15 years ago, the “Homeless” community in Santa Rosa, California looked very, very different than it does today. I know, because I’ve worked with the Homeless for more than 30 years. 15 years ago, the “Homeless” population was made up, almost entirely, of people who were typically either seriously mentally ill, hopeless drug addicts/alcoholics who were stuck in their late-stage addictions, and/or people with very low IQ’s who simply did not possess the faculties needed in order to successfully manage their lives. That was “the Homeless population”. We served those people, providing food, clothing, mental health services, emotional comfort and counseling, training and job referrals and housing. Many of those “Homeless” folks ended up in decent housing with ongoing support.

Today, I’m not even sure where all of those “Homeless” people have gone. Very few of the people I just described are left in what we call “the Homeless population”. In their places, we now have a sea of lazy people, who can only be described as “Opportunists”, “Grifters” and “Bums”, who typically smoke pot and hang out downtown every day, who simply refuse to hold down a job or work for a living. I call the new “Homeless” people “Homeless By Choice” – “HBC’s”. These folks are what we used to call “Bums” and “Grifters”, commonly high-functioning drug addicts and Alcoholics who have figured out how to game the system. These HBC individuals are now seen on many city street corners, and have replaced the U.S. Veterans, who started standing on street corners in the 1970’s-80’s, asking for financial help from the public, because this already-compromised government had totally let them all down. (Who lets down the brave Veterans who were sent into harms way for their country, who, many, incurred serious and commonly untreated PTSD and serious mental and emotional problems and seeing and doing what this government asked them to do to other Human Beings? NOT the U.S. Government, I can tell you that. The U.S. Government would treat our Veterans with love and respect and the VA should have been falling all over themselves to provide our Veterans with the services they needed after returning from the Rothschild Wars they/we were all conned into supporting. This is one way you know that this is NOT the government of We the People – it’s the seriously compromised government of those godless Globalists who own the Military Industrial Complex, the global Banking system, the Mainstream Media, the corporate hospital system and virtually every other global corporation on Earth. This has NOT been my government for my entire life – we just didn’t realize how compromised the U.S. Government was, until President Donald Trump took office and began to expose the Insurrectionists and the Infiltrators that the Central Bankers had installed throughout our compromised nation.)

Homeless Veteran – In an uncompromised U.S. Government, there would be NO homeless Veterans on our streets. This is NOT the government of We the People.

These HBC’s have now taken over the street corners, most of them clearly capable of working, physically and mentally stable enough to work, who have figured out that they can make more money – in cash – by posing as “Homeless”, making a cardboard sign, putting on a sad face and begging for hours each day.

Generational Welfare Moms (GWM’s) fall into the category of “Bums and Grifters”, as well, choosing to leech off of the government rather than taking steps to better their lives, classes to establish a career and obtain a steady source of income of earned money to provide for themselves. WE working folks pay for their rent, their food, their medical care and even childcare now. This is another way you can see that this is NOT the government of We the People, because OUR government would provide opportunities for Welfare Moms to get a job and/or a career, provide healthy Childcare services while Welfare Mom is working an 8 hour shift. No, THIS compromised government WANTS people to be reliant on government, which is what COMMUNISTS want. Lord knows that We the People generate an incredible amount of Tax Dollars (which needs to stop) for the private Federal Reserve Bank to steal, instead of using it to help our Veterans, Generational Welfare Moms, the Disabled, etc. ANOTHER sign that this is NOT the government of We the People. Americans don’t treat people like this compromised government has been treating people for 75 years and running. COMMUNISTS treat people like this compromised government is treating people right now. 

Many, if not most of the GWM’s and HBC’s (Bums and Grifters) are capable of working a steady job and contributing something to their/our communities. They just don’t want to do that. And why should they, when they can get typically from $1,200- $3,500 a month and more, from our completely compromised government? But wait – that’s not all. They get free healthcare from our completely compromised government, as well, and free food vouchers and/or food stamps so they don’t have to use their monthly government checks for food, free transportation in the form of Bus Passes. Not to mention the free, oftentimes brand new clothes they get from the many Christian ministries who provide what working people – you and I – donate to the Rescue Missions and the Secular companies like Goodwill (who don’t help the “Homeless” but actually sell our donations for profit). This is how the Central Bank Communist Infiltrators are making Americans reliant on government, rather than reliant on themselves for their lives.

The “Generational Welfare Mom” thing should have been addressed and eliminated decades ago, as soon as we could all see it. Instead, the government has kept that system in place in order to trap the GWM’s in their system of reliance on government assistance – you know, like Communists do. They make people reliant on the government for everything, and GWM’s must do what the government tells them to do or their “assistance” gets cut off or denied. 

But now, the mostly White “Bums” and “Grifters” have taken the GWM thing to another level. They’ve taken it to the streets, by choice, mind you. These Bums and Grifters do not have to live on the street. They CHOOSE to live on the street, in order to avoid all responsibility to anyone: No neighbors, no landlord, no bills, no boss, like the rest of us Working Folks. They hide out in their own B/G communities, sometimes out in the open, but typically, they make their camps in hidden enclaves and tent cities where Working Folks and the Police cannot see them. A post office box to receive their government checks, and no accountability to anyone for anything – like Bums… and Grifters. 

If you think this new “Homeless” thing is just an anomoly, you are wrong about that. This is an intentional effort to manipulate people into a place of Hopelessness so that they become reliant on the government – like the folks who live in Communist countries. This is how you take over a free nation.

And what a coincidence! The people who have patiently orchestrated the complete compromise of the U.S. Government are the same people who have control of many of the Communist countries in Europe and South America. You see, these Dictator families are here, too, and they’ve been here, since the end of World War II. The wealthy European families who were the Financiers of Adolph Hitler, who financed both sides of the war – Britain/France and Germany/Italy – are the Central Bankers, who have, by the way, run the Democrat Party for more than 150 years (assassinated Presidents Garfield, Lincoln, JFK, and RFK, MLK and Malcolm X for opposing them) and now run the majority of the Republican Party, as well, have used their wealth to get their people “elected” here.

What they’ve done is nothing short of brilliant, in many respects, albeit dark, evil, dishonest and sinister. But to have taken over the U.S. Government like they have, to operate in the shadows for so long, undetected by many Americans, buying up the entire global media corporation system – ABC, CBS, BBC, PBS, NBC, CNN, the New York Times and much more – and using it for propaganda television “news” has paid off handsomely for the Central Bankers. Until President Trump was elected, We the People largely had no idea how compromised our American system had become, or how fake and dishonest the “evening news” really was, and has been for decades. It is all a Charade. America is no longer a free nation.

Central Bankers have infiltrated the U.S. government and waged war against these United States for decades.

Instead, we are a nation living in a delusional economy, slaves to the Central Bankers, as the American Family unit is being torn apart, right before our eyes. When the Central Bankers manipulated interest rates, slowly over time, creating inflation, which pushed what is affordable in this country farther and farther from our reach, forcing Mom to take a job like Dad, in order to pay the bills, and using media manipulation to push CREDIT on American families, presenting credit as though “It’s just what people do”, then continuing to raise prices in order to keep the Middle Class hustling just to keep up, they have successfully destroyed “The American Dream” and – right now – are destroying the U.S. economy, slowly closing their massive Monopoly of global businesses, grocery stores, pharmaceutical corporations, fuel, etc. 

You see, the Central Banker families had been working for centuries to increase their wealth, and keep the people poor. That’s what Kings and Dictators have always done, and now, by taking over many of the Old School Kingdoms and establishing Communism every chance they’ve gotten, and by infiltrating the U.S. Government and many other governments worldwide, they are using that wealth to destroy the world economy in the hopes that a devastated world will actually INVITE THEM to “Please help us!”. As crazy as that sounds, that is exactly their plan.

Fortunately, Jesus Christ showed up 2,000 years ago and set people free, and Christians, who established these United States of America, will not willingly give up the freedom that we’ve found in Christ. We won’t live as Slaves, instead, choosing to “Live free or die”. With the largest free-standing Army on Earth, more than 100 million legal American Gun Owners have been stockpiling weapons and ammunition as we see what is unfolding in our country right now. The beauty of knowing Jesus includes the gift of Holy Spirit Discernment, which non-believers simply do not have. So we see the Truth and we hear the Truth, and we know lies and Liars when we see/hear them, and We the People are watching, waiting and are totally getting prepared for what these Central Bankers are planning. The Central Bankers published their plans in 1992, for goodness sake. “UN Agenda 21” showed us their plan to destroy sovereign nations, commit Genocide on 8 billion people in order to reduce the world’s population to just “245 million” (“Depopulation”) and create a global, worldwide dictatorship (“One world government”). They aren’t hiding their plans and their intentions, but their global propaganda media system is hiding their plans.

When a man flees war, he takes his family with him. When a man heads to war, he leaves his family behind.

As this Christian Nation has watched our compromised Central Banker-run Democrat Party/Uniparty government importing millions and millions of military-age Terrorists, transporting these Terrorists from Muslim countries, shipping & flying them to America to bring them across our open Southern border, We the People are preparing for what appears to be an inevitable war on the streets of America. Suddenly, the open border with Mexico all these years is making sense. Our open Southern border is not for Mexicans “to get a better life” at all. That’s what the Central Banker Media propaganda news shows have always told us, but that’s simply not true. They have been importing Muslim Terrorists for decades, who have been raised for generations to hate this country, establishing Muslim strongholds in many cities and towns across America. You’ve seen them, just like I’ve seen them. We never questioned how they were able to buy up so many minimarts and gas stations because they were from oil-rich Muslim countries, but the truth is that it’s been Central Banker money bankrolling these Terrorists, and fake President Joe Biden has allowed more than 12 million of these military-age foreigners and Terrorists into our country in just the past 3 years. THERE is your “Insurrection”, my fellow Americans. 

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