­December 7, 2021 by Don Cobb, Investigative Reporter/Journalist for AmericanNation.net ~

It’s the ‘elephant in the living room’ right now. It’s a tough and far-reaching subject to discuss here in the USA, but we’re Americans, so we are (I am) unafraid and we need to talk about this… so here we go.

Am I the only American who noticed that Republicans did absolutely nothing when the Democrat Party stole the 2020 Presidential election from the American people and from landslide election-winner American President Donald J Trump? And have still done nothing since the 2020 election?! I don’t know about you, but I can’t help wonder if Congressional Republicans are actually Co-Conspirators with the Democrats in Congress, who may have conspired with the Democrat Party in order to steal the Presidency from President Trump. That meme (below👇🏻), I suspect, is accurate, in my (albeit sad) opinion. I don’t see any other conclusion as being logical, given the facts.

All of the Democrats in Congress – every single one – have voted for all of the January 6 fake, contrived “Trumper Insurrection” accusations and utter nonsense that went with it, including the ASSASSINATION of UNARMED Veteran Ashli Babbitt, and all Congressional Democrats have supported the more than 6 HUNDRED false arrests, when they all know the entire event was planned and  staged by Democrat Party leaders. Independent news source Revolver broke this fake “Trumper Insurrection” story into a million pieces, exposing the FBI for being responsible for the January 6 fake “Insurrection”. Click here.

Furthermore, every single Democrat in Congress, without exception, have voted for the bizarre and lunatic UN NWO Agenda 21 “Sustainability” farce, which is really the Rothschild/Rockefeller Cartel’s intended goal, to use the United Nations to create a “One World Government” (OWG), a Communist dictatorship run by them, no doubt, and implement a global population reduction (eliminating all but 245 million people – which means the planned Genocide of more than  7 billion people), couched and disguised as “Sustainable Development”, and many Congressional Republicans keep voting for that NWO OWG dictatorship/Population Control BS, too. There are so many red flags around the Republican Party’s behavior since November 4th, 2020 which cannot be ignored.

More than a year later, Republicans in Congress have filed NO lawsuits after the massive November 4, 2020 Democrat Party Presidential election fraud. Only state Republicans in Arizona (and several other states) are demanding audits of their respective state’s ballots now. These are Presidential Election Audits which should have been completed IMMEDIATELY following the 2020 election and should have been done nationwide by CONGRESS after the 2020 election fraud fiasco.

It appears that both parties are involved in intentionally destroying our nation’s economy, intentionally destroying the small businesses that our nation’s economy is built upon and certainly, both parties have already destroyed our trust in America’s voting system.  Either We the People take steps to remove them all from Congress immediately, or, in my educated observation, we’re likely to be put on trains soon, for not taking the State mRNA Injections.

Unthinkable, unbelievable notions, I agree, and yet, here we are, seeing this all unfold right before our eyes.

I believe it’s this Communist-infiltrated, compromised government that is the greatest threat to our beloved Republic, and so I believe that’s what We the People need to deal with first. “Cut off the heads of the snake”, so to speak, and when the heads of the snake are removed, then the Rothschilds and the Rockefeller’s will lose the control of the US Government which they are weilding right now. Take down the enemy within and then we’ll only be dealing with the enemy from the outside – China, Iran, North Korea – none of which pose the kind of dangerous threat that the Democrat Party and the Republican Party collectively pose right now.

This is not NATURAL, not ANY of it. This is the NWO Globalist Cartel attacking us from the inside. Ray Charles could see that it’s only the UN/NWO-controlled nations and Democrat Party-controlled states where all this new subversive activity is taking place. All of it.

We can’t do NOTHING. They keep releasing new germ warfare propaganda BS on us, continuing to use the Mainstream Media as a weapon against us. Real or imaginary, we know these aren’t “variants”, because how could they be “variants” when Scientists haven’t ever successfully isolated the original SARS-Cov2 virus of which these “new” viruses are SUPPOSED to be “variants”?! That is scientifically impossible, my fellow Americans.

vâr′ē-ənt, văr′-


  1. Differing from others of the same kind or from a standard.”

Yet the “standard” has not yet been identified, which makes the entire idea of any “variant” narrative complete and utter BS.

Live free or die, America. They’re coming for the elderly and the children right now. They’ll be coming for you next. The time to end this NWO Covid Terrorism is now. Right now… and just in time to protect America’s CHILDREN! Don’t you dare do NOTHING when CHILDREN are being threatened by Predators like these, who have announced  that they intend to HARM our children.

This entire charade has gotten completely out of control and that any of you are still compliant, I say openly “Shame on you for being so gullible and remaining so completely ignorant while our elderly are being murdered and American children are being threatened by these evil people”. 

I am confident that people much smarter than us (the White Hats) are already working on the solution for this Insurrectionist Terrorist government. We at American Nation have faith that if the White Hats need help or assistance from we Patriots in any way, they will make that crystal clear, and we stand ready and alert, should that calling come forth. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


By Don Cobb

Grateful and faithful Husband, Father, Pastor, American MAGA Patriot, blessed with the opportunity to be active in my community helping people every day, and excited about Life. Grateful to have finally met my First Love, Jesus Christ, who was patiently waiting in the wings for me! Thank you Lord! #USConstitution #1A #2A

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