The 3 Percent

Just 3% of American Men fought the Revolutionary War to establish freedom in America in 1776. The rest were too afraid to fight. It appears that nothing’s changed today, in that regard.

We are today’s 3% – The 3 Percent – who have the courage to stand up for our rights and throw off this Tyrannical Insurrectionist government which has infiltrated our entire government.

We’ve waited for the DOJ to do their job. The DOJ failed.

We waited for President Trump and the Patriot world leaders to save us, to investigate and to try (as in “Trials”) and to prosecute these Globalist Central Banker Insurrectionist Criminal Syndicate for stealing the 2020 Presidential election and overthrowing the US government. So far, we see tha nothing has been done. The Criminals still run OUR government, are still committing crimes against America and Humanity, still control the Propaganda Legacy Media and use it every day to fear-monger and terrorize you. We see no end in sight.

I, for one, refuse to leave these Communists in control of our great nation – OUR great nation, not theirs – so my children and Grandchildren will have to deal with it. I’m not going to do that to them. We allowed this Criminal Syndicate to take control over a span of generations and we owe it to our posterity to take it back, to leave this great nation to children.

Many of us, as we listen to the stories about how Trump and the world leader Patriots are controlling this Sh**show, have begun to wonder if perhaps it’s all just part of the narrative designed to keep We the People standing down.

For example: We don’t see any arrests despite an avalanche of irrefutable evidence which proves the GCBI Criminal Syndicate committed election fraud and an Insurrection on 11/3/2020 to overthrow the legitimate US government. Why not?

We don’t see any arrests as the result of the Durham Investigation, into the illegitimate FISA Warrants and spying on President Trump, despite mountains of irrefutable evidence and witness testimony. Why not?

We don’t see any arrests as the result of the Hunter/Joe Biden Investigation for Treasonous Acts with a foreign enemy against the United States of America, despite irrefutable documentation and an eyewitness testimony. Why not?

We don’t see any of the Democrat Party Traitors being arrested for any of the Treasonous crimes they’ve committed against We the People, crimes that have gone on for decades. Why not?

And the Treasonous crimes the Rothschild Central Banker/Democrat Party Criminal Syndicate have committed, including both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party, don’t appear to have been against Trump. Yes, they spied on Trump. They falsely and fraudulently accused him of crimes they claimed were worthy of Impeachment – twice. They invaded Trump’s home – no consequences. No, the crimes they’ve committed against Trump have little to do with President Trump. Their crimes are really against We the People.

At some point, just as they did in 1776, The 3 Percent will have to stand up, step up and take steps to make our country free and whole again. We suspect we are nearing that precipice.

May God be with us to strengthen us, to guide us, to protect us and to render our collective efforts victorious over the Evil that has infiltrated our government, to the point that to NOT respond will surely mean the end of the United States of America and the end of Freedom and Liberty on Earth.

We pray these things in courage and in faith, in gratitude and Love and in Jesus’ mighty and powerful name. Amen.