OPENING THE EYES OF THE PEOPLE ~ When we learned that the Western Central Bank (WCB) Criminal Syndicate has been running the US government via the Democrat & Republican Parties, for the most part, for more than 150 years, then many of us begin to conclude things like this:

Historical evidence strongly suggests that the WCB Criminal Syndicate:

  • Assassinated President Garfield
  • Assassinated President Lincoln
  • Assassinated President Kennedy
  • Shot President Reagan because those presidents recognized that the Federal Reserve Bank, a.k.a. The private Western Central Bank, had no business managing America’s money and all had declared that they would end that Central Bank association with the US Treasury.
  • Likely assassinated
  • Assassinated JFK Jr., Princess Diana (an “embarrassment” to the Queen, who allowed the Western Central Bank to locate the heart of it’s corporation in London), Seth Rich and every other person who challenged or testified against the WCB Criminal Syndicate

Because the Western Central Bankers, aka “The Federal Reserve Bank”, have controlled America’s money, interest rates worldwide and in America, they appear to have manipulated interest rates since 1913, when they took over as America’s money manager and created (the third U.S.) “Federal Reserve Bank”, their goals appear to be that they set out to:

  • Keep Americans poor
  • Take our tax dollars illegally using the IRS (which they created , which is unconstitutional)
  • Were responsible for the Great Depression, when they manipulated interest rates and the Stock Market in order to take millions of Americans’ homes, bank accounts, retirement accounts and savings, and have been responsible for every economic crash since the Depression.

Because the WCB Criminal Syndicate are also the controlling investors of the entire industrial military complex, history suggests that they (Deep State Infiltrators & Democrat-Republican Party, which is part of the Western Central Banker Criminal Syndicate) have been responsible for:

  • Starting every major war since before the Civil War, including our Civil War.
  • This WCB Criminal Syndicate, known in the USA at the time as “the Democrat Party”, started the Civil War in their effort to keep Black people slaves.
  • The WCB Criminal Syndicate, posing as “the US Government”, appears to have started the Vietnam war and the Korean war in their effort to install DS (aka US) military bases along the Chinese border, like they’ve done with Ukraine on the Russian border.
  • The WCB Criminal Syndicate appears to have started World War l and World War ll in their effort to take over the world, as laid out publicly in 1992 in the United Nations publication called “United Nations Agenda 21“, which maps out plans and goals of a “one world government“, which, of course, would be a worldwide dictatorship. Savvy DS Researchers commonly believe that the WCB Criminal Syndicate financed Adolph Hitler’s attempt to take over/rule the world during WWII.
  • The WCB Criminal Syndicate, which owns all of Big Pharma, is believed to have been poisoning Americans for more than 100 years, creating illnesses, releasing them on the public and then selling us their ‘cures’ in the form of “vaccines”, purportedly to ‘save us’. The Spanish Flu, which wasn’t a flu, was Radiation Poisoning, like 5G, appears to be the Western Central Banker’s work, as well as Small Pox epidemics, HIV, AIDS, the Bird Flu, COVID-19 and many, many more diseases.
  • Because the Deep State owns the Legacy Media in America (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc., and all affiliates), as well as the entire mainstream global media, and are now partnering with Fox News and all of the aforementioned news corporations affiliates, they have used the Mainstream Media for propaganda and TV terrorism, to keep the American people afraid and in fear. That’s why newspapers and “the news“ has always been “the bad news“: It is designed to keep you in fear. That is the Central Banker Criminal Syndicate’s goal, to keep you in fear, because they know you are much easier to control when you’re in fear.

THE CRIMINAL SYNDICATE PROPAGANDA MEDIA ARE COMPLICIT~ The WCB Propaganda Media lied when the WCB Criminal Syndicate assassinated Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Junior and Malcolm X (and shot President Reagan, a failed assassination attempt), using the media to convince you that it was some “lone gunman“ every time. It was never “a lone gunman”, ever. Evidence suggests that it was always the work of the wealthy families who make up the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group and other globalist entities/agencies like the WHO, the UN, etc., protecting their interests which they considered threatened by JFK, RFK, MLK, President Reagan, Malcolm X and many others.

THE CHILD ABDUCTION/SEX TRAFFICKING/CHILD TORTURE/SACRIFICES/MURDERS ~ We haven’t gone into the Child Sex Trafficking ring (Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, and is not dead) that the WCB Criminal Syndicate controls, but this criminal activity has been going on for more than a century worldwide and is at the very root of why these people want to depopulate the Human Beings by 8 billion people. These sick individuals want to rewrite the world’s moral and ethical standards in order to include decriminalizing/legalizing child abduction/slavery, child torture (to harvest Adrenochrome), child murder, enslavement of all Human Beings on Earth without being challenged, arrested or prosecuted for these ongoing crimes.

There is so much more to “The Conspiracy” than we have room to include in this article, but we felt led to address some of the common conclusions that thinking people embrace regarding WCB Criminal Syndicate crimes. The decimation of thousands of small businesses nationwide in 2020/2021 were intentional, for example, and the endless propaganda, anti-American propaganda, pushing of the lifestyles of but 1% of Americans (Queers), the violence in movies, the media fixation  on the importance of Self-obsession and the elimination of virtually any mention of God, except for the “God d… it” which occurs in almost every Hollywoke movie since the 1980’s, those are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to the degree of conspiring against the American people that the WCB Criminal Syndicate has engaged in over the past 100+ years. Those who cannot see The Conspiracy are truly brainwashed NOT to see it. It’s that simple.

“THE WORLD” IS NOT F***ED UP” ~ When you realize that everything horrendous that is going on in this country and in the world then conclude that it is all the work of the Western Central Bankers and their globalist co-conspirators, then suddenly it all makes sense.… And “the world” is not fu**ed up, like many people think. The private Western Central Bankers and their Deep State Criminal Syndicate associates are fu**ed up. “The world” is simply being terrorized daily by the worst Global Terrorists in history. Bring the Western Central Bank/WEF/Bilderberg Group members to justice through a Military Tribunal and suddenly the world will become a wonderful place to live, as God intended, and unlike no other time in modern Human history. 🇺🇸


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