The Rockefeller Foundation. The Rhodes Trust. The Ford Foundation. The Carnegies. The International League of Nations. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The United Nations and virtually every wealthy family in America and Europe who pretend to be Philanthropists came together more than 100 years ago with a plan to take down the sovereign nation called ‘The United States of America’ and create a global dictatorship. Don’t believe me? Watch this from BitChute, just 29 minutes that will open your eyes to everything we’re seeing going on right now.

Americans need to rid ourselves of the Traitors in Congress who are working for these Bilderberg Group/CFR New World Order wannabe-Dictators, ban them from the USA along with the UN, the WHO and every other supposedly global corporation which the Rothschilds and their Co-Conspirators have created… and we need to do it now.

Let’s start by ridding ourselves of the Democrat Party, which is completely corrupt and appears to be run by Jacob Rothschild, and controlled by the Rothschild family for more than 100 years. If the 85% of Americans who love our country band together, we can eliminate the Democrat Party from American government locally and nationwide. See more about how to do this on

The threat is upon us. The November 3, 2020 election fraud and Insurrection by Democrats, the Covid/mRNA Genocide, the intentional slaughter of Care Home residents in 2020, the 5 year-long harassment of Patriot President Donald Trump by the entire Rothschild/Rockefeller-owned Mainstream Media, the destruction of American small businesses, the food shortages, the use of the Bilderberg Group-owned Mainstream Media for terrorism and propaganda and the influx of millions of Criminals and foreign Terrorists at our border are all the work of these Bilderberg Group/CFR Terrorists, who are, by far, the number one Enemy Terrorist group attacking & destroying the United States.

President Woodrow Wilson admitted discovering this group of wealthy Traitors and Collectivists (Communists) in 1913. This effort to eliminate the Sovereignty of the United States continues today by these same families.

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