Click image to go to Remember this: Absolutely everything that Fake News (i.e. PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all of their affilitates) says, the opposite is true. Nazis OWN all of the Fake News stations. The wealthy creators of the Nazi Party have run the Democrat Party for over 150 years. Nothing that Fake News says is true; it’s all propaganda. All of it.



When Putin discovered all of the neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian military, that confirmed for me that the Western Central Banker Criminal Syndicate are all Nazis who managed to avoid/survive the original Nuremberg trials. That said, because the entire Democrat Party votes in unison on every Democrat-proposed bill, we know that the Democrats are getting their directions from someone besides party leaders. We know that. We know Biden is told what to say and do. We know the effort to destroy America, to destroy everything American, like our history, our heritage, the American Family, our small businesses, our safety, our confidence and much, much more – the list is long – is not coming from duly elected Representatives of We the People, but from the WEF/Nazi Globalists. No, this isn’t an effort that any American would make, unless they were being PAID handsomely for betraying their own nation or were coerced/threatened/blackmailed to betray their nation.

We, at American Nation, have determined that Democrats actually work for Nazi Globalists, not for We the People. That much has become crystal clear now. I believe that means we also now have taxation without representation, which would mean we’re under no obligation to pay taxes to these Invaders, these Insurrectionist Western Central Banker Nazi Terrorists and that our entire Congress is compromised and engaged in Treasonous activity against the United States of America.

It blows my mind that so few people know who Klaus Schwab is (former Nazi, like George Soros), or know who the World Economic Forum really is. So many people have been baffled by Mainstream Media BS that they sit ignorant in their homes, like Bots, still believing the fake crap that the legacy media pumps into their homes through their TVs. It’s not just sad, it’s a tragedy that some Americans are as ignorant as they are today. 

AND ANOTHER THING: America doesn’t take orders from ANY global agency or corporation. Not the UN, not the WHO, or the WEF. We are an INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN NATION, a Constitutional Republic, of the people, by the people and for the AMERICAN people.

Arrest the Democrats for trying to let the Nazi UN/WEF/WHO and the Western Central Banker Criminal Syndicate Nazis dictate/tell us what to do. It’s Treasonous, and it’s only because our ENTIRE CONGRESS works for these Nazis that the RATS are able to do that. We need to BAN the Democrat Party. They are the ROOT of ALL of our country’s problems for more than 150 years.

Oh, and we need to ban/abandon the Republican Party, as well, for being complicit in this effort to commit Genocide against millions of Americans, for not lifting a finger when the Central Banker-run Democrats committed their Insurrection on 11/3/2020, and for continuing to do NOTHING about the ongoing destruction, propaganda and TV terrorism taking place in our country for the past 6 years, or for stopping the Central Banker Terrorists for pillaging trillions of Taxpayer dollars from the US Treasury since 1913. We the People need to stop being “Republicans and Democrats” and go back to just being “Americans” again, and We the People need to purge OUR COUNTRY of these Nazis, Traitors and Criminals. 🇺🇸

Those who have been watching Congress closely all draw similar conclusions: 1. Congress hasn’t represented the People for decades. 2. The Central Banker/Federal Reserve Bank and the WEF Criminal Syndicate have mismanaged the US Treasury since they took it over in 1913. US Taxpayers have been robbed, to the tune of trillions of dollars, since 1913. 1913 is the year that taxes started being demanded in the United States of America. 3. The Republicans pretend to defend our Constitutional rights, yet nothing has actually been done to protect our 1st or 2nd Amendment rights from the Criminal Syndicate Infiltrator Aggressors (primarily the Democrat Party), so we’ve concluded there is only one UNIparty now, pretending to be two parties.

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