When a brave, openly confrontational and defiant independent Journalist like Andrew Breitbart dies suddenly, in 2012, at 43, after declaring war on the Mainstream Media, it wasn’t due to “natural causes”. It was, in AN staff’s opinion, and in the opinions of many patriotic Americans, due to being assassinated by the same families who assassinated JFK, RFK and MLK, and the same families who were responsible for 9/11 in 2001, and the mRNA Slomo Genocide we are all watching unfold right now.


On February 10, 2012, Andrew Breitbart made his famous CPAC conference “F- you. War.” speech, declaring war on CNN and The NY Times. On March 1, 2012 – just 3 weeks later – Breitbart was dead. You do the math.

And Andrew Breitbart was 100% correct: This is War. In AN staff’s opinions, it is time that We the People collectively commit ourselves to ending this war on all Americans, by any and all means necessary, which is the common strategy, by every Combatant, in every war since the beginning of Time.


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