It is all bullsh*t now, in America. The “news”. The Stock Market. Professional sports. Banking. Financing. Insurance. American politics. Science. TV shows. Mass shootings. Wars. Political parties. Government. The US Economy. The “Space Program”. World history. Presidential assassinations. Public education. Corporate hospitals. Medicine. Taxes. Congress. Movies. Hollywood. “Movie stars”. Television commercials, even. Thats what I’m talking about. And prices. Currency. Values of items. It is all fake, lies, false narratives and it is all complete and utter made-up bullsh*t. All of it. It is all the false narratives that the Central Banker Terrorists have been pushing through their fake news shows for decades.

We, at American Nation, are tired of this Rothschild/Rockefeller Terrorist Show. Everything those families have ever touched turns to sh*t. Everything.

Oh, we definitely get it. We’re awake. We can see. We are definitely not low IQ, brainwashed Liberalism Disorder sufferers. We see what the wealthy families are up to. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore, and the Liberals still can’t see them.

Not only have they bought up virtually every major corporation on Earth, they have initiated every mass shooting, assassination and every act of violence (BLM, Antifa, 9/11, Covid/mRNA Genocide, JFK, MLK, RFK, Timothy McVey, etc.) in America for more than 150 years, including the Civil War.

Andrew Breitbart (RIP) was exactly right when he declared “F*ck you. War.” on fake news outlets CNN and the NY Propaganda Times on February 12, 2012. On March 1, 2012, Breitbart was dead – NOT “by natural causes, as the Central Banker Propaganda Media declared; many Americans believe Andrew Breitbart was ASSASSINATED by these Central Banker/Democrat Party Terrorists, who overthrew the U.S. Government on 11/3/2020. These Central Banker/Democrat Party Terrorists have imported – and are STILL importing – MILLIONS of Muslim Terrorists through our Southern border with Mexico, and these millions of illegal PAID Combatants are NOT here “to get a better life”; they are here to kill you and me and our families and to take down the United States of America. Period.

We cannot stress the importance of arming up right now, even if – especially if – you are not currently an American gun owner. Buy some guns. Your safety and your family’s future safety depends on you right now. And invest in as much food and ammunition as you can afford. The Muslim Terrorists that the Central Banker-run Democrat Party is bringing into our country right now are coming here in order to wage war on America. The Central Banker Terrorists are also shutting down our food supplies right now, across America. This effort is intentional and it is nationwide. They are going to try to starve Americans out in order to cause desperation and violence on America’s streets. These Terrorists think that when things get bad enough, here in America, that we Americans will ask THEM for help. It’s ludicrous to even imagine such a delusional scenario, but that’s what these delusional Terrorists think. 

THIS is why our Founders included our 2nd Amendment in our Constitution. THESE are the kind of people our Founders knew would show up here one day. “One day” is here. Men – protect yourselves and your families. Women – do the same. Buy a good semiautomatic weapon, lots of range ammo and go to your nearest Shooting Range and get familiar with your weapon. No, get GOOD at using your weapon. The confidence you’ll find when you’re comfortable and capable with your gun will do wonders for your self-esteem. You won’t regret preparing yourself for the planned violence. Be prepared. God bless you, my fellow Americans, and God bless America. We are surely in for the fight of our lives, waged against us by the world’s most ruthless and godless terrorists… and We the People will certainly win this war that these Central Bankers, the Democrat Party and the Muslim terrorists they are importing into our country right now. 

Remember: United we stand. Divided we fall. It is time for a re-uniting of the Citizens of the United States of America. 

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