It has become strategic to push Communism onto Americans, incrementally, little by little, one generation at a time. It’s what the Central Banker/Global Terrorists do, and it’s what they’ve always done. They knew that you forgot that Government cannot be trusted. They used 9/11 to make us believe there is an outside enemy, so we forgot about the Inside Enemy – them. They knew it would work because they’ve been using this strategy for hundreds of years in Europe and Africa and South America.

For more than 100 years now, this enemy of ours – the European Central Banker Terrorists – have instructed our Congressmen to pass laws which violate our God-given Constitutional rights that we are all born with, that no man can take away. It’s been going on that long… longer, even. Congress and state legislators have been guilty of violating the very Constitutional rights which THEY ALL take an oath to protect. States like California and New York and Michigan – “Blue States” we call them – have been violating our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights for decades, through unconstitutional anti-gun legislation, gun control laws and Concealed Carry Permit laws which deny the common Citizen their right to keep and bear arms, a direct violation of every Citizen’s¬†God-given¬†Constitutional right to defend and protect ourselves.

California is still trying to pass MORE unconstitutional gun laws today. Why would they do that? I’ll tell you why: Because we haven’t pushed back when they did it the first time. And because the Central Bankers control the California legislature and the Central Bankers want to take our guns away because they plan on doing things to us that might cause us to shoot them. But why are we putting up with these unconstitutional laws in California? Why haven’t we stormed the capitol and thrown off this tyrannical government that are collectively VIOLATING their Oaths of Office? Anyone?!

LET’S TALK ABOUT “COVID-19” ~ Covid-19 was nothing more than a government Psy-op. Nothing more. The Bankers created a flu virus that had symptoms that made it hard to breath, and so we believed their story about “Covid-19” killing millions of people. That was a lie. Covid-19 didn’t kill anyone. Ever. What actually happened is the Central Banker Terrorists instructed the corporate hospitals, which the Bankers own or control, to make Remdesivir and Respirators the primary treatment for flu symptoms (they called it “Covid-19” – it was just the flu). Remdesivir killed millions of people in Africa when it was used to treat Ebola. The Bankers didn’t treat Ebola; they murdered millions of Africaans by using Remdesivir. America’s corporate doctors and nurses knew what Remdesivir would do to Americans when they began “treating” flu symptoms with Remdesivir. They had the Ebola episode to refer to, which revealed that Remdesivir kills people. Doctors and Nurses were all given huge bonuses, every time someone was murdered by Remdesivir, and later by the mRNA Bioweapon.

DOCTORS KILLED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, NOT COVID-19 ~ Corporate hospital doctors and nurses murdered millions of people, not “Covid-19”. Corporate hospital doctors were paid millions of dollars for using Remdesivir and Respirators to kill as many flu patients as possile, then were paid additional bonuses for labeling every death a “Covid-19” death, including car accident victims, Cancer patients, accidental deaths, etc., deaths which had absolutely nothing to do with Covid-19 or the flu. The key to that Fraud was using an Antigen test that virtually always gave positive results for “Covid-19”. Even inanimate objects tested positive for “Covid-19”, that’s how flawed the Antigen tests were/are. Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Hospitals, CVS Pharmacies, Safeway Pharmacies, and other Pharmacies controlled by the Central Banker Terrorists still push the mRNA Bioweapon on unsuspecting customers to this day.

THERE IS NO COVID-19 ~ The Sars-Cov2 Virus was never actually isolated. That means that it doesn’t actually exist. Try as they might, Big Pharma Scientists were never able to isolate the Sars-Cov2 virus. The truth is, the Bankers Big Pharma “Scientists” CREATED the Sars-Cov2 virus, but if they would have disclosed that they had isolated it, we would have learned that THEY created it, THEY manipulated it and THEY were responsible for the entire “Covid-19” terrorism.

The entire “Covid-19” terrorism was a fraud, pushed by the Central Bankers’ propaganda media corporations ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN, PBS, the New York Times, USA Today and virtually every newspaper and television broadcasting corporation owned by Central Banker Terrorist families and their business associates. The entire “Covid-19” episode went like this, in a nutshell: Use the media to fear-monger viewers into taking the mRNA Bioweapon. That’s it. That was the Bankers’ goal and that is what they accomplished.

But Covid was really just another attempt at Depopulation. Like so many diseases before Covid, the Bankers’ families have been trying to commit Genocide on 8 billion innocent people for hundreds of years. Covid isn’t new. AIDS, Diabetes, the Black Plague – so many “epidemics” that wiped out millions were really just the Central Bankers and their “Scientists” trying to murder as many innocent people as they possibly could. They use chemicals in agriculture and food production to cause as many cases of Cancer as they possibly can. They own and/or control the entire food industry now, the corporate hospital systems worldwide, the global mainstream media that is used for propaganda and terrorism 24/7, 365 days a year, year in and year out. They are the biggest polluters on Earth, and they accuse US of being polluters. These f***ing Bankers are the disease that needs to be cured.

ARE WE ALL JUST WAITING TO DIE? ~ Which brings us back to our question of the day: Is it time to swarm the hive? We know where they are. Their agents are sitting in Congress right now, in Blue state legislatures, and in every Globalist corporation CEO’s office on Earth. Is it time to eradicate the worst disease every foisted onto Mankind? Is it time to swarm the hive yet?

Or do we think we should wait a little longer, for millions more innocent people to be murdered worldwide, for the next “Pandemic”, or for World War III to begin, so we can all watch the Bankers use Atomic weapons to wipe out millions more people, or perhaps the “Disease X” they’ve threatened us with recently will successfully wipe out billions of people, as planned? Is that what we’re waiting for, my fellow Americans, before we stand up and defend ourselves? Are we all just waiting to die?

Or do we want to fight for our lives and our families lives, and fight for the lives of generations to come and for our Posterity? What the f*** are we waiting for, really? When your home is invaded in a home invasion, is the best plan to just leave the Invaders in your home, running your household and spending YOUR money while your family suffers day after day after day? Or is it a better plan to eradicate the Invaders by whatever means possible, to truly live free or die, to take your home back and secure your home for yourself and for your family?

SO WHAT THE FREAKING F***, MY FELLOW AMERICANS? ~ I think I know your answer to the above question… so why are we doing nothing right now? We know who they are. We know where they are. We’re watching them destroy our home – the United States of America – every day, and we watch them bragging about it on their media. What on Earth is going on in America today that Americans are not doing anything to rid ourselves of the Terrorist/Insurrectionists who have clearly taken control of OUR government, and who are destroying the nation that OUR families built?

Anyone? Any ideas? Can anyone answer that question for me? Let me ask it again, since you’ve said nothing: What on Earth is going on in America today that nobody is doing anything to rid ourselves of the Central Banker Insurrectionists who have clearly taken control of OUR government, and who are destroying the nation that OUR families built?

Asking for 8 billion friends. The entire world depends on America surviving. WTF, my fellow Americans? Seriously – what the f***ing f***? Isn’t it time to swarm the freaking Hive yet?!


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