This bulls*** pretending has gotten old – REALLY old. I mean, more than just “old”, it’s gotten outright embarrassing now.

Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s no secret, who the Mastermind of the Democrat Party Treason is. His family has run the Democrat Party for more than 150 years, and still controls every member of Congress who have a “D” by their name, and many of the “R’s”, as well. It’s the same guy whose family has spent generations infiltrating our government, assassinating every President who refused to cowtow to their family, and who many believe have spent centuries developing and releasing diseases on the world, and who started every major war for the past 250 years, who owns the entire global mainstream media and uses their media networks to brainwash and terrorize unsuspecting viewers who tune in to their “programming”.

There have been many books written about this family’s war-mongering conquests, their interference and overthrow of countless governments worldwide, their involvement in too many assassinations to count, murders, Genocide and virtually every criminal enterprise known to Mankind. Books have been written over hundreds of years about this family, so the world KNOWS who this family is, and we KNOW what they’ve done, and we KNOW what they’re doing, even now.

And yet – and here is what really sickens me – Cowardice. No one calls them out on ANYTHING. Of course, the Talking Heads in the media corporations THEY OWN aren’t EVER going to call them out. They would be fired or assassinated immediately, or worse.

But why don’t the Conservative independent news corporations ever call them out – EVER?! No one in the media at large in America even says their name! EVER. This family owns the largest Monopoly of corporations who provide needed goods and services to the First World nations, and even the Conservative independent news corporations are afraid to call them out?!

Do you understand what must be going on here? This family has infiltrated and compromised the entire US Government and many state governments, has committed election fraud in national and state elections for decades, including the most recent US Presidential elections in 2016 & 2020. Clearly, every member of the Democrat Party is on their payroll, and many of the Republicans as well. There is a pattern to how Congress does their corrupt business that provides proof that all of Congress is working for, is under the spell of, or is simply working under duress, for this family. The FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, FDA, FCC, the Department of Education are clearly and completely compromised, and many long-time observers are certain this same family is responsible for ALL of this compromise and corruption.

Still, much like the Emperor’s New Clothes fable, everyone pretends ‘they aren’t sure’ who is controlling the Democrat and Republican Parties, and the entire U.S. Government right now.

Wait-wHaT?! We are definitely sure we know who is behind virtually all of the corruption in the entire world for centuries, and yet, no one has the courage to even say their name?!

Are we not Americans? God-fearing, brave and heroic Americans, at that?! Are we not? Then either (a) these are nothing but Cowards running these independent news media companies or (b) these supposedly independent “news sources” are working for the Central Banker Terrorist Cartel too, or else (c) every independent media company fears for their lives, and doesn’t want to be the next Andrew Breitbart, JFK or MLK.

Our Founders made sure that we have the First and Second Amendment so that we Americans never have to put up with being assaulted or bullied or terrorized or TYRANNIZED, so that we the people can speak freely about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, all of the time. So what’s the problem here, in December 2023, with Americans and especially, why isn’t the media or independent news REPORTING on this family – EVER?!

Does anyone from Conservative “news” companies have the courage to answer that question? Anyone?

We, at American Nation, are completely ashamed of American Journalists now, who all appear to be weak-knee Cowards, each and every one, or else they work for the Central Banker Terrorists too.

Only one man that we are aware of, besides President Donald Trump, has the courage to stand up to this Terrorist family: Argentina’s new President Milei. See more by clicking here:

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