“This is far and away, the most lethal, toxic biological agent every injected into a Human body in American history…” Dr. Peter McCollough

Worth watching. Grab a cuppa Joe and check out what this Covid-19 Doctor has to say about the “poisonous” State Injections. This doctor has the education, the credentials and the experience to know exactly what he’s talking about.

From Bitchute.com, the Free Speech version of now-heavily-Communist-censored YouTube. https://www.bitchute.com/video/aMmyTQRyBFnf/

By Don Cobb

Grateful and faithful Husband, Father, Pastor, American MAGA Patriot, blessed with the opportunity to be active in my community helping people every day, and excited about Life. Grateful to have finally met my First Love, Jesus Christ, who was patiently waiting in the wings for me! Thank you Lord! #USConstitution #1A #2A

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