AI and Robotics seem like such a modern, natural technological transition. We’ve all been reading about “the future” our entire lives, excited about the prospects of such modern, advanced technologies.

Many of us, however, who have been paying close attention to world and corporate developments, and who have read UN Agenda 21/30, are aware of the bigger, darker picture here, called “Reality”, and we know that those who are developing Robotics and AI clearly intend to use them to replace Human workers and put real people out of work, like they’re already doing today. Then, of course, the Central Bankers will implement the A21 goal of “Depopulation”, which is really the Genocide of 8 billion innocent people. 

Those technologies could be used for amazing good, but because they’ve been bought up by the Rothschild/Rockefeller Cartel Monopoly, they’re being designed to use for depopulation and for the destruction of the world economy. These technologies are already being used for deception and fraud, already putting many Actors out of business in TV commercials, and I am watching closely, taking note, like many people who have paid attention for the past 30 years. I’m one of “those people”. We all are “those people”, here at American Nation.

Anything the Rothschild/Rockefeller Cartel has a monopoly on, I refuse to support it. Period. I think we should all abandon every globalist corporation immediately, for the good of Mankind. “It’s not going to happen” isn’t a justifiable excuse for supporting people who are openly planning to commit Genocide against YOU and your family, and 8 billion other people, including you and me, who have/are poisoning millions of innocent people worldwide with ModRNA injections and countless harmful pharmaceutical medications and Vaccines (hence the rampant cases of mental illness, Autism and Special Needs children), pushing the fake, fraudulent scam called “Climate Change” to terrorize unsuspecting people, who are poisoning our food for decades (hence rampant Cancer, Parkinson’s, etc.), own all of the global media corporations and use them to terrorize and manipulate unsuspecting viewers and who have bought up and compromised every major medical corporation on Earth, and that’s just the short list.

There IS NO excuse for supporting the worst Terrorists on Earth, and sadly, that is who has bought up and control every major company who develops AI and Robotics today.

Cold. Hard. Facts, my friends. Nothing but the facts.

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