THE WEF WAR ON HUMANITY ~ Members of the infamous global Terrorist group called the “World Economic Forum” (WEF) are openly waging war against Humanity right now. They aren’t hiding anymore; they’ve published the plan which they are executing right before our eyes right now, and they brag openly about their goals to “depopulate”/commit Genocide against the Human Race and to create a global dictatorship (UN Agenda 21 – right click to download).

Many WEF members come from European Central Bankers’ families, who have  amassed huge fortunes for centuries, which they have used to purchase virtually every major corporation on Earth… and they are using their corporations to wage war against Humanity right now. The WEF collectively has a Monopoly on all needed goods and services upon which the First World nations rely. It isn’t just ‘a Monopoly’ – it is outright dangerous for any hostile group of individuals to have the ability to destroy the global economy, and that is what the WEF has, right now… and that is what the WEF is doing right now: destroying the world economy, including the U.S. economy.

CONSPIRACY THEORY OR FACT? ~ Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? It’s not science fiction; it is FACT. But why then, don’t all Americans know that this is going on, not just ‘under their noses’, but right in all of our faces?

Here is why: They own the Mainstream Media, and use their “news” corporations to pump misinformation, misleading stories, entirely false narratives and propaganda 24/7 into the homes of every American who still trusts ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and all of their local affiliates. Americans have always trusted “The News” on television, for generations now. But today, the Americans who still watch “the news” presented by the WEF Propaganda stations, aka ‘the Mainstream Media’, are the most misinformed and delusional Americans in our country right now, literally brainwashed by daily WEF/Central Banker propaganda “programming”.

FAKE NEWS REALLY IS FAKE ~ But when we venture away from the “Mainstream Media” fake news propaganda stations to see what Americans think, we find a very different American, a curious, commonly well-informed person, who is very well aware that the World Economic Forum, a consortium of arrogant wealthy old-money families, is using the MSM for propaganda and Terrorism (Covid-19 scam, “Climate Emergency”, 9/11, and more) and is waging war against Humanity, on many levels right now, and has actually been waging war against Humanity for generations. We just didn’t realize it… until now.

While Wikipedia, (like Google, Apple, Yahoo, USA Today, NY Times, MSM, etc.) is a WEF-owned/controlled website (and a completely unreliable source of information), there are still sources of information on the internet where free speech is respected, (like,,, and social media sites,,, etc.) where people speak up and speak out, to share what they’re learning about world events, and to share information about the Central Banker/WEF War Against Humanity. Quora is one of those places where people speak freely (for now):

From Nicholas Scott on,Nicholas%20Scott,11,-Betterbuck

“The final Goal of agenda 21 would be to bring down the planets population down to 500,000,000, about a quarter of the current 7 billion in order to make us easier to “control” SO since financial tyranny alone isn’t producing results fast enough, well introducing agenda 21. The E.P.I.C (Elite.Powers.In.Control) are attempting to carry out this genocidal scheme through vaccinations, GMO, predictive programming, removal of 2nd amendment, false flags, manipulation of our public school system, as well as manipulation of the weather causing droughts or natural disasters anywhere they please using H.A.A.R.P. This is how they will remove all the farmers from their land so they can buy it all up for cheap, effectively owning ALL of our consumed seed. Agenda 21 is a highly elaborate, multi-faceted plan that’s been at work behind the scenes for generations. it’s finally coming to the mass consensuses because it (is) impossible to hide at this point. If this is your first time hearing about agenda 21 I HIGHLY suggest you go research all of those topics I presented above, this affects everyone.”

Nicholas Scott is one of tens, possibly hundreds of millions of Americans who have awakened to the reality of what the WEF and the Central Bankers are doing right now, and how corrupt and dishonest ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and all of their affiliates have become. American Nation ( is committed to speaking out, in order to inform those who may still be delusional about this War Against Humanity. AN staff encourage you to turn off your TV, start looking for independent news sources online now. Investigative Journalist Emerald Robinson ( is a great and reliable independent news source, and is one of our favorite every-day check-ins, as are, and Turning Point USA Other good places to start looking for independent new sources are social media sites,,, etc., where the truth is being spoken, without censorship. Pay attention to the news sources as you thumb through the posts at these great sites. You’ll see who is doing the true investigative reporting now. It is critical to all of our personal and national survival that we learn what is actually taking place in the world right now.

WWIII IS COMING TO AMERICA ~ The WEF has done their best to brainwash and terrorize television viewers, pushing non-existent Racism on Americans and trying to normalize Pedophilia, Homosexuality and ultimately destroy the American Family, and have kept the people of this nation in the dark for generations. But Americans have suddenly awakened to the fact that our nation is not only under attack right now, but that the current US government, including Congress and many Blue State legislatures, no longer represent We the People, and that the Mainstream Media is no longer trustworthy. Both political parties (one UniParty) are clearly in bed with the WEF and have been working for decades to undermine the rule of law in order to take down the United States of America. All of that is crystal clear to most Americans now.

But now that Americans are awakening to the truth, what will the WEF/Central Bankers do now? WWIII, that’s what. After Trump’s 4 years of world peace, the WEF/UniParty overthrew the US government during the 2020 Presidential election, committing massive voter and election fraud. Americans could see that it was a rigged election, and openly said as much on social media sites, many (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) who tried to censor every voice. That didn’t work well for the WEF or for the CIA/FBI who work for the WEF, or for this UniParty Congress, who did nothing about these blatant violations of our 1st Amendment right to free speech.

The WEF had lost control of We the People, and immediately began starting wars again, which ultimately are aimed at starting WWIII. Why would the WEF start WWIII, you ask? Because having overthrown and taken control of the US Government via the 2020 election, our military has since been saturated with Queers and Transvestites in military leadership, weakening our good American soldiers’ resolve. With a weak US Military, the WEF plans to make the USA lose WWIII and then remove our Constitution and all reference to our God-given rights. That’s why “WWIII”. That’s the WEF plan, anyway.

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Our new sister site is addressing the assault on American Families and our 1st Amendment religious rights being waged by the WEF and our compromised, infiltrated government right now, as well as the ongoing attack on White people by both the government and the WEF propaganda media (MSM). We recommend you check out Christian Nation and see where you might help to protect and defend yourselves, and your own families and community, moving forward. This War on Humanity will not end until the enemy (WEF, Central Bankers, Globalists) has been subdued, arrested, tried, convicted and sentences carried out, a la Military Tribunals. In the meantime, AN suggests you pray up, arm up, ammo up and get ready for the worst Terrorist attack on American soil in history.

The WEF UniParty (Democrat & Republican parties are really both WEF controlled) didn’t transport 12 million Muslim Terrorists across our border over the past 3 years so these Terrorists could “get a better life”. They brought these Terrorists into our country in order to wage war against American Citizens. So be prepared. Spend time at your local gun range, getting familiar with your weapons. Get good at hitting your targets, and you’ll see that using a gun becomes second nature. That’s because defending yourself is an inalienable, God-given right, and all of our God-given natural rights are in our nature.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13 – That means YOU, too. You and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Let us get prepared to do whatever the Lord would have us do, as we move forward. Run and hide, or stand and fight. Who did God make you to be? Pray about that. We have. We know who God made US to be. Again: Pray up. Arm up. Ammo up. Be prepared, my fellow Americans. God’s got us, and we’ve got this.

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