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This (above) is a video found on YouTube (which is owned by the Rothschild Family). The video is clearly Rothschild Family-produced propaganda. I know history, and I know the Rothschild family’s role throughout history, and this video soft-sells their legacy and misrepresents who they are, what they’ve done, what they’re doing and how immense is their wealth and their role in world events for the past 300 years.

The Rothschild’s are money hoarders, and have been since the 18th century. They started the French Revolution, manipulating the Stock Market at the time, funded both sides and made a fortune on the backs of dead soldiers. The Rothschild’s are responsible for starting WWI and WWII and are thought to be responsible for every major military conflict in modern history, as these godless people ARE the “Military Industrial Complex”, owning virtually every military manufacturing company known to Man. The Rothschilds’ own mother said “If my sons didn’t want wars, there would be no wars.” I believe Mom.

The Rothschild’s literally own the Democrat Party, who, while some may work under duress (the Rothschilds are famous for blackmailing, coercing and forcing heads of state and officials of countries they’ve targeted, other members of the Democrat Party in Congress are willing Rothschild employees who get paid to betray our country. In short, the ‘Rats work for the Rothschild’s… and so do some of the Republicans.

You’ll notice that wars started up again as soon as the Democrats stole the November 3, 2020 election and occupied Washington DC, after 4 years of world peace under Trump. The Rothschild’s literally own everything that sustains the First World and as David Rockefeller used to brag, they are proudly trying to create a One World Government dictatorship, under which the Rothschild’s would be Dictators and the United States of America would cease to exist as the sovereign nation that we are today. Not on my shift, they won’t.

“Live free or die” isn’t just a slogan; it defines the core of the American Spirit. Americans will not allow these greedy, heathen people to take our sovereignty willingly or by force. The American Spirit is stronger than the Rothschild’s greed for money and power, because we truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

In a nutshell, President George Washington was the first US President to cancel the banking contract with the Rothschild’s. Then Andrew Jackson did it, and the Rothschild’s were furious. In 1913, thanks to President Wilson’s support, the Rothschild’s again took control of America’s money, setting up the Rothschild’s personal “Federal Reserve Bank”. President Kennedy announced he was cancelling that contract with the Federal Reserve Bank, declaring that America would be managing our own money moving forward and 2 weeks later he was murdered.

These people are seriously and dangerously Evil, and so are their Co-Conspirators (the Democrat Party), but Americans will never concede defeat to them. Just watch what happens next in this country. It’s going to be very, very good. Molon labe, Rothschilds. Molon labe.

Editor’s note: For those who still consider everything we’re seeing and everything we’re saying a “conspiracy theory”, let me remind you that theories are built upon suspicion, while the conspiracy being waged right now against the USA by the Rothschild Crime Family is a fact. America’s cities are being burned, people are being murdered in America’s hospitals, our children are being targeted for chemical warfare and people are so brainwashed and psychotic right now that no one is lifting a finger to stop these deranged Murderers. 

No, this isn’t a theory, my fellow Americans. It is a Conspiracy against America, and we are living it, smack-dab in the middle of it, as we speak. But as American Patriots are gathering by the millions, across our land, we’ll be talking about what you and I can do to win this war next. 

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