When we (Americans) suddenly realize: 

  • The “Conspiracy Theorists” are not ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ like the NWO Propaganda Media has taught viewers to believe, and the so-called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ (Trump & the Patriots) have been right about everything, all along the way.
  • The Western Central Banker Criminal Syndicate are actually Nazis who avoided prosecution during the original Nuremberg Trials of 1945-46
  • These Nazi’s have been controlling the US government for more than 100 years (since the Infiltration of 1913)
  • Cheating at state and federal/national elections the entire time
  • Assassinating any President who refused to comply with their directives (Garfield, Lincoln, JFK, Reagan (shot, but survived) and assassinated every person who the Nazis perceived as a threat (RFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, JFK Jr., Princess Diana, thousands of employees/ex-employees of the US Government 
  • Controlling prices all along by controlling interest rates
  • Stealing everything we owned in what THEIR MEDIA called “The Great Depression” and now stealing our Taxpayer dollars OPENLY while pretending to give it to other nations (nations which they have infiltrated and which THEY control, btw)
  • Intentionally keeping the rest of us relatively POOR by manipulating interest rates and the Stock Market and raising prices on everything since 1913
  • Making billions of people sick with the diseases THEY CREATED and making us MORE SICK with the pharmaceuticals/drugs they create
  • Murdering MILLIONS of our sons and daughters for over 150 years (starting with the Civil War) in wars THEY STARTED so that THEY could MAKE MORE MONEY selling BOTH SIDES guns, bombs, planes, tanks and military gunships with absolutely no regard for Human life
  • Using the media THEY OWN to lie to us ALL 24/7, 365 in order to make us believe complete BULLS*** is true (yes, they own the Mainstream/Legacy media worldwide) by creating a totally false Reality which keeps people under the illusion that everything is alright, when in Reality, they are orchestrating a 100 year plan to destroy the United States of America, dissolve every sovereign nation on Earth, depopulate the world to just 245 million people (murder 8 billion innocent people) so they can create a “New Morality” in which every person on Earth are their Slaves, children are used for sex and torture, and there is no one to oppose them or hold them accountable for the deranged “New Morality” they plan to create.

And then you realize THEY’RE STILL DOING ALL OF THAT, EVERY DAY, even TODAY. That’s when it sinks in that it’s time for We the People to put a STOP to these Criminal Insurrectionists who are posing as the US Government, committing crimes in the name of our great nation, pretending to be the duly elected representatives of the American people, these Western Central Banker Criminal Syndicate Insurrectionists and their Democrat Party Flunkies. 

No one is going to do it for us. The government is far too compromised, which is why we see the Democrat Party openly committing felony after felony and never being investigated, tried, convicted or sentenced for the crimes WE ALL SEE, right before our eyes. The FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are completely corrupt now, so don’t wait for THEM to do anything about the Western Central Banker Criminal Syndicate Insurrectionists and their Democrat Party Flunkies, OR the complicit Republican Party who are really just actors, pretending to be a second major political party in America.

NEWS FLASH: There IS no “second major political party in America”, and probably never was. We were TOLD there were two parties. They PRETENDED there were two parties. We REGISTERED as two parties. But it was all A BIG LIE.

By coercion, blackmail or bribe, the entire US Congress is completely compromised now. We the People have NO REPRESENTATION and therefore 

should all stop paying taxes to this corrupt, Insurrectionist, Western Central Banker Criminal Syndicate who are NOT THE LEGITIMATE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. In fact, we see no reason to continue PAYING Congress their salaries when they NO LONGER REPRESENT WE THE PEOPLE. The Declaration of Independence recommends the people “throw off a tyrannical government”, when tyranny is practiced by those who are supposed to be SERVING We the People. We think it’s definitely time to remove all Criminals from Federal and State government positions of authority and throw off this corrupt POS excuse for a (fake) US government.

It’s your call, America. What say you?

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