December 13, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher of ~

If you had diseased Rats living in your house, getting into your food and leaving their poop all over your house, what would you do? Kill them, right? Of course you would. Unless you want to be diseased and live in a Rat-infested home, you would kill every Rat you found living there. Well, we have the equivalent, within our government, and all throughout Congress and state and even local government. It’s called “The Rothschild Crime Family”, and right now, after murdering many of America’s elderly under the guise of ‘providing care’, the Rothschild Cartel appears to have set their sights on your children.

Americans are completely ignorant about a crime syndicate family that has been operating worldwide for literally hundreds of years. Bullying the Royal Family, managing the Bank of England, bullying every European country they set their sights on, the Rothschild crime family owns the Federal Reserve Bank, which has managed America’s taxpayer money since 1913, the third time the Rothschild’s have gotten the contract from Congress to manage America’s money.

The first two times were on a 20 year contract and when the 20 years were up, both times, the President of the United States (at the time) vetoed renewing the Rothschild’s contracts.

This time, however, so many members of Congress appear to be on the Rothschild payroll, and so many American Presidents have been Rothschild Agents/Operatives (Clinton and Obama were Rothschild operatives, but Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Trump were not Rothschild Presidents)  that this time, when the Rothschilds were given the contract to manage our nation’s money, the Rothschild crime family has managed America’s taxpayer money for more than 100 years.

Not only do the Rothschild’s control America’s money, they control the Mainstream Media, as well. The Rockefellers are a surname which the Rothschild’s adopted years ago (like many surnames they adopted in order to fit in and glean built-in goodwill with the majority of citizens in the respective countries they’ve taken over). Once you learn how evil this family/Cartel has been, for more than 300 years, you might start to understand what is going on in this country right now. More is coming…

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