The Rothschild-Democrat Party has just one viable, remotely-possible electable candidate. No, not Harris. Not Transvestite Michael “Michelle” Obama. Not Hillary “Clintoncide” Clinton. None of the Rothschild-Democrat Party members of  Congress is viable or electable. There’s only ONE man who is potentially electable, and the Rothschilds won’t support him, and with good, and obvious, reason: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

From a family of true American Patriots, RFK Jr.’s family heritage includes American hero father Robert F. Kennedy, as well as his American hero Uncle, John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, assassinated in 1963 after voicing opposition to the Federal Reserve Bank which the Central Bankers own. RFK Jr. comes from some great family stock.

RFK Jr. (RFKJ) is the only viable, potentially-electable candidate that the Rothschild-Democrat Party has now, but the Criminal Democrat/Republican UniParty cannot afford to make him their candidate. One, because even RFKJ could never beat Trump. But more importantly, IF RFKJ might win the R-DP nomination, the Rothschilds simply cannot risk allowing RFKJ to get into the White House to see the classified documents around his Uncle JFK’s assassination.

So the Rothschild-Democrat Party CANNOT support the ONLY potentially-viable Rothschild-Democrat Party candidate, Robert F Kennedy Jr. And they won’t. These arrogant Narcissists would rather look like the Fools that they are, proving to all Americans that their Rothschild-Democrat Party is truly the party of Losers that we all see that they are, rather than risk being exposed for crimes they committed 60 years ago. And why is that, you might wonder?

Because this Central Banker Terrorist group has been running the Democrat Party, behind the scenes, under cover, in secret, using their Mainstream Media propaganda to cover for them, for more than 100 years, the Central Bankers (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DuPonts, et al) don’t want us to know that they have been calling the shots, arranging the assassinations, faking the elections for so long. Well, too late. We already know it.

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