like Bill Gates injecting millions of children with Big Pharma vaXXines?

“A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE” ~ How many years are we going to allow these global Terrorists to control the conversation in America? Don’t We the People realize that we decide who gets a voice here in the USA and who doesn’t? Have we forgotten that THIS government, of the United States of America, is a government “of the people, for the people and by the people”? Sadly, yes. We’ve forgotten who has ALL of the power in this nation, vested in us by Almight God and declared openly and repeatedly in our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE FOR A LIFETIME ~ We all watched the intentional attack on the Francis Scott Keys bridge in Boston. Clearly not an accident, but an act of TERRORISM. When the people who have taken control of our government doesn’t immediately respond to terrorism, we can know it is the people who have taken control of our government who are RESPONSIBLE for the terrorism. 9/11, Covid-19 Fraud, every school shooting America has ever experienced – all done by the same people who are controlling our government. That’s why no one is ever investigated or arrested for these Terrorist acts. They pretend to investigate, and their fake media SAYS they investigated, but THEY are the Terrorists, so no real investigation ever gets done.

Another Big Lie: I’m watching millions of bots right now, perhaps billions, attacking the people who have awakened from the deep sleep that all Americans seem to have been in for decades. I’m referring to the people who have realized that 9/11 was an inside job, that Covid-19 was just a Terrorist scam to scare people into taking a deadly Bioweapon, and, more recently, many people have realized that there is literally no factual evidence that this Earth is a globe, spinning at 67,000 mph, hurling around the Sun at 100,000mph and flying through the Universe at 500,000mph. That is all nonsense, made up 2,000 years ago and taught and re-taught for centuries, but that doesn’t make it true. There is no factual evidence of any of that nonsense. None.

So how long will We the People of the Earth allow BIG LIAR to continue to deceive us all? How long will we put up with their “A new Disease X pandemic is coming” prediction bulls***? They make these predictions because THEY ARE THE TERRORISTS WHO ARE CREATING THESE DISEASES, my fellow Americans.

BIG LIAR’S BIGGEST LIE ~ How long are we going to allow this Big Liar “Globe Earth” nonsense propaganda to continue to be taught in our government-run public schools, without any factual proof that the Earth is even a globe? Clearly, the Bankers have invested so much time, for centuries, into convincing people that the Earth is a giant water ball/globe, spinning at 67,000mph, that they are married to that false narrative. But how long are WE the AWAKE ONES going to allow this BS story to continue to be taught to our children in the compromised government schools?

And this is just ONE BS story they tell. I find it unbelievable that we’ve allowed Big Liar to continue to lie to us about 9/11, Covid-19, the mRNA Bioweapons, diseases that THESE GLOBALIST BANKERS/BIG LIAR have created over time and foisted on the world, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Princess Diana – the list of lying BS is endless and so are the lies. When are WE going to stop using Big Liar as a resource for information? When are we going to stop let these lying Terrorists into our homes through our TVs? When are we going to stop allowing these Globalist Banker Terrorists to terrorize us in our own homes?

THIS IS WHEN THE TERRORISM WILL STOP ~ I’ll tell you when: When the People of the world decide we’re tired of being Terrorized and finally consider turning off our television sets once and for all, and stop going online to watch the fake BIG LIAR TV Terrorism “news” shows of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and FOX. And then, when peace flows back into our lives, perhaps we can consider some pro-active methods of protecting and defending ourselves and our families, like rooting out the Globalist Puppets planted in our own City Councils and Boards of Supervisors and Mayors’ offices, who are busy right now, implementing the Depopulation agenda of UN Agenda 21/30, which We the People are PAYING FOR. When We the People, who are awake now, PRAY UP and GET UP, speak up, arm up, ammo up and SHOW UP in our communities to start identifying the Big Liar Infiltrators in our own local governments.

Yes, they are there, in your town and mine, right before your eyes, implementing strategies designed to tear down your communities, like the “Homeless Invasion”, which is really the “Grifter/Bum/I-don’t-want-to-work” Invasion, only then will Americans be fighting back in a war that has been being waged against us for decades now. The Queers have been used as an unwitting Pawn since the 1960’s, as have Black people, and for decades those groups of people have been used as a weapon to divide these UNITED States of America. That all stops when we turn off our TV’s and show up at our City Council and Boards of Supervisors meetings and get busy identifying and removing the Deep State Agenda 21 players who have been installed in our local government.

OUR FOUNDERS FOUGHT AND DIED FOR OUR FREEDOM – NOW IT’S OUR TURN ~ God knows we aren’t the kind of people who would even consider tearing down all of their 5G Radiation Tower weapons that they have installed in ALL of our communities. We’re not that kind of people. Nor would we even consider such radical moves such as tearing down the propaganda broadcasting centers or relay stations that Big Liar uses to broadcast their Racist and Homosexual propaganda, misinformation and Terrorism TV into the homes of We the People. Patriotic Americans aren’t like that.

But what we can do is remove these Terrorists from our homes, by turning off our TV’s, their greatest propaganda tool that they use for Psychological Warfare against television viewers, to most effectively scare us, even brainwash us and terrorize some of us. It’s been going on for years, but not like it’s going on right now.

We can turn off our TV’s. And we can do it now. THAT will be one giant step forward to ending this endless terrorism against Americans. THAT is when the world will BEGIN to come to it’s collective senses. When We the People get tired of being terrorized by these wealthy families and rise up and take our airwaves, our nation, our dignity and our freedom back, THAT is when the Terrorism stops, and not a moment before such time as this.

LOGIC AND REASON DICTATE A MANDATORY AND IMMEDIATE MASS UPRISING OF WE THE PEOPLE ~ For more than 150 years, the government of the land they call the “Land of the Free” – these United States of America – has been secretly under control of this parasitic Terrorist group. Over time, it appears that virtually every level of the U.S. government, and every major agency, have been infiltrated successfully by BIG LIAR, the wealthy European families who have terrorized Europe and the Middle East for generations, for centuries, in fact. Same families, same tactics, only now, we’ve discovered that they are HERE and they are dug in so deep that many people feel a sense of hopelessness about ever getting our government back into the hands of We the People. “…of the people, for the people and by the people…” is the way our Constitution describes the United States government.

IT IS TIME TO FIGHT BACK ~ But is our government “a government of the people, for the people and by the people”, today?  Clearly, no, not in any way, shape or form, right now. But it will be, just as soon as We the People begin to proactive about defending and protecting ourselves and our families. When we stop allowing ourselves and our children to be subjected to psychological warfare and propaganda on the Terrorist TV stations, we will enter into a new era of awareness and courage that this generation has never imagined. Freedom, like we’ve never experienced before. Life in abundance, free from terrorism, propaganda and psychological manipulation by the likes of the Scumbag BIG LIAR/BIG CORPORATE Monopoly.

It’s coming. Just as soon as Americans pray up, arm up, ammo up, stand up, show up and fight for our Freedom like our very lives – and the lives of our children and Grandchildren – depend on it. And they do.


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