The "Killing Fields" moved indoors during the Covid-19 Fraud.

The title of this article is not an exaggeration. It is spot on, 100% accurate, and it is criminal that these murderers are allowed to continue injecting unsuspecting people with the mRNA bioweapon. Kaiser Permanente, Safeway Supermarkets and CVS Pharmacy are promoting these Death Jabs on television, inviting and encouraging the unsuspecting and uninformed to take the Death Jab. Walk into a Kaiser or Safeway or CVS and you’ll see promos everywhere, inviting you to compromise your Immune System and risk heart attacks and strokes, adding your name to the “died suddenly” list, neurological problems and more life-threatening injuries, all well-documented by the CDC now.

In my observation, in 2020 alone, doctors and nurses throughout the corporate hospital system sold us all out, as they chose to be complicit in countless murders using the Big Pharma mRNA bioweapon. It wasn’t “Covid-19” killing anyone; Covid-19 is just “the flu”. It is the mRNA injections, the Respirators, the Remdesivir medication that Doctors used on their flu patients that killed them.

Corporate Doctors all knew that mRNA injections would cause health problems. Corporate Doctors and Nurses all knew it wasn’t safe. They do their homework. It’s their JOB to know. They knew that the mRNA application was intended to be used for people with failed immune systems, not people with flu. Every doctor knew that.

They knew, when the “died suddenly” began, these Corporate Doctors and Nurses all knew these deaths were caused by the mRNA injections. They all knew, and they all kept quiet, and continue to this day to promote the Death Jabs, and encourage their patients to get the Death Jabs. When “The Purge” happens, because it’s coming, we must include every Corporate Doctor and Nurse who are still employed. They must be banned from ever working in Healthcare again. 

They also knew, all along, as every doctor throughout history has said to his or her patients, that “Vaccines, don’t work on viruses. You just have to let it run its course.“ And they knew Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine WORK to cure CORONAVIRUSES (and works TO CURE CANCER), because it’s their JOBS to know, yet they continually injected people and pushed people to get that Death Jab injection, just to keep their freaking jobs.

And they are still DOING IT. Central Banker-controlled corporate hospitals and Pharmacies across America are still pushing the Death Jab on fearful, unsuspecting people. What say you, my fellow Americans? Is it time for us to gather together and swarm the Hive of Insurrectionists yet? Are we ready to dig out the Central Banker/UN Flunkies who have been installed into every level of our government yet? Federal, state and local governments are ALL implementing UN Agenda 21/30, which is HOSTILE to, and calls for the END of, ALL sovereign nations, including ours. And your City Council and mine, your county Supervisors and mine, your state government and mine are ALL implementing A21/30, which is systematically destroying our communities, our states and our nation.

If you haven’t read UN Agenda21, you need to. It’s being implemented nationwide in America and it calls for Genocide against 8 billion innocent people, the end of Sovereign nations, and the implementation of a global dictatorship. They aren’t hiding it, but many of you are too brainwashed to GO READ IT FOR YOURSELF, so you can KNOW what this war is about and so you can REALIZE who your City Council members and county Supervisors really ARE and, more importantly, what they are involved in right now

Again, is it time for all good Americans to collectively swarm the Hive of the Central Banker Insurrectionists yet? Asking for 330 million friends.


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