I’m sure I’m not alone, and not the only one who feels called to protect and defend my country right now. I’m waiting for some evidence of movement, to join in on such an effort. I keep wondering if I am not being called to begin this movement, whatever it might be. I am prayerfully asking the Lord to direct my steps, as I have been for 23 years.

I keep wondering how deeply regretful Jews must be that their families cooperated with the government instead of defending themselves and one another from that government that was openly and clearly hostile towards them.

I know it’s not a good idea to even say things like this on FB now, but I am a Godly man with nothing but good intentions and would never do anything illegal or subversive against the US government. I will, however, exercise my rights as a Citizen and a Taxpayer to utilize every tool the US Constitution provides which will protect the citizenry from a tyrannical government like this one. Intentionally murdering our Elderly and now targeting our children? The government has clearly crossed a very dark and disturbing criminal line.

The Constitution provides a method for what it calls “throwing off” a tyrannical government. I’m investigating what that process is and I will begin that process ASAP. They’re coming after my grandchildren supposedly over a virus with a 99.98% survival rate.  99.98%?! THAT is how we know this entire “vaccine” bs is just that: It’s all bs.

The whole thing is a lie. I detest Liars. I will always come against lies with the Truth. And I will always come against Evil whenever Evil rears it’s ugly head… like it is right now in America.

Yes, people are dying… like they die every year, some from the flu and most are people with serious pre-existing medical condition(s) who die when they get the flu because their Immune Systems are already compromised. Some are dying from Rothschild-owned hospitals’ protocols, which include the drug Rendesivir, a drug that killed 54% of Ebola patients in Africa in 2018-2019.

What mRNA will do to you is compromise your Immune System. We’ve tried to warn you that Fauci, Gates, Biden, the entire compromised global system run by the Rothschild family is engaged in Depopulation of the planet right now.  THAT is what is going on here.  While we sit here watching it on TV and watching our families and friends dying, these Terrorists continue to murder millions of innocent people worldwide.

I’m sure I’m not alone and I’m certainly not the only American prepared to join in on any Righteous and courageous effort to save our nation from the Rothschild Terrorists who have taken control of virtually everything. I look forward to meeting any/all of you fellow Patriots, should our paths cross as we move forward during this critical time in our nation’s history.

I am praying God’s blessings and protection on you, and on us all. God bless America.

By Don Cobb

Grateful and faithful Husband, Father, Pastor, American MAGA Patriot, blessed with the opportunity to be active in my community helping people every day, and excited about Life. Grateful to have finally met my First Love, Jesus Christ, who was patiently waiting in the wings for me! Thank you Lord! #USConstitution #1A #2A

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