What’s Happened to Americans? Part 2

Most Americans believe that the NWO Communist takeover is complete. Americans are officially no longer free.

With few shots fired, NWO Communist-led Democrat Party Traitors took over the US government using fraud, deceit and murder and blamed it all on President Trump. Absurd, isn’t it? For those of us paying attention – Patriots, I mean – it is the most ridiculous attempt at blaming we’ve ever seen in this nation. Democrats staged the January 6 “riot” and even shot and murdered an innocent Veteran and several of their own Capitol Police in order to convince low intelligence Fake New Watchers – we call them “The Gullibles” – that it was Trump supporters doings. To those of us who no longer get brainwashed by CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS or MSNBC, it was clearly a staged event, staged by Democrat Party leaders and then lied about by the entire Mainstream Media.

We’ve seen the videos. It was Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters. But the NWO Communists (the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, et al) own the Mainstream Media, so they still have a small audience who they have brainwashed into buying their bulls***, thinking it’s “news”. Unbelievable, you say? Then you are probably one of the low information Gullibles, because not only is it believable, it’s true, and Patriots know it’s true.

Some Patriots are still waiting for the Insurrection Act to be carried out, certain that Trump set it in motion for such a time as this. Other Patriots have lost hope. All we at AN know is that, regardless if the IA is in motion or not, We the People cannot continue to stand by and do nothing.

The question is always “What can I do?” as Patriots stand by, doing nothing. There is wisdom in the counsel of many. Start by gathering with your Patriot friends and talk about defending your own homes first. Set up a communication network to let your fellow Patriots know if/when your home is being attacked and/or visited by government agents, who, by the way, are no longer legitimate representatives of our government. With a fake President in place, this government is as illegitimate as Biden. We are law abiding citizens, but that doesn’t mean we don’t protect our own.

Use the Telegram privacy app to send emergency messaging when it’s time. Even a series of pre-agreed text messages, such as “911” and/or “411” to your Patriot friends to get them to come running to your home when you need help and support. “911 9m” might mean “Bring your guns”. It is such a time as this that our Founders added the Second Amendment right to bear arms, for times of trouble. Use it as needed.

We are developing a comprehensive American Patriot Protection Plan and we would like your input. God’s Word tells us “There is wisdom in the counsel of many”, which is why the NWO Communists and Deep State Democrat Party Traitors initiated ‘Shelter in Place’ and ‘Social Distancing’. They don’t want you talking to one another. It’s time to talk about solutions, not about how radical these Communists are.

Download the Telegram app from your app store or directly from the Telegram website found here: https://telegram.org/. Please add “Pat Riot” email patriot@patriotcentral.net to your Telegram. We want to stay in touch with you, America’s Patriots. God bless America, God bless you brave Patriots and may our casualties be none as We the People take back control of our government. More coming soon…

American Nation on Gab and CloutHub

Come and join AMERICAN NATION on CloutHub.com. Join our AMERICAN NATION group and let’s get busy interracting with millions of other Patriots who are all working to defend and protect these United States of America.

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MAGA PARTY USA – Americans are abandoning the corrupt Republican Party now that we’ve seen that the majority of Republicans in Congress are working with the Traitor NWO Democrats to overthrow our nation. No need to re-register to vote unless you want to; We the People are ALREADY the MAGA Party, 80 million strong!

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It appears that Facebook has become Fascistbook, and is trying to intimidate Conservatives into shutting up by changing their algorithms to control what is seen and dictate what is not seen.
Right now, Fascistbook is making it so that no one sees some of my posts, and so that I can’t call/hotlink my friends to my posts or other truthful posts. For example, I posted two posts back to back last week and I used the word “virus” in the subject line in one post and changed it to “vy-rus” in the other post. The next day my “virus” post had 3 views and the “vy-rus” post had 75 views. Same audience, same time.
Now Fascistbook has changed their algorithms so I can’t hotlink ANYONE, not even my wife.  Fascistbook is trying to intimidate us into shutting up, but this is America and we have free speech. I’m not posting profanity or sexual pictures or threating anyone so I will continue to exercise my right to free speech. 

I’m sure they are trying to chase people like me away, strong vocal Patriot Americans, so they can continue to manipulate and intimidate the more timid, easily intimidated individuals into being careful about what you post. I won’t be intimidated. 
Fascistbook is trying to control the narrative, like the Media does, attempting to dictate what we should all believe. You see, if you never see posts that expose Democrat Party voter fraud, for example, you’ll never know that our election was STOLEN by the Democrats. 

It’s the same thing the American mainstream media has been doing for 4 years as they’ve tried relentlessly to turn public opinion against Trump. The Globalists own all 6 of America’s media broadcasting stations, so they have been able to make it appear that ‘Since all the news stations agree, it must be true, whatever they say’, when in reality, it’s because the Globalists DICTATE THE SCRIPT to all six agencies what to say every day, so that’s why they all say the same things. They’re trying to manipulate public opinion in that way. 
And now Fascistbook is trying to do the same thing. I’m on BoshTalk.com and on Parler.com, both committed Free Speech social media sites. I suspect Fascistbook will be banning my account soon, for telling the truth without reservation. 
Perhaps Fascistbook forgot that as Americans, we have the right to free speech in all public forums… or maybe they don’t care about our laws. 


I refuse to buy from Globalist stores anymore. You know who they are. Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Google, Lowe’s, Home Depot and many more. They are all owned by wealthy families whose names we are all familiar. The Rothschilds, the Getty’s, the Bush family, the Rockefellers and now Zuckerberg and the Twitter CEO (Jack something) have joined these wealth-hoarding wannabe Dictators.

It’s the wealthy Globalists who are behind this attack on America. The Bilderberg Group – look it up – has been behind every major war and conflict in modern history on the planet, including trying to take over the world using Adolf Hitler. Now they’ve taken over the Mainstream Media (bought every major American broadcasting company and Hollywood production company in order to control the narrative and manipulate public opinion in order to sell viewers on Socialism, lead people away from God by demonizing Christians and destroy the American Family which holds this nation together). They’re still at it, and America and Americans and our 80 million gun owners and 400 million guns are the only thing in the way of their UN One World Government dictatorship.

THIS was what they thought was their final push… but NOOOooo… Donald TRUMP the AMERICAN PATRIOT PRESIDENT and his PATRIOT SUPPORTERS – you and me – are in the freaking way. They OWN the Media and they OWN the Democrats and they OWN virtually every major industry that provides essential goods to to the First World nations. This is why they’re trying to BREAK the USA and make America like a Third World nation – dirt poor, homeless and reliant on THEM. They want to rule the world. THAT is their plan for us.

These lunatic families created the United Nations for this purpose… and the World Bank and the World Health Organization. These families have been patiently working on their plan for 100 years to create a worldwide dictatorship – the UN calls it a “One World Government”- but make no mistake, it’s not going to be a Democracy.

THAT is why DemocRATS are shutting down small businesses but not THEIR businesses. They want your business to fail, your bank account to empty and the NWO wants you to become reliant on THEM. THAT is their plan for all of us.

Now perhaps you’ll understand how important Donald Trump is this War against America. Trump sees the NWO. He’s been watching them like many of us have been watching the NWO for 30 years. That’s why Trump ran for President in 2016. If Hillary and the RATS had won that election, America would look like Portland and many of us Patriots and our families would be dead by now.

Fight for your freedom like your life depends on it, Americans, because YOUR life and your CHILDREN’S and GRANDCHILDREN’S lives – the ENTIRE WORLD’S lives depend on America SURVIVING and THRIVING.

No, it’s not a “conspiracy theory”. They taught TV viewers to think that by saying it over and over and over until you finally believed that it’s all “a conspiracy theory”. Whenever someone refers to their CONSPIRACY against the entire WORLD, they’ve used their puppets at CNN, ABC and the other American fake news shows to say “another conspiracy theory”so you would have no idea what these insane wealth-hoarders are up to, and EVERYONE in the world is depending on US to WIN THIS WAR. Let’s not let the World down… and let’s not let OUR CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN and OURSELVES down.

Christian Warrior Patriots know “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”. Partnering with others who may not know Him yet will only STRENGTHEN this effort. F (forget) the NWO. F the Globalists. F the Democrats. Long live the USA. 🇺🇸

*No conspiracy theories were used to produce this message. Nothing but the facts, ma’am. Nothing but the facts and the straight up, unrelenting, certifiable, undeniable God’s-honest Truth. 🇺🇸🙏🏻

Democrat Party Communists Confirmed

It is definitely confirmed now: The Democrat Party is run by Communists and officially supported by Communist China and the Communist Party USA. Announcements by both China and the CPUSA were made this past week.

It’s clear as day that Democrat Party Mayors in Portland, Seattle and Detroit are all systematically allowing their cities to be destroyed. The Wall Street Journal says they may have overestimated their plan to destroy their cities and blame it on President Trump, but that’s only because they underestimated the intelligence of American Patriots and seem to have bought their own bullshit in pretending Patriots make up more than 80% of all Americans while Liberals make up less than 10%.

Mainstream Media propaganda has done it’s best to convince viewers that “Half of Americans are Liberals” but that is just a bold-faced lie, proven whenever a truly independent poll is taken and the results are always the same – less than 10% support the Liberal viewpoint while more than 80% support Conservative viewpoints.  That lie has gone on for so long, supported by Democrat-Communist Party voter fraud and nothing more, that the real leaders of the Democrat-Communist Party – the Bilderberg Group – seem to have lost sight of Reality now.

Denying Hydrochoroxyquine was their biggest blunder to date, but it’s understandable why they’re denying that Hydrochoroxyquine is the medicine that works on COVID/Coronavirus patients 100% of the time, when caught early on. They’re denying Hydrochoroxyquine because if they admit this medicine works, then that means they have to give up their plan to force their Population Control Vaccine on the entire world and lost out on millions of dollars of profit.

The NWO Communists plan to give a Population Control vaccine to every person on Earth, and inject a CHIP into every person, as well, is Population Control advocate Bill Gates’ dream. Gates has been trying to sell this idea to scientists for 20 years and Gates has never been so close to “chipping” every man, woman and child on the planet as he was just 4 weeks ago, when honest COVID doctors stepped up to announce that “Hydrochloroxyquine works 100% of the time when caught early on.” That was the END of Gates’ and Fauci’s plan for a worldwide Population Control vaccine that will chip everyone in the process. Why is the chip so important to these NWO Communists?

The chip would have allowed these people the ability to snuff out your life with a flick of the switch, to wreak havoc medically within your body, causing terminal illnesses. The chip also would have given these sicko people the ability to glean complete control over everyone on Earth, as they’ve already threatened to cut you off from “the system” – that is, no buying food, no flying on airplanes, no medical care, etc – unless you have “the Chip”. Eff that, and eff those people. These are sick, sick, sick individuals, godless and ungodly, and now we know how sick they are and we also know what their sinister plans were for the world.

They planned on using Population Control to murder 7 billion people on our planet, leaving just 245,000 who would be allowed to live. They estimate that in order for the Earth to be “sustainable”, 7 billion of us ultimately have to die. THAT is how sick these MF-ers are – and now you know, too.

More coming on this…