The Monopoly. In case you hadn’t noticed, the Rothschild/Rockefeller Central Banker Cartel own virtually everything. All major banks, investment firms, even Fifth Avenue and Hollywood. Those who are awake see it, everywhere, and we understand what this monopoly means. It means these wealthy and powerful families can shut down everything and cause a global depression like the world has never seen.

When we consider that these Globalists own every mainstream “news” source, every corporate hospital, every major insurance corporation, every major food, retail and cellular corporation, all major Hollywood production corporations, advertising agencies, pro sports teams and transportation companies, and has taken control of many nations’ governments, government education systems and military, making/changing laws to facilitate their UN Agenda 21 plan for mass Genocide and a global dictatorship, we are very well aware that without Divine intervention and a miracle or two, this planet is about to be intentionally economically destroyed by these vicious, greedy, insane and power-mad Pedophile families.

These families have created and manipulated interest rates, intentionally caused massive inflation, manipulated the Stock Market and squeezed every dollar possible from every American’s pocket through outrageous over-taxation, unreasonable and unnecessary fees and forced licensing, even taxing our homes every year, that we already paid taxes on when we purchased them.

THE SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION IS COMING ~ We estimate that, barring a miraculous full-scale military intervention, the eminent and complete economic collapse of the United States of America will come about in mid-2024 or early 2025, with every first world sovereign nation following close behind.

They own or control all major food manufacturers, and they are already shutting down, or burning down, their own facilities right now. They are poisoning our water supplies and our skies, so that even the air that we breathe will contribute to massive worldwide sickness and deaths by the billions.

These families have been working on their plan to depopulate the planet for decades, for generations, and even published their UN Agenda 21 manifesto in 1992, bragging about their plans to ban all sovereign nations like the USA, create a global dictatorship and commit Genocide against 8 billion innocent people. Because the Monopoly is so all-encompassing and far-reaching, these twisted families definitely have the means with which to accomplish their sick and vicious goals, but the rest of us, their “targeted victims”, cannot just sit and allow this insane plan to unfold unchallenged.

That the US Congress has allowed these families to create this massive monopoly on needed goods and services, despite knowing it could facilitate the complete destruction of our nation, proves that both parties in Congress are now working for the Rothschild/Rockefeller Cartel, and no longer represent the people of America. That reason alone justifies throwing off this entire government now, as described in our nation’s Declaration of Independence. Steps are being taken to that end right now. We pray that it’s not too little, too late.

“The Monopoly” should never have been allowed to do business in America. Our Forefathers staged a revolution over a 3% tea tax, yet here we are in 2023, being taxed more than 50% of our earnings.

We (America) has always had laws against monopolies, and even broke up monopolies like Pacific Bell in the 1960’s, but our compromised Uniparty Congress has since changed those laws, which has allowed these wealthy families to buy up virtually every corporation which manufactures or produces goods and services needed by the First World nations in order to survive. These manufacturing corporations are being shut down and services are being cut off every day now as the Rothschild/Rockefeller Central Banker Cartel push America into their forced “Second Great Depression”.

Mark my words. It’s already unfolding, right before our eyes. More about THE MONOPOLY coming in “The Monopoly Part 2”.

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