American Nation staff research has concluded that virtually all of the Evil and ills on our planet for the past 100 years are the work of these men and their evil, godless, Terrorist families and organizations. This is “The Mob”.

TV 31, 2022 ~ Since 1992, when I first heard about and read UN Agenda 21, I have followed the Bilderberg Group (NWO) and it’s collective members, like David Rockefeller – a big mouth who bragged about the Bilderbergs’ plan to take over and rule the world – and both the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, who appear to be the leaders of this Global Genocide plan which is laid out and made public in the 1992 UN publication entitled “United Nations Agenda 21” for all to see. I never stopped watching them for the past 30 years, reading about their history and reading the books written about them over the past few centuries which all describe the same activity: Global & International Terrorism.

Today, this group of Billionaires, which has bought up virtually every global corporation to create a controlling monopoly on the world’s needed goods and services, which also owns and controls the private global banking system known as the “Central Bank” which controls US Taxpayer money for the USA using the deceptive name “The Federal Reserve Bank” (which suggests it’s a US government bank – it’s NOT), currently presents itself as “The World Economic Forum”, and this group is no different than the Bilderberg Group and the Rothschild/Rockefeller families who started WWI & WWII, backing/financing Adolph Hitler’s attempt to rule the world and financed both sides of both WWI and WWII.

Covid-19, for example, was not a “lab accident”. It is undeniably and irrefutably believed to be the work of these billionaires and their Chemical Weapons Facilities Manager/Stooge, Anthony Fauci of the CDC/NHIS, who funded the research to create the mRNA Immune System-destroying drug. These men are Hell-bent on two things: Depopulating the planet of Human Beings to a mere “245,000,000 people”, (245 million) as described in UN Agenda 21, and becoming the world’s sole Dictators, also laid out in United Nations Agenda 21 (referred to as a “One World Government”).

The United Nations is a Rothschild family creation, as is the “World Health Organization” and many other supposed “Global” organizations, such as the World Economic Forum and the Bilderberg Group. Really, however, these are just Rothschild/Rockefeller organizations, posing as ‘global representatives’, and “global representatives” do not have any authority over Americans, by the way. Our Constitution makes that eminently clear: Our Representatives are elected by the people and sit in the US Congress. The entire Democrat Party, which always votes for unconstitutional bills in 100% unity, is clearly compromised and all are clearly working for this global Central Bankers Terrorist group, not for We the People, and should all be removed from office immediately for violating their Oaths of Office.

A close look at who the Primary Investors are in these corporations reveals what a dangerous situation our world has allowed.

For those unfamiliar with the Bilderberg Group and the World Economic Forum, these are global Terrorist Billionaires who have (a) taken over the governments of many of the world’s nations and (b) have infiltrated virtually every level of the U.S. Government, committed Insurrection via election fraud in November 3, 2020 to overthrow the US government, and are waging war against the United States of America right now, destroying our country from the inside. The United States has been under the Rothschild/Rockefeller control for more than a century, having created and taken over the Democrat Party well before the Civil War. Evidence clearly suggests that Presidents Garfield, Lincoln and JFK were all assassinated, and President Reagan was shot by this Terrorist organization because they would NOT cooperate with the Central Banker Terrorists plan to take over the world.

The reason these NWO Global Terrorists used their media corporations – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and media corporations they control, such as FOX and NPR – to wage a 24/7, 365 days a year harassment and smear campaign for 5 years against President Trump is because Trump is not a NWO/Central Banker President like Clinton, Obama and the Bushes. Not only is Trump coming after these Terrorists, to expose their crimes in America and expose their global Child Abduction/Sex Trafficking/Pedophile system (Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest was the result of Trump’s investigative efforts) and remove these global terrorists from the US government they have infiltrated over the past 150 years. Now you know. 

Here are some of the ways that the Central Banker Terrorists (CBT), who are the World Economic Forum (WEF)/Bilderberg Group November 2020 election Insurrectionists, who own & have a monopoly on virtually every major global and American industry – the Mainstream Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and many Corporations that the First World relies upon – are fear-mongering you, and have fear-mongered us all for decades, including what we believe includes having planned/assassinated President John F Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King and US Attorney General Robert F Kennedy, shot President Reagan, masterminded 9/11/01, planned/released the COVID/mRNA Injections and much, much more.

1. The Mainstream Media (MSM) fake news shows, owned & controlled by the same wealthy, Central Banker Terrorists, are broadcasting sophisticated fear-mongering, psychological Terrorism Propaganda designed to keep you in fear. Literally no MSM investigative reporting occurs anymore, no independent reporting – the fake news Mainstream Media companies all use the same script provided to them all by the Central Bankers and members of the World Economic Forum. This fake media all chant the same talking points, word-for-word and verbatim. The MSM is terrorist propaganda, nothing more, and a CNN employee admitted this recently on video here: We strongly recommend you consider turning off your TV and spend more time with friends and family.

2. Television commercials now reveal a deep seated Racism that these Nazis – yes, the Central Bankers are the Nazis, never arrested for their involvement in funding Hitler’s Racist attempt to take over the world during WWII, and not included in the original Nuremberg Trials – are continually stirring up Racism whenever Democrats are in control of the White House. White people have become so rare on today’s Hollywood produced commercials, replaced by Black people, Queers and Liberals. The US television MSM commercials are also flooding the airwaves with fear-mongering commercials paid for by the Central Bankers’ “Big Pharma” pharmaceutical companies now, focusing inordinately on rare, obscure illnesses with debilitating, oftentimes fatal side-effects, are nothing more than propaganda designed to keep you in fear. Most of the diseases affect less than .001% of American’s population, but the CBT’s run these commercials again and again and again in order to plant the idea that everyone is sick – in order to make you think you’re sick. Big Pharma owners have absolutely no interest in helping you – they are responsible for making tens of millions of American people sick.

In fact, the CDC/NIHS have spent decades creating new diseases and releasing them on us all, then offering more injections as their ‘solution’, which only make you more sick. Cures for many diseases such as Cancer have been hidden from us because curing disease is not Big Pharma’s objective; making people sick is Big Pharma’s goal today. The FDA should have intervened long ago, but the FDA is clearly compromised, too.

These Terrorists are admittedly UN/WHO Depopulation Terrorists, actively creating disease after disease through the CDC, NIHS and other American “health” agencies both in America and abroad – HIV, AIDS, Covid-19, MonkeyPox, Skin-eating Diseases and many more – all designed to kill as many people as possible, and then they magically come up with supposed “vaccines” and “cures” – drugs that are more deadly than their diseases.

3. Endless Hollywood movies about terrorism/betrayal/murder, all designed to keep you in fear. As Central Banker Terrorists (CBT) took over Hollywood and every mainstream media corporation in America, the CBT-run Hollywood movies production companies have rarely produced quality family-oriented movies, but instead, have focused mainly on violence and death, and have openly mocked Americans in movies such as “The Truman Show” (we’re Truman), “They Live” and many other movies throughout the past 30-50 years which brag about how the CBT control/mislead us all. Family programming has all but disappeared on Primetime television, replaced largely by sex, greed and morally degenerate TV shows that glorify drugs and criminals.

4. Central Banker/Nazis/Democrat Party Terrorists have shown us conclusively and undeniably that they are projecting their disgusting behavior and lack of Morals on the rest of us. Accusing Trump of colluding with Russia was a projection of their own collusion with Russia and China. Calling Patriots “White Supremists” is a projection of their own Nazi White Supremist Racism. From Wikipedia: The Nazis considered the putative “Aryan race” a superior “master race“, and they considered black people, mixed-race people, Slavs, Gypsies, Jews and other ethnic groups racially inferior “sub-humans”, whose members were only suitable for slave labor and extermination.

Remember now? Guess what… The Central Bankers ARE the Nazis and they still consider black people, mixed-race people, Slavs, Gypsies, Jews and other ethnic groups racially inferior “sub-humans”, whose members are only suitable for slave labor and extermination, which is why they plan to exterminate 7 billion of us in their UN Agenda 21/30 plan, using diseases and wars to kill as many people as they possibly can. The CBT refers to all of us as “Eaters”, implying that’s all we do is eat and not produce anything of value. The CBT are clearly as delusional as they are evil.

The overwhelming evidence that has surfaced over the past few years is that the Central Bankers have tried to finish up their more-than 100 year effort to create the UN Agenda 21 plan for a “One World Government” – a dictatorship that they plan to rule. As more information keeps floating to the surface (the Truth always floats to the surface eventually) we see that their estimate of reducing the World population to just 245 million people (committing Genocide against 7 billion people) is so that they can:

  • Reduce the Earth’s population to a manageable number which they believe they can brainwash, enslave, manipulate & control.
  • Eliminate the Moral and Justice standards to which most people subscribe – specifically, Judeo/Christian principles – so that they can legalize their Pedophilia (Jeffrey Epstein managed their underground child abduction/sexual slavery organization), Slavery, and implement their Nazi rules and laws that Adolph Hitler – funded by the Central Bankers by the way – tried to put in place: In short, the CBT want to establish what they accuse American Patriots of being involved with: White Supremacy.

Even America’s economy, controlled by the private Central Banker’s Federal Reserve Bank, has been manipulated since 1913 to destroy hard-working Americans’ finances. The Stock Market crashes and the Great Depression were the Central Bankers’ work. Even the way prices have gone up endlessly since 1913 – it’s called “Inflation” – are not the result of “whatever the market will bear”, which is the Capitalist ideal for fair pricing. Instead, the Central Bankers have manipulated interest rates and the Stock Market in order to force both Mom and Dad into the workplace and cause families to struggle to survive. The truth is this is the Land of Opportunity and God has blessed our nation with an incredible abundance of literally everything, but these evil families – we know who they are now (Central Bankers, Bilderberg Group, World Economic Forum, etc.) – have hoarded America’s wealth and used the financial system they control to keep Americans relatively poor, compared to them. 

To many Americans, the solution is clear as day:

  1. Turn off the “Mainstream Media” television fake news channels. In fact, turning off our TV’s completely will eliminate the Central Banker/Nazi’s most effective social/psychological manipulation tool – your TV is being used as a psychological warfare propaganda weapon against all viewers. Viewer beware.
  2. Shut down the entire “Mainstream Media” – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX – and reassign those channels to honest news sources – OAN, Epoch Times, Judicial Watch, Daily Caller, etc.
  3. Remove all Democrats from Congress (Dems all vote 100% in unity for CBT/Nazi bills) and all Republicans who have voted with the Democrats on every unconstitutional bill ever proposed.
  4. Restore the US Government to a government of the people, for the people and by the people by eliminating electronic voting machines and every other illegal Democrat Party method for manipulating ballots and facilitating election fraud – mail-in voting, drop-boxes, etc. Return to the policy that only overseas Military personnel and truly physically disabled persons can use mail-in voting.
  5. Eliminate the Globalist/Central Banker economic control by breaking up their many/extensive American and global monopolies.
  6. Stop buying/purchasing anything from Globalist corporations (Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.) and only do business locally with local small businesses.
  7. Eliminate all corrupt/compromised federal agencies including the Federal Department of Education, eliminate the top-tier leadership of the CDC, NHIS, the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, NSA and their staffs and put a more thorough back-ground check system in place for all federal/state employees to eliminate those with any evidence of connections with anyone associated with Central Banker/Nazis.
  8. Perhaps the most important step We the People can take is to MAKE IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM CONGRESS MANDATORY for anyone writing, submitting, supporting, promoting or voting for ANY BILL which violates our Constitutional rights. This includes all of the Democrats current gun control bills and Democrats attempts to sidestep the US Supreme Court using abortion/child murder bills in order to allow Child Murder to continue. Clearly, the Democrat Party collectively has no interest in our Constitutional rights, always voting 100% in unison for unconstitutional bills, and so each and every member of the Rothschild/Democrat Party should be removed from Congress IMMEDIATELY, along with every RINO Republican who supports the Democrats efforts to violate our Constitutional rights.

That will be a good start. We have good men at work on all of this right now, by the way. President Trump is still our legitimate President and he has not walked away from his responsibilities as US President. He is working with other good men worldwide to take down the CBT and restore peace and law and order in the USA and worldwide. God is with us, and we pray blessings and God’s protection on President Trump and his Patriot partners efforts, and we pray strength, courage, unity and the Lord’s protection for America’s 90 million-strong Volunteer Army as we await the next Rothschild/Democrat Party’s attempt to take down our nation, for we know it’s coming, as the Midterms massive nationwide Red Wave approaches.

It’s time for Americans – all Americans – to come together and stop allowing these evil men to divide us up by Race, class or any other divisive means. “United we stand, divided we fall”. The Central Banker Terrorists know this too. Using their media to push divisive propaganda and terrorism on our TV sets 24/7 needs to come to an immediate halt. We the People can do that. We have the power, so let’s use it.

More coming…

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