Welcome to American Nation’s THE ORGANIZATION, where Americans can connect in a united, national effort to defend our great and precious nation from the Global Terrorists who have terrorized the world for 3 hundred years.

For THE ORGANIZATION, only one thing really matters: Protecting the United States of America from NWO Central Bankers & Communist/Democrat Party Terrorists. We don’t care about the many distractions that the Central Bank-owned “mainstream media” keeps shoving in our faces so that we don’t see what hideous things they’re doing to us all right now.

Join us here. We will notify you and all who register here whenever Patriots move as One Nation. Sign up for notifications and stand up for your country with us and all Americans in your community when We the People all move as One Nation.

First, what you can do this year to help restore American government at the local level:

Next, how to put a local team together to restore your local government. It doesn’t take that many people to root out the Communists and Leftists who have infiltrated local government. These people are easily identified by what they’re busy doing: If they are implementing UN Agenda 21 goals, such as “sustainability” goals, they need to be removed. All UN goals are hostile to the United States sovereign nation and work toward taking down our nation, which means every member of local City Councils and County Supervisors who are working toward/voting for the Agenda 21 goals (their voting records are public) are violating their Oaths of Office, to “defend and protect the US Constitution” and this is grounds to immediately have them removed from office. Here are our suggestions to help you get rid of these Traitors at the local level:

More is coming here at TheOrganization.us…

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