In this article, when we say the words “Central Bankers”, we’re not just referring to the Rothschild family. We’re also referring to the Rockefeller family, the Dupont family, the Committee of 300, the entire World Economic Forum (WEF), the Western Central Banker System, the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Family, the Democrat Party, Jeffrey Epstein, the Obamas, the Clintons, Bill Gates, George Soros, Justin Treudeau, Gavin NWOsom and all of their evil, godless associates, secret groups, not-secret groups and partners in Crimes Against Humanity. We are referring to all of the wealthy families who have been involved in the global effort to depopulate the Human population, take over or remove sovereign nation status of every nation on Earth, and create a global dictatorship (“One World Governemt” found described in the United Nations (Central Bankers creation) publications called “Agenda 21” and “Agenda 30”.

Because it appears that Jacob Rothschild may be the current policy maker, The Director, the Tip of the Spear, their leader, the Shot Caller in charge of orchestrating the complete demolition and destruction of the entire world economy right now, AN staff believe that ALL of the others simply do what Rothschild tells them to do. So when we use the word “Central Bankers”, we mean the entire Central Banker Terrorist Cartel (CBTC). 

THE WORLD ISN’T CRAZY ~ Many people think “The world has gone crazy”, but it’s simply not true. All of the “crazy” we all see unfolding every day is not “crazy” at all. What it actually is, is cold, calculated, delegated, intentional and planned, and directed by the Central Bankers/Federal Reserve Bank and their US Government-infiltrated agency heads. It’s not “crazy”; it is Terrorism on a scale that Americans did not realize exists in this world, and were completely unaware that it exists in our own country.

But this radical level of extreme terrorism does, in fact, exist, and it’s been going on in the name of this country officially since 1913. “The United States of America”, which today is under control of the Rothschild-Democrat Party, has been terrorizing America since before 1865 (Lincoln assassination) and the entire world, since the Central Bank took control over the US Treasury in 1913.

All of the US military involvement in the Middle East, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. have actually been the Central Bankers using their their Military Industrial Complex and TAXPAYER DOLLARS to overthrow governments who refuse to bend a knee to the Central Bankers, who then, in response, overthrow these governments and put their own CBTC Puppets into leadership positions there.

The reason the Muslim nations hate America today, and refer to the USA as “The Great Satan“ has nothing to do with American Citizens, and little to do with the fact that most Americans are Christian. It’s really about the Central Banker Terrorists, and the way the RTs have overthrown the governments of Middle Eastern nations.

So Hamas, Isis and other “Terrorist groups are really not “Terrorists” at all. They are the deposed Nationalists who want their own leaders and governments back. Just as the CBTC Propaganda Media refers to American Patriots as “Terrorists”, it’s because the Central Banker Terrorists have made American Patriots their enemy, and American Patriots want our government back. 

DPINO – DEMOCRAT PARTY IN NAME ONLY ~ Because the Cartel has quietly and secretly run the Democrat Party for more than 150 years, responsible for the Civil War, in fact, the “Democrat Party” that Americans have believed they were part of has been nothing but a fake political party, a cover for the Central Banker Terrorist Cartel. The Cartel has also infiltrated the Republican Party, using candidates who have engaged in crimes, such as Pedophilia, as their candidates, because they can control people who have something to hide. Using the Mainstream Media that THEY OWN, they have used propaganda and presented fake news stories and false narratives for decades, deceiving the unsuspecting American people, who have had no idea that the entire narrative about “two parties” was a lie, that “lone gunmen” didn’t really assassinate our Presidents, and that ‘America must intervene’ in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan was really just the CBTC, using the US Military to overthrow the governments of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Everything the media has said and done over the past 100+ years has been A LIE. 

Every member of Congress knows all of this. Many American people are now aware that many members of Congress in both parties are Criminals and Pedophiles that the Cartel has put in place, who do everything they are told, for money and for fear of being exposed as who they are. Congressmen & women are all aware of how compromised our government is today, but they get paid handsomely for keeping these secrets from the American people, and they all know that they risk their very lives, and their families lives, if they ever speak out publicly about this Cartel.

WTF AMERICAN NATION? ~ So why is American Nation sharing all of this information with you? Our reason is simple: When none of us knew any of this was going on, our nation was forced to participate in WWI and WWII in the Rothschild Cartel’s effort to take over the world. We sent our brave sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters to fight the wars that the Central Banker Terrorist Cartel have always started. We thought that America was always on the right side of Justice, but that’s because ongoing, sophisticated psychological Propaganda made us think that was true. We were taught that in government-run public schools (compromised by the CBTC). Even WWII, with Adolph Hitler rampaging through Europe, it was really the Central Bankers who funded Hitler’s effort and his NAZI army. The Central Bankers have started every major war in modern history, including the Ukraine War and the wars in the Middle East.

On November 8th, 2016, the American people elected Donald Trump as our President. And four years later on 11/3/2020, the Central Banker Terrorist Cartel committed mass election fraud to overthrow the US Government and the duly-elected President of the United States, President Donald Trump. So here we are, 3 years later, with the Central Bankers doing all in their power to destroy the United States of America. After creating a propaganda terrorism campaign called “Covid-19”, the CBTC released a bioweapon on the people, designed to violate and corrupt the injected patient’s immune system, in order to intentionally cause Myocarditis, serious neurological problems, Cancer and other major medical maladies. 

The CBTC continues to destroy our economy, first shutting down all small businesses in 2020 as part of the faked flu “Plannedemic”, and currently shutting down their own corporations in order to make it appear that “the economy is collapsing”, when, in reality, the CBTC is INTENTIONALLY collapsing the US economy, using their massive Monopoly on corporations which provide needed goods and services to First World nations. The effort is intentional. The destruction of our economy is well underway now. The consensus is that they are driving America into a Second Great Depression, thinking that Americans will be so devastated that we will become willing to accept the Central Banker Terrorists financial help, not realizing that the Central Bankers CAUSED this financial collapse.

But many Americans see who is responsible for our economies collapse, and we see that the Mainstream Media is just the Propaganda Arm of the Central Banker Terrorist Cartel. Very few Americans believe there is an actual “Climate Change” emergency and Americans have stopped buy electric vehicles, which has been part of the CBTC “New Green Deal”, a complete hoax which pretends the world needs to aim for “Zero emissions”. We see the CBTC for who they are now, and we are about to clear out the CBTC Infiltrators throughout the US Government. 

They will wage war against us, certainly nuking major metropolitan areas like New York, LA, etc., in order to make us believe “we are under attack”. But Americans are already aware that this WWIII is coming, and we know who is behind it. 

Our economy will be devastated. That’s the price We the People must pay for (a) not holding our nation’s politicians in Congress, Governors, state legislatures and local politics (County Supervisors, Mayors & City Councils) accountable at all times and (b) for not paying attention and for allowing this giant Monopoly in the first place. We had laws against Monopolies; Congress changed those laws. Our bad, for not holding Congress accountable AT ALL TIMES for the past 50 years. So our economy will be crushed completely, we believe, and they will bring WWIII to our country, using the millions of Muslim Terrorists who have been brought across our Southern border for the past 75 years. Their plan has been ongoing for generations, but we had no idea such an effort was being made to take down the United States of America.

We know now. We know who, too. We the People will win this war, no matter how badly they attack our cities and attack from within our communities. Americans are armed to the teeth with over 350 million guns in the hands of 100 million Patriots, and we will not lose this war, or our government. When the Nuclear dust settles, Americans will have regained control of these United States and all Traitors will be hung, nationwide. 

Pray up. Arm up. Be prepared, my fellow Americans. We can do this. The best is yet to come. 

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