We the People have been lied to for so long, about so much, that it is truly mind boggling – almost unbelievable – to discover what the “Powers That Be” (AKA the Central Banker Terrorist Cartel) have lied to us about, and to what extent they’ve gone to in order to perpetuate their lies, not for years or decades, oh no… These Liars have been lying to the world for centuries, about some important and relevant things.

The magnitude of the lying is beyond comprehension, and yet, there it is. People of the world have awakened to discover that virtually everything we’ve been taught since birth, everything we collectively believe, in fact, has been a lie.

I think it started with the JFK assassination. We all knew the CIA assassinated President John F Kennedy and we could all see the clumsy cover-up when Jack Ruby rushed in and shot the purported “assassin”. We could see that this was a cover-up.

That got us to pay attention. Not close attention, for many of us, but it woke us up to some degree, and many Americans, since then, have not only paid close attention, but many of us have researched news sources worldwide, rather than relying on the Mainstream Media who clearly tried to cover-up the truth about the JFK assassination. 

As disturbing as it’s been, to realize that even much of ancient history has been bulls*** and lies, fabrications and propaganda, many people would rather know the Truth than continue to believe lies. And that’s where we are today.

White people don’t hate black people. This is America – the “Melting Pot of the World”. The racist propaganda is just that: Central Banker-generated propaganda, designed to make black people hate white people – to divide the American people.

The “Climate Change Emergency” is hoax; it’s simply not true, any of it. The biggest polluters on Earth are trying to convince you and I that WE are “the biggest polluters on Earth”, and it’s a lie. The Central Bankers, who own virtually every major polluting corporation on Earth, who have moved their facilities to China and Indonesia, where there are no laws against pollution, are the world’s worst polluters, dumping plastic into the oceans and polluting our air and soil every day, worldwide.

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The “Covid-19 virus” has never been isolated, so that means it doesn’t exist. Yes, the FLU exists, and they have most certainly exposed us to modified strains of the Flu, but Covid-19 was a propaganda terrorism campaign, designed to scare people into taking the Immune System destroying “mRNA” injections, and it worked on my people, but it was a HOAX. The “Cov-2 virus” doesn’t exist. Look at the Flu death numbers from 2016-2022 and you’ll see the only change in numbers was that “Flu” numbers were changed to read as “Covid-19” numbers. The same amount of people died in 2020 and 2021 “from Covid” as died in previous years from the Flu. That’s because there was no increase in deaths during COVID. The same people died: People with compromised immune systems, the obese and the elderly, the same people who die from the Flu EVERY year. The Central Banker Media just used their television “News” programs to terrorize viewers into believing there was some scary new “Virus”, so that people would accept the Death Jab. It wasn’t “Covid-19”, it was just the Flu again, like it is every year. 

Fortunately, average people are waking up to the GIANT PROPAGANDA HOAX called “The Mainstream Media” now. They aren’t watching ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or FOX like they used to. People don’t trust the MSM anymore, and rightly so. The mask is off, the Truth is there for all to see now, and the Central Banker Terrorist Cartel is losing it’s centuries-long grip on people. 

Thank God.

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