The Western Central Banker Criminal Syndicate (WCBCS)/World Economic Forum (WEF) want to rule the world. They’ve published their intentions and their plan in a document entitled “UN Agenda21 (click to read)” in 1992, which calls for an end to all Sovereign nations, the population reduction to no more than 245 million people and the creation of a “one world government”, which, as Ray Charles could see, means ‘a global dictatorship’, no doubt run by them. It is the most bold and dangerous proclamation in Human history. In their defense, at least the WCB Criminal Syndicate isn’t trying to hide their plans, although you will never, ever see their Fake News Media report on these evil, Genocidal plans. 

  • The WCB Criminal Syndicate runs the entire global mainstream media, all major banks, food manufacturing and, more importantly, in the United States, they control both the Democrat and Republican Parties.
  • WCB Criminal Syndicate funded both sides during WWI & WWII.
  • WCB Criminal Syndicate are believed to be responsible for every evil event in the past 150 years. Historical evidence suggests that every American assassination, every US war, every epidemic and disease are caused by and exacerbated by the wealthy families of the WCB Criminal Syndicate.
  • The WCB Criminal Syndicate have a monopoly on virtually every industry that provides needed services for the first world.

Question: Why has Congress allowed the WCB Criminal Syndicate to continue to do business in the USA, with such a complete monopoly on virtually all manufacturing, goods and services? Oh, that’s right – see the first bullet point (above).

Answer: The answer is believed to be because every member of Congress knows that if they vote against what the Central Bankers/WEC dictate, they or their family members will likely die. Every member of the US Congress takes an oath and is supposed to protect and defend the US Constitution, which means protect and defend all American citizens rights, but Congress is clearly no longer doing its job and Congress no longer represents We the People. The US Congress needs to be removed and replaced with members who honor their Oath of Office and truly represent We the People.

We the people are Congress’s boss. They don’t dictate to us; we dictate to them. It’s time to remove every coward in Congress who are all leeching off of We the People, committing crimes and stealing our money and failing to do their job to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, despite taking an oath and swearing on the Bible to do so.

The US Declaration of Independence warns us to remove “a tyrannical government”. Well, we’re there now. We have a tyrannical government who has turned on We the People and are poisoning us with chemicals, with mRNA injections and using the US media as a weapon to propagandize and terrorize viewers.

It’s time to “throw off a tyrannical government”. Are you ready for this? We are. 

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