Roe vs Wade was never about “a woman’s right to choose”. RvW has always been unconstitutional. No right to murder your child exists in the Constitution. Slaughtering 70 million children over the past 50 years didn’t make the murders right. Nothing makes murder right, and nothing make murdering children anyone’s right because rights come from God – we’re all born with them – and no one can take them away. 

The women freaking out right now are (a) simply those who have murdered their children who are traumatized by the murders they’ve committed and/or (b) Democrat Party Antifa Terrorists, many more of whom have come across the border over the past year and a half. Now do you see why the Democrats want the border open? They can’t win an election without cheating and they can’t even throw a good riot without importing Muslims from abroad. Now you know.

The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) isn’t “radicalized”, as NuTjOb Nancy Pelosi said; the SCOTUS simply acknowledged that Roe vs Wade is, and has always been, unconstitutional. It’s as simple as that.

And if it’s violence you’re trying to incite, Nancy, with your call for “a night of rage”, it’s against the law to incite violence… but since you’re part of the corrupt Deep State Insurrectionist government, this Insurrectionist DOJ won’t even investigate you. 

To the Dumdums: Just because the propaganda fake news shows you watch for hours every day have told you thousands of times that “Killing your child is your right”, it’s NEVER been your right, Dumdum. Killing children isn’t your right and never has been. It’s been a PRIVILEGE this corrupt government granted you for 50 years, but guess what – It’s not a privilege any longer. It’s Murder, and it’s over. 

Oh, and then there’s the Concealed Carry ruling. Tell your Antifa goons to FAFO (look it up), Nancy Pelosi and your little Nephew NWOsom. Now everyone is able to defend themselves against Democrat Party Antifa violence, and Americans will all be armed, this time.

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