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For 30 years now, I’ve been told that the information I publish and share with my friends and fellow Americans are a “conspiracy theory”. From the time I first read “UN Agenda 21” in 1992, I began to warn others of the crystal clear announcements by Bilderberg Group leader David Rockefeller of their evil plans to create a “One World Government (dictatorship) in which to rule the world, and to reduce the Earth’s population by more than 7 billion people, and my friends would call it “a conspiracy theory”, because they didn’t read UN Agenda 21 and they didn’t know what I knew (know).

Rockefeller was open and very public about what he referred to as a “New World Order” (NWO) plan to take over the world when he was alive. He bragged about the conquest he and his wealthy friends and business associates, including the Rothschild family and the Queen of England’s Royal family, were on, to create a “One World Government”, all clearly disclosed in the UN publication entitled “Agenda 21”.

Rockefeller wasn’t shy; he openly bragged about this in his autobiography and in numerous public appearances. Rockefeller wanted us to know that he and his friends were going (to try) to take over the world and create a worldwide dictatorship.

Granted, it sounds like an impossible dream, a ludicrous goal by wealthy Madmen and  Lunatics, but sadly, it’s not just the ludicrous ranting of a delusional man, but this really was/is their plan. Two families, primarily – the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers – have used the wealth that their families have amassed over the past few centuries, money their ancestors literally hoarded, to buy up essential businesses and entire industries, worldwide, businesses which sustain the very existence of people in the modern world. Food, pharmaceuticals, communications, transportation, hospitals – if people need it, these two wealthy families are likely to have already bought up the entire industry.

Who puts themselves in such a position, in which they can single-handedly cut off all vital medications to the entire world, cut off emergency services, shut down hospitals and the food supplies, like Stalin did to the Ukraine in 1931-1934? Stalin starved the people of the Soviet Union/Ukraine to death – 5-7 million people – because Stalin decided to force peasants to give up their land and join collective farms, and the people refused… like Democrats are discussing doing, right now.

I’ll tell you who, because it’s no secret: The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers would. The world has written countless books about the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, their involvement with starting wars – the French Revolution and WWI & WWII, for example – and countless books about their Co-Conspirators, like Bill and Melinda Gates, Billionaire George Soros, the Royal Family, CEO’s from many international corporations such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and numerous other globalist corporations and European families – who have been involved in this plan to censor true information and push a bizarre, seemingly unbelievable narrative which is really designed to terrorize Fake News-watching television viewers. Many people believe this group of wealthy Population Reduction advocates are in the process of committing Genocide against nearly 8 billion people via the Covid-19 Terrorism effort they’re making right now.

UN Agenda 21 was published in 1992, for goodness sake, yet almost no one has read it, it seems. It lays out this sinister plan that is unfolding in front of us all right now, albeit couched in the lie of “Sustainability”, as clear as day, yet the Mainstream Media hasn’t reported on it for 30 years and TV Fake News viewers simply refuse to believe it, calling the conspiracy a “conspiracy theory”, like the Rothschilds Mainstream Media talking heads have taught them. Why is that, do you suppose?

I’ll tell you why, because it’s no secret either: The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds own and control virtually, if not literally, every major globalist news organization on Earth (NY Times, LA Times, ABC, CNN, USA Today, and many more). That’s why. Every major newspaper worldwide, every major television network and subsidiaries on Earth all belong to these families who have been working on this plan to create their own world dictatorship for generations – not decades, but for generations.

Infiltrating the US Government at the highest levels has been going on for more than 100 years. While America enjoyed our prosperity and our toys and our freedom, these two families and their Co-Conspirators were busy getting their people elected, coercing American Congressmen and women and CEO’s of major corporations into working for them, taking over, controlling and directing the Boards of all of America’s hospital systems with lucrative payoffs for every one of them. THAT, my fellow Americans, is how you control the narrative in America. Why Congress has allowed these two families to create such huge and vital MONOPOLIES over the major corporations which provide literally all essential goods and services for Americans is NOT a mystery: Congress is completely corrupt and totally COMPROMISED now, Congressmen are working for the NWO Rothschild crime family, NOT for the American people they pretend to represent.

So here we are, 2021, and the biggest, most elaborate conspiracy ever launched against our country is in full swing right now, and these NWO Conspirators have been using your television as a weapon against you and against everyone else who has been foolish enough to continue to tune their television to the NWO Propaganda Media stations – CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN, MSNBC are all Rockefeller/Rothschild-owned stations who pump well-thought-out propaganda, using the most sophisticated psychological warfare, into American homes 24/7.

That’s why we all believed that President Kennedy, his brother Robert, Reverend Martin Luthor King Jr and Malcolm X were all shot by random, independent and/or lone gunmen (not true). Nothing could be further from the truth, but when you control the airwaves, you control the narrative and the National conversation, just as the Rothschilds are doing again right now, despite Covid Terrorism being the biggest hoax ever pulled on the American people, rife with lies and falsified, made-up numbers from the very beginning.

The FCC is oddly silent while this Covid Terrorism is going on, which makes me suspect (come on, Ray Charles could see this) that the FCC is as compromised at the FBI, the CIA and DOJ. That all five broadcasting corporations were allowed to harrass, make false allegations against and slander the President of the United States from 2016 until the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election, while we all watched in amazement, was the most bizarre use of the Mainstream Media in my lifetime, and the FCC has done absolutely nothing to stop it.

There were no investigations of anyone but President Trump and his associates for those 5 years, despite ex-President Obama and Hillary Clinton being caught committing felonies (knowingly/intentionally committing Perjury in Court and spying on another political adversary/Candidate – Trump – with a false dossier and false evidence, which are both Felonies) against the sitting US President.

We all saw it, but the media still haven’t investigated Obama or Clinton or filed charges for the crimes Obama and Clinton committed while they were in office. The media didn’t investigate because Obama and Clinton worked/work for the same people who own the Mainstream Media. To investigate Obama and Clinton would be too close to investigating themselves, since the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s likely (😉) paid Obama and Clinton to do their dirty work and commit their crimes against Americans.

We’ve been taught for years, all of us, that whenever we hear the word “Conspiracy”, our minds always put “theory” after it. We’ve been programmed, through our TV’s, to do that. Many people refuse to believe that a conspiracy as broad and wide as the conspiracy the Rothschilds are committing right now, a conspiracy to take over the entire world by using fear-mongering and germ warfare against the entire Human population of Earth… because many people are Psychotic right now, brainwashed by years of psychological manipulation which has created mass Media-Induced Psychosis (MIP), like these families did to Europe in the 1930’s-1940’s to make people hate Jews (which facilitated the Holocaust, 6 million dead). Same family’s, same propaganda, same results: mass Media-Induced Psychosis.

People are reluctant to talk about it, even those who have researched this as much as I have for the past 30 years, because people who talk about this conspiracy publicly tend to die – sometimes by “suicide” (Clintoncide) and sometimes by “auto accidents” or “plane crashes” – but the message from these NWO Terrorists is clear: “If you talk about us and our NWO Conspiracy, we’ll kill you.”

On the other hand, you have people like myself, and many others who have far greater resources than I, who have made public all of the facts surrounding this Conspiracy. They/we have dug through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents and they/we have presented the evidence we’ve found to anyone and everyone we thought might be interested to know the truth. I’m not talking about a “conspiracy theory” here. There is nothing “theoretical” about this conspiracy. We’re smack-dab in the middle of it, right now, for goodness sake.

The bottom line: Our country is being destroyed right now by people who work for the NWO Cartel and if We the People don’t stop them, the United States of America is going to die. No more freedom. No more ‘Land of Opportunity’. No more “God-given rights”. These ungodly people are intentionally and systematically destroying our great nation from the inside.

The entire Democrat Party appears to be 100% on board with this conspiracy, with every Democrat Party member of Congress voting in unison for laws that are taking our freedom and restricting our rights – 100% of the Democrats are voting in unison 100% of the time right now.  Some of the Republicans have begun voting with the Democrats now, as well. They are destroying our country, right before our eyes… while we sit and watch it on TV.

So as we watch these NWO thugs and Co-Conspirators release violent criminals into our communities and allow violent criminals to burn our cities down without any repercussions, as we watch these people destroy our communities, one by one, and destroy our culture little by little every day for decades now, using Racism and the illusion of class warfare to divide us all up against one another, will We the People ever gather together and rise up to stop the open destruction of our great nation?

Don’t waste your breath telling me you don’t know what to do. Americans know how to defend ourselves. We’ve done it for  more than 250 years! WILL WE defend ourselves!? That is the question. I have many friends who are ready to do just that: Defend themselves, their families and their communities against the ungodly people who have infiltrated even local government in their effort to destroy the United States of America. They are ready, as am I.

Are you ready? Have you even prayerfully considered what you might do, or be willing to do, to protect your freedom and your nation for your children and your grandchildren? Because we need to figure that out, and we need to make some crucial decisions.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of talking about these Traitors and Insurrectionists and Globalist Terrorists and I’m tired of the Mainstream Media’s perpetual and pathological lying to us all. I’m tired of listening to others talk about the outrageousness of it all, as well. I’m done talking. I’m done listening to others talk about all of this Evil in our midst. It’s past time for talking about it. It’s time to DO something about it.

Collectively, we’re getting closer to a plan to restore our government ( has a simple comprehensive plan to get started), our Judicial system, our education system and every aspect of our nation that has been affected, destroyed, corrupted, compromised and/or infiltrated. The world is counting on us, my fellow American Patriots. Freedom is at stake, and not just America’s freedom, but freedom for the entire planet. If we allow these people to destroy the United States of America, no one on Earth will have a place to go where they can live in dignity and freedom. This fight isn’t just for our own country; this fight is for the freedom of every person on Earth.

Are you up for it? I am. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. God’s word is true. Let’s stop talking and start doing. We have a world to save here. Not just for us, but for our children… and for our grandchildren.

Oh, don’t get me started about the children. 8 million children disappear each year, abducted and sold into sex trafficking rings, like the one Jeffrey Epstein ran on “Epstein’s Island”. Guess who is behind the child sex trafficking? And NOW guess why they want to commit Genocide against more than 7 billion of us? They want to rewrite the world’s rules and the laws, and they want to do, out in the open, what they now do to children in secret.

Is it starting to make sense yet? President Trump recovered thousands of those abducted children. Trump was on a mission to put an end to their child sex trafficking. THAT is why they used their entire media for 5 years to bring Trump down. THAT is why they committed the most massive election fraud in our nation’s history. THAT is why they released this Covid Terrorism on us all, in an effort to keep their conspiracy SECRET.

Are you ready now? We have a world to save, all of us. Let’s do it.

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