THE MONOPOLY (Part 2) ~ Over the past 35 years, as I’ve observed and studied Human events and political strategies, and the narratives presented to us on television, magazines and newspapers, like most people, I’ve realized many profound things. First, and most recently, that (a) The Second Great Depression has already begun and (b) it’s the same families creating it who created America’s first “Great Depression” in 1929. Keeping in mind, of course, that the observations and opinions expressed in this article are my own, based on my conclusions, drawn from my Critical Thinking skills, after careful and astute observation over the past 4 decades. Facts are facts, and observations, opinions and conclusions are just that: observations, opinions and conclusions, albeit based on facts and journalistic investigation.

IT’S ALL IN THE FAMILIES ~ By “the same families”, I mean “the same families” who have terrorized this entire world for centuries, who have been responsible for every war, including the Civil War, WWI and WWII, Vietnam, Iraq – every significant war – and every famine, every disease, every assassination, every school shooting, every riot, every mass fire throughout history. They have had, and still have, control of the media – newspapers, radio, TV, magazines – for centuries, and have used those media outlets to manipulate public thinking by presenting false narratives as though they were real (Kennedy assassination ie. Lee Harvey Oswald/Jack Ruby who were CIA plants, 9/11 blamed on “Muslims” but planned and orchestrated by CIA, Lincoln assassination, the list is long) and to literally terrorize the First World using sophisticated psychological manipulation methods and straight-up, ongoing propaganda. It’s still going on today, only those who still watch TV “news” can’t see it, because of – that’s right – the sophisticated psychological manipulation tools like Subliminal Messaging, focusing largely on negative “news” and, of course, the ongoing terrorist propaganda. Of course, I’m referring to the Central Bankers.

While unsuspecting American, French, Italian and German Citizens and British subjects – Citizens in every First World nation, in fact – were busy raising families, worrying about how to make ends meet, building businesses, farms and ranches, working their asses off to provide for their families, pay for homes to live in, cars to drive, college for our children, food on the table, clothes on their back, etc., the Central Banker families have been busy controlling the narrative (the fake story) that we’re all living, and until recently, most of us were believing… and the CB’s were taking many intentional steps to make sure we all stayed relatively poor. If you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get ahead, when you work your tails off, both parents? It’s because the Central Bankers did all they could to keep you poor, just like the Kings of Yesteryear did to their subjects. Now you know. It’s not you.

THE PLAN ~ These wealthy families, including the Rothschild, DuPont, Rockefeller, British Royal Family and other old school wealthy families, have been focused for centuries on reducing the world’s population. Using wars and disease intentionally created and released on the public, on what culminated in “UN Agenda 21“, published in 1992, these families publicly laid out their plan to “depopulate” our planet of Human inhabitants (you and me), infiltrate and overthrow every sovereign nation on Earth, including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, (every nation on Earth) in order to create a “one world government”, which means a worldwide Dictatorship (Communism), run by THEM, the Central Bankers. That is what they are working toward right now, and that is why American Patriots are sounding the alarm right now. The people (TV “News” watchers ) who are still unaware of the evil and danger that has infiltrated every level of our US Government and every aspect of public life worldwide can learn what’s being done in plain site, what’s being done to them (brainwashing), and to try to wake up all of us in the world right now.

CENTRAL BANKER’S ISLAND ~ Why would the CB’s want to kill 8 billion innocent people, you ask? When you consider the discovery of Jeffrey Epstein and Epstein’s Pedophile Island, then suddenly it makes sense why the CB’s want to kill most of us. Epstein was the tip of the

iceberg, simply a Pawn for the CB’s. The Bankers are also responsible for the millions of child abductions that we hear about, used to see on our milk cartons, who Mel Gibson told us about in the 1980’s, like the children being abducted and sent across the US/Mexico border for decades to be sold in the global Child Sex Slave trade, and about whom movies are being made today, like SOUND OF FREEDOM.

THAT is why they want “Depopulation”, because normal-thinking decent people of Earth will never accept Child Abductions, Pedophilia, child rape and child torture for Adrenochrome, or the Satanic child sacrifices these CB’s have engaged in for centuries. These are not “conspiracy theories”, these are facts which are substantiated by eyewitness accounts and a sea of irrefutable evidence today. The CB UN Agenda 21/2030 Depopulation Plan has nothing to do with “Sustainability”, like they pretend. (Sustainability, by the way, is a joke – these CB’s corporations are the world’s worst polluters, worldwide.) It is all about getting rid of all of us decent people who have good morals who would surely threaten to put a stop to the Child Sex Trafficking, rape and torture if the CB’s were to start operating out in the open… and that’s their goal: To stop having to HIDE to commit these crimes against children, but to do it all openly. And they could do that, if most of us were gone. Now you know.


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