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It’s not a “conspiracy theory” like the Mainstream Media has taught you to believe. It is a global conspiracy – “The Conspiracy” – against Americans and every other nation on Earth. It is by design, and one wealthy family is behind it all. And it started more than 100 years ago. Keep in mind that this family has been terrorizing the world for more than 300 years. That is not a “conspiracy theory”, it is documented verifiable fact. Allow me to explain.

Big Corporate (we’ll refer to them as NWO) set up the 40 hour work week in America more than 100 years ago, thus effectively and intentionally taking Dad out of the home, alienating him from his family and rendering Dad, oftentimes, too tired to parent when he got home. While  one could say that providing jobs is a good thing, 12 Steps groups call this kind of manipulation “Hiding a bad motive underneath a good motive”. For example, a case could be made over the benefits of working a steady job (good motive), having steady income, and sometimes corporate-provided health insurance, but one cannot ignore the fact that (bad motive) Dad is now gone more than he is with his family every day – every SINGLE day of the week (M-F). Dad suffers, Mom suffers and the children suffer because of that. The American Family has been suffering in this way for more than 100 years… but there’s more.

Corporations – specifically, the corporations owned by the Rothschild family – are not family friendly and do not have good motives for almost anything they’ve done for 300 years. The Rothschilds are Money Hoarders and Hegomonists, as they have openly, albeit inadvertently perhaps, confessed.

Big Corporate (the Rothschilds) manipulated the cost of living – the Rothschilds own virtually all of the world’s major banks – forcing MOM to go to work outside of the home too, leaving a broken family with children being raised by oftentimes-relative strangers (day-care) and the State (public schools), leaving children to spend more time with their Teachers every day than with their moms and dads.

This NWO Bilderberg Group – a group of wealthy corporation owners and leaders of nations which include the wealth hoarding Rothschilds, media monopolizing Rockefellers, Jackholes like Bill Gates & George Soros, every member of Congress who serve the Democrat Party and many Congressional Republicans, as well – have been systematically working on taking down/destroying the United States of America.

This has been going on for generations, while the NWO have slowly infiltrated our government, the entertainment industry (they own most of *Hellywood production companies and the entire Mainstream Media) and have been systematically attacking the American Family and eroding traditional healthy, Godly family values, targeting Christianity and Christians, pushing families apart by glorifying single mothers and demonizing divorced fathers, while sick Pedophiles and Queers push Homosexual Agenda as they now produce virtually all of America’s “entertainment”. These moral Degenerates are putting Crossdressers and Queers on virtually every Primetime tv show for the past 40 years and TV commercial, more recently eliminating White people from TV commercials while making TV commercials 90-95% black actors and Queers (blacks make up 12% of the US population, but 90% of TV commercial actors? That is Racist) and making virtually every movie about death and killing and/or sex and the Occult, blaspheming/taking God’s name in vain in literally every TV show and movie produced for the past 50 years, doing their best to present a false narrative which depicts Americans as immoral, unethical, untrustworthy and violent in their effort to try to make America as Spiritually sick as possible.

We don’t watch Mainstream Media garbage in our homes. We suggest you stop watching all ABC, NBC, CBS produced TV shows and stop watching all 6 Mainstream Media (fake) news shows. ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and (to a lesser degree, but still compromised) FOX. We suggest independent alternative, real news stations such as One American News Network (OAN), Epoch Times, NewsMax,,, Glenn Beck,,, Mises Institute, Gateway Pundit,, and there are many other trustworthy, reliable investigative news reporting agencies, now that the Mainstream Media has proven that they are completely compromised and simply not trustworthy any longer.

In short, the Rothschilds are trying to kill the United States of America because the USA, which is 58% Christian with 100 million legal gun owners (, is the only thing standing in the way of their “One World Government” dictatorship plan, which is laid out in the United Nations publication calledUN Agenda 21“, published in 1992, which includes the plan to depopulate 95% of the world. Yes, we’re serious… and so are the lunatic Rothschild’s. UN Agenda 21 ‘recommends’ an Earth population of just 245 million people. That means that more than 7.5 billion people are planned for this NWO Genocide plan. Look it up yourself from the United Nations website here: UN Agenda 21.

The NWO Communists (NWO), aka “Globalists”, are currently in the process of destroying small businesses nationwide, rendering as many Americans as possible unemployed and on government assistance or unemployment. Either way, (unemployed or on government assistance) they suddenly ALL BECOME DEPENDENT on the government to survive. That’s what Communism is built upon: reliance on the government for everything, aka “No freedom or independence”. Ignorant and gullible people are volunteering for it right now in America, lazy and unmotivated, taking the bait from the Insurrectionist NWO Communist Occupation in Washington DC right now.

The COVID-19 SCAM: The real problem with this “Covid-19” scenario is that a “Covid-19” virus doesn’t even exist. “Covid-19” is a set of symptoms, not a virus. Scientists worldwide haven’t even isolated it or even identified the supposed “SARS-Cov2 virus” yet, did you know that?! That means that every “variant” is a lie, as well. This entire “Covid-19” narrative is a false premise. People have been lied to, misled, intentionally misinformed and the “virus” aspect has been totally misrepresented. We know there is a virus out there, but it is not what the Mainstream Media pretends that it is.

This “Covid 19” media fear-mongering campaign is all smoke and mirrors, a distraction while the NWO Communists (Rothschilds) have taken over our government and are currently killing as many people as possible with the mandatory hospital medication Rendesivir and the supposedly “experimental” mRNA injections, which are NOT fighting “Covid 19” because, like we said, SCIENTISTS CANNOT EVEN ISOLATE THE VIRUS. People are not dying from a “Covid-19 virus” because it doesn’t exist, but appear to be dying from the mandatory hospital medication protocols and the mRNA Injections which the government and the media are falsely calling “vaccines”. The mRNA immune system modifiers are NOT “vaccines” like the polio, chicken pox, measles vaccines of the past. Because they have not even isolated the imaginary “SARS-Cov2 virus”, they cannot make a vaccine for it… and that was the plan, all along – to get you to willingly accept an Immune System modifier, believing it is a “vaccine”. It’s not a vaccine. There IS NO VACCINE for “Covid-19”. That’s a fact.

Then we have the weak-minded Liberals and the lazy “Gullibles”, who sit in front of the Boob Tube and allow themselves to be brainwashed and lied to every day by the corrupt terrorist fear-mongering Mainstream Media, absolutely ignorant of the conspiracy right in front of them. Our staff suspects that these “Gullibles” may be addicted to drama – not uncommon; we all know people like this – which is why they continue to turn on and watch MSM Terrorist TV every day.

We are prayerfully considering leaving the country, and we are definitely leaving California after living our entire lives here – California is not America any longer. We have friends who have moved to nations with healthier governments who say NONE of this is going on there. While we’re here, however, we will remain alert and ready to defend our homes and families, with our lives, if necessary.

There is no question that The Conspiracy is real. After 5 of the 6 Mainstream Media outlets started ganging up on President Trump in 2016, using all of the same talking points, acting in concert with one another and all saying exactly the same things and making the same false accusations against President Trump, we knew that the Mainstream Media had been seriously compromised. Lo and behold, Propaganda was effectively legalized when, in 2013, Obama enabled the government to legally produce propaganda by signing an NDAA bill that packaged an end to the Smith-Mundit act that prevented the government from unleashing propaganda to its citizens. Now you know why the Mainstream Media gets away with so much propaganda. Obama legalized propaganda and the Republicans have done nothing to stop this.

With the Department of Justice refusing to hold the NWO Democrats responsible for the stolen election of 2020, or the  Democrat Party-staged “Insurrection” on January 6 2021, the onus for bringing Justice to these NWO Criminals and Traitors falls on We, the People now. Never before have Americans watched their Congress infiltrated by Traitors or seen our government compromised at virtually every level, so Americans have never had to ‘throw off’ their own government… before now. Clearly, however, it is time throw off this tyrannical government who is intentionally destroying our nation, right before our eyes.

The Solution: Need we see more before we take actions to restore the United States Government? We think not. We’ve seen enough. So what is the solution to this attack on our nation and our culture? Christians make up 58% of all Americans – we are the Majority here. Together, united, there is nothing we can’t do.  Americans are gathering across the nation to discuss the steps we’ll be taking which will identify, remove and replace every Leftist/NWO Communist who holds public office in our country, on the local, state and federal levels, found here on

We had all hoped that it wouldn’t come to this, but apparently Trump and the White Hats are not going to step up to save us from these NWO Terrorist Insurrectionists, like we had all hoped, so that means We the People need to save ourselves.

We can do this; we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. That’s a fact, and that will be how history remembers the brave American Citizens who stand up for their rights and throw off this tyrannical government today, for which the US Constitution provides a method. That’s right, I said “The US Constitution provides a method” to remove and ‘throw off’ the US government when it becomes tyrannical… like this compromised US government is now. We’ll be talking about how to ‘throw off’ this tyrannical government next.

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