THE MEGALOPOLY ~ That any corporation, such as BlackRock, Vanguard or State Street, are allowed to buy up controlling interest in virtually every major industry on Earth, is, itself, a Crime Against Humanity, in our opinions. But that’s exactly what the Central Bankers have been allowed to do, after infiltrating the US Government at the highest levels, paying for political campaigns to have Pedophiles – that they can control/blackmail – elected to Congress and infiltrating most US Government agencies at the top. Its is WRONG, what they’ve done, what they’re DOING and it’s wrong that it’s happening here in the United States of America.

But here we are, with a handful of Billionaires owning virtually everything, capable – mark my words – of destroying the entire global economy by shutting down THEIR corporations… like Bed Bath & Beyond, Bud Light, Target, all committing corporate suicide. Or are they? The owners are pretending WE are killing their businesses, using Woke ideology to get us to stop doing business with them, so they can blame US that their companies folded. But that’s not true. The Central Bankers are systematically shutting down their own companies in order to create “The Second Great Depression”, just like they did in 1929, when they intentionally crashed the Stock Market in order to destroy the finances of Americans, foreclose on their mortgages and farms, and render Americans poor. That’s what they did, and that’s what they’re doing again, right now.

Good will always triumph over evil when good Men do something.

In a nutshell, this is what is actually going on in our world today. The New York Times, LA Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, CNN and other global media corporations and an unthinkable number of nations’ governments, are all owned or controlled by these Central Banker families. These families also own/control Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo – all of the major banks on Earth. These corporations, along with all major oil companies, Big Pharma Pharmaceutical corporations, all major drug store/pharmacies, all corporate Hospitals in the Western World and all major food manufacturing corporations like Safeway, Lucky, Walmart, Raleys – all of the major corporations, including auto makers, appliance manufacturers and, here is the worst one: Insurance Corporations. All of these corporations, have been compromised at the top, with installed CEO’s and Corporate Executives who take their orders from the Bankers, and all are involved in the Central Bankers’ effort to keep us all poor and to take down this nation and all sovereign nations and establish their global dictatorship using Terrorism, propaganda, reduction of food, poisoning the food supply, outrageous taxes, fees, licensing and pricing that no FREE Citizens of any country should be agreeing to pay. The degree of their infiltration into private businesses and government agencies is staggering, because it’s been being implemented over generations by these Central Banker families. We had no idea any of this was going on, but many of us know now.

This effort is designed to keep us all relatively poor, leaving most of us incapable of putting any real savings aside, forcing both parents to work – why again? So that the government-run schools are really raising our children, since easily-manipulated (when you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything) Liberal Teachers spend more time with our children than we do and obediently do what they’re TOLD to do with our children, by this Central Banker Terrorist Group, using Racist CRT, fake history, using anti-American rhetoric and Racism to groom our children to hate their own country and to hate one another. They keep us busy trying to make ends meet so many of us haven’t noticed what these evil people have been up to, all these years. It’s all lies and BS in public schools, but our children don’t know that, and if we aren’t atten, ding local school Board meetings, many of us don’t even realize the evil curriculum and Homosexual/Pedophile grooming that our children are being subjected to by these largely Godless, unprincipled and disturbingly and oftentimes Satan Worshipping Teachers that the Central Bankers have put in charge of our public schools.

TO SUM IT ALL UP ~ If you’re a regular American Nation reader, or you’re just paying attention like we are, you know all this. So let us break it down in clearer and simpler terms, roughly at first, in this article. We’ll be providing a more detailed description soon. In a nutshell:

  • CB’s own/control all of the major food manufacturing corporations (make you sick)
  • CB’s own/control all of the major corporate hospitals (keep you sick)
  • CB’s own/control all of the major Pharmaceutical corporations (make you sicker)
  • CB’s own/control all of the major Insurance corporations (make it hard/expensive to get medical help from THEIR hospitals)
  • CB’s control many of the US Government agencies like the FCC, FDA, FBI, CIA, Public Education system and more
  • CB’s mandate THEIR vaccines to children in Government schools (make children sick)
  • CB’s own/control the major media corporations (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX) (false narratives, propaganda)
  • CB’s own/control all major Hollywood film/television/commercial production companies (false narratives, propaganda)
  • CB’s produced a plan called “UN Agenda 21” which was published in 1992
  • CB’s UN Agenda 21 plan calls for “Depopulation”/Genocide of 8 billion innocent people
  • CB’s UN Agenda 21 plan calls for a “one world government” (a global dictatorship in which THEY are the Dictators)
  • CB’S UN Agenda 21 plan calls for the elimination of all sovereign nations (The USA is a sovereign nation)
  • CB’s UN Agenda 21 plan is being implemented across America right now by your City Council and mine

So if you want to know who your enemies are – and it’s not Republicans or Democrats – look up who the “Western Central Bankers” are. Look up who the “Federal Reserve Bank” was established by and who controls it. Look up the Bank of America CEO, the Wells Fargo CEO and every major bank’s CEO’s and you will see who is waging war against YOU and me, and against all of America.

Next ~ AMERICA LET’S TALK. This is from and we highly recommend you sit down, relax and pay attention as you watch this movie. It’s a movie, but it will educate you greatly:

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