Americans all know that our government is corrupt. The U.S. Government is corrupt, right now. Period. For Baby Boomers, we’ve known it since the ’60’s, and really, we known it our entire lives. The evidence began piling up with the JFK/RFK/MLK/Malcolm X assassinations, and you can add John Lennon and JFK Jr. to that list. We knew it wasn’t “lone gunmen” killing our leaders. We have always known our politicians – aka our government – is corrupt. But there are things we didn’t know, until recently. We didn’t know how bad the corruption was.

THIS IS A FAKE “U.S. GOVERNMENT” ~ Despite using the name of our government, the “U.S. Government” hasn’t been OUR government for the majority of the last century.

  • When the will of the people is completely ignored? Not our government.
  • When the government is spying on Americans? Not our government.
  • When the government uses social media sites to censor Americans? Not our government.
  • When the government stalks innocent American Citizens, 24/7, 365? Not our government.
  • When our God-given Constitutional rights are being violated year after year? Not our government.
  • When “our” government taxes the people into poverty? Not our government.
  • Sending our sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters to fight and die in places like Vietnam? Iraq? Afghanistan? Anywhere besides defending our Mainland, Alaska and Hawaii? Not. Our. Government.

Clearly, an Enemy of We the People has infiltrated the U.S. Government. The people employed by OUR U.S. Government take an oath to “defend and protect” the U.S. Constitution. That’s how we can tell that this Fake U.S. Government is not OUR “U.S. Government”. Any government employee, including Congress, who submits or supports bills which violate our 1st and 2nd Amendments – “Hate Speech” laws; Gun Control – are NOT our representatives.

The government “of the people, for the people, by the people” does not wage war against other sovereign countries in foreign lands. The TRUE “U.S. Government” executes the will of We the People, and never, in my lifetime, have I seen the American People raising a fist and demanding our Military go fight in a foreign land. Not once. Yes, the Fake U.S. Government uses their propaganda media to convince viewers that “America is in danger”, when, in reality, the rest of the world is in danger, because of the Fake U.S. Government. This fake “U.S. Government”, it turns out, is no longer the protector of Democracy or peace. In fact, this fake “U.S. Government” is the #1 Terrorist organization on Earth, and it is NOT “THE U.S. Government” that we have always believed it is. The Fake Government’s propaganda media tries to get our support when they send our troops into foreign countries who won’t cooperate with the Fake U.S. Government leaders. And we trusted the Fake Government’s media for decades, until about 7 years ago, when we realized it is all “Fake News” and propaganda.

So despite the Mainstream Media’s constant reference to “the U.S. Government this” and “the U.S. Government that”, the MSM is not referring to the government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. Whenever the Fake News Media refers to “the U.S. Government”, they mean “the Fake U.S. Government”, because the TRUE U.S. Government has been hijacked and compromised for decades now. The propaganda media is referring to the compromised government, the “Fake U.S. Government”, that has been run for more than 150 years, with few exceptions, by unelected Central Bankers and Presidents who serve them, who now serve the World Economic Forum, who, in the past used to call themselves “the Bilderberg Group”, “the Illuminati”, and whatever name they’ll use next. The names change, but the families who run this Central Banker Cartel stay the same. Presidents Garfield and Lincoln were assassinated because they wouldn’t go along with the Central Banker Cartel. JFK, as well. Reagan was shot because he wouldn’t cooperate with this Cartel. And now they’ve fixed their eyes on Trump for the past 7 years.

If there is any question about President Trump’s association with the Central Banker Cartel, who own every major bank in America, and own the entire Mainstream Media (MSM), control all major corporate hospitals, insurance companies, food and drink manufacturing, and also control Congress via the compromised Uniparty, the federal Department of Education, Hollywood, Wall Street, 5th Avenue advertising (clearly, since White people have been cancelled on Legacy TV shows and commercials), and virtually every globalist corporation who provide goods and services to the people of this nation, and to the entire First World, one would have to be a total fool or completely brainwashed by MSM Propaganda, to think Trump is one of them. Obama, Clinton, and both Bush’s – they were/are all working for the Central Banker/WEF Cartel. Trump? Not. That’s why they ganged up on President Trump, using every Legacy News (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CNBC, PBS and all of their affiliates) against Trump, to wage war on Trump after he was elected by We the People in 2016. Trump serves We the People. Every single charge that this Fake Government has made against President Trump, are charges of which THEY are guilty. Every. Single. One.

Our Fake U.S. Government does NOT serve We the People. Quite the contrary, since 1919, when the Central Bankers took over the U.S. Treasury. The Cartel has been infiltrating every level of our government since then. We have quite the mess to clean up now, here in America, and We the People are up for the job. We will “throw off” this tyrannical government like our Declaration of Independence directs us to do so. We will root out this Cartel, everywhere we find them, inside of OUR U.S. Government. Trump has already begun that process.

ABOUT THE “FAKE NEWS” ~ After a lifetime of astute observation and investigation, confirmation and consistent, ongoing crimes against Humanity by some of America’s wealthiest families, we’ve realized much, and we have concluded this: It appears to American Nation staff that the Rothschild family, along with the Rockefeller family, the DuPonts, Carnegies and several other wealthy families, have waged war against We the People for more than 150 years. Initially, these families used the Rockefeller’s vast newspaper empire to manipulate unsuspecting Americans’ public opinions, and then it was radio and television, their greatest Propaganda weapon. They have been collectively lying to Americans for that long. This “Fake News” isn’t new; it’s been going on for more than 100 years. Americans simply would never have imagined that the wealthy families they respected would engage in such broad and intentional deception of We the People. Americans have always been defined by their love of Family, truth, justice and Christian values like peace, love, kindness and charity. They had no idea that Evil had found a way into America through the most respected families in our nation, through the “newspapers” and “news” they had always trusted.

FAKE DEMOCRAT PARTY LEADERS ~ We have also concluded that, long before there was a WEF or a Bilderberg Group, the Rothschild family has run the Democrat Party, today, and since before the Civil War. Always in the shadows, Americans would have abandoned the Democrat Party in the 1800’s, had they known that a foreign family had taken control of one of America’s mainstream political parties. But Americans didn’t know, because they trusted the propaganda newspapers who lied to them, a little a first, and now they lie incessantly, day in and day out, covering up for the crimes of the Central Banker Cartel and the WEF.

These families, and their businesses, are the reason American HAD a Civil War, because the Globalists of their day – same Globalist of today – the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Duponts, et al, owned the Tobacco and Cotton plantations and they were the ones who captured and brought Black Slaves to the United States of America. They fought against Abraham Lincoln because these Racist Central Bankers did not want to give up their Black Slaves, and were willing to send OUR sons into battle to die, in order to try to keep Black people in Slavery. Today, they still run the Democrat Party and most of the Republican Party, as well. There are no longer two major political parties in America; just one “UniParty”, pretending to be two parties.

APPLE, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, VERIZON, ATT ALL USED FOR SURVEILLANCE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NOW ~ Steve Jobs would turn over in his grave, if he knew how corrupt his company has become. And perhaps that’s why Steve “died”; perhaps Steve wouldn’t agree to help the Cartel with surveillance, like AT&T and Verizon. It’s a travesty, what’s happened to American businesses. But it’s a testament to how compromised American business has become, since Congress changed the laws against Monopolies and the Central Bankers bought up virtually every corporation that the First World relies upon to function.

What is worse, is that since these wealthy Bankers have bought up all of these companies, worldwide, they aren’t using them to better Mankind. To the contrary, they are using them to terrorize the entire planet. Their plans are clear and public, so we shouldn’t be surprised, yet as we watch them unfold their plans, with the fake Covid-19 fraud, the fake Climate Change fraud, the EV plan that failed as soon as it started, we’re surprised. These families and their corporations used to be admired and trusted, and now, they have turned on us, even planning on committing Genocide against us all. Every major disease from the Black Plague to HIV/AIDS, to the multitude of viruses they keep releasing on us now, certainly hoping one of them will wipe us out.

THERE ARE NO CONSPIRACY THEORIES ~ None of this is a “conspiracy theory”. IT is a conspiracy. Period. It’s all being done right before your eyes, and mine. The Central Banker Propaganda Media tells viewers again and again that everything is a “conspiracy theory”, but they are lying to viewers. Everything they deny is what is true. Everything they accuse Trump of doing, is what THEY are doing.

As Americans prepare to defend ourselves, our homes and our communities against the LATEST “crisis”, with Muslim Terrorists pouring in over our border every day – 12 million since Biden took office – these Bankers keep churning out viruses and no one is shutting down their chemical weapons labs… yet. That’s how they do it: They keep us busy with their most recent acts of terrorism (the border, now) while they continue to poison us in a plethora of ways, through our food, through the Chemtrail dumps in our skies, through our city water, and use propaganda to keep television viewers decieved, and we allow this to continue? Why?

We’re Americans. We don’t negotiate with Terrorists, and the Central Bankers and all of the wealthy families involved, including the many “Presidents” who have served the Central Banker Cartel, are Terrorists – straight up Terrorists. When will Americans defend ourselves? Anyone know the answer to that question? And the Central Bankers are already warning us with a threatening “Virus X”, which means they already have a plan in place to poison us again, and none of us is doing anything to protect ourselves?


STANDING UP TO EVIL ~ We at American Nation support any plan which is designed to protect the people of this nation from Terrorists, Globalist Predators, and the Central Banker families. We wait, watching, praying and hoping that Americans collectively stand up and fight for what is ours – our Freedom – and our right to live in peace, without being stalked, surveilled, terrorized or propagandized 24/7, taxed into poverty and fooled by Globalist Terrorist scams, like 9/11, Covid-19, mRNA, ‘Climate Change’, fake CO2 emergency, Electric Vehicle fraud – again and again. That is what these Globalist Bankers are doing to every American right now. We think it’s time to for We the People – Black and White and Red and Yellow and Brown people – to stand up to these evil Terrorists. Can we get an “Amen”?

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