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The Reserve Bank will shortly begin Stage 3 of its four-stage CBDC planning project. The bank says this stage will ‘run for several years and at the end of it, we would decide if we wanted to introduce a CBDC in New Zealand.’

This is bureaucratic doublespeak for ‘the CBDC will be introduced as soon as possible, whether you peasants like it or not’.

Historically, your money in the bank was a debt owed by the bank to you that was repayable on demand – if you had $20,000 in the bank and went to a branch to withdraw it, the bank had to legally front up with the cash, no questions asked – and for good reason – because it was your cash and what you did with it was nobody else’s business – especially the State’s.

Over the years we’ve seen cash gradually phased out under the guise of giving the public ‘more convenience’. Now, you can’t withdraw your own money over a certain limit without the bank teller giving you the third degree over why you want your money and notifying the State/police about it. You can’t even go into a branch and deposit your cash into another person’s account. The inconvenience of cash nowadays is not inherent to it, but has been orchestrated by the banking system and the regulators in preparation for what was once considered the ‘conspiracy theory’ of government controlled, programmable digital currency.

Critics of the CBDC fear its programmable nature will give the State full control over citizens’ wealth and spending choices, allowing them to force compliance and coerce behaviour. In true Communist style, these fundamental changes to the nature of money, and thus the relationship of the individual to the State, have not been put to the electorate, and will not be debated. They will simply be imposed, once the Reserve Bank has completed Stage 3 to their satisfaction.

In most Western countries there are MPs opposing its introduction, but in New Zealand I am not aware of any MP who has voiced any opposition to the measure, or who is actively working to alert the public to the dangers of CBDCs. It will again be left up to the independent media to sound the warnings and provide the complete picture.

Reserve Bank bigwigs assure us that CBDCs will never replace cash, and there will always be a certain amount of it circulating in the economy. Mainstream ‘experts’ will tell us there is nothing to worry about and the government will never ‘programme’ the currency against its own people.

But that’s what they always tell us. Incremental changes will be made in the years after its implementation. These changes will be hardly discussed or debated, or will be sold to the public on the basis they are for ‘law and order purposes’ (ie. to financially cut off the gangs), or are the result of cyber attacks from Iran, Russia or North Korea (but most likely originating from one of our esteemed 5 Eyes ‘mates’). Before you know it the government will be fully programming the money supply – controlling the cash in your bank account that has, since time immemorial, been yours and yours alone.

The push for CBDCs around the world is part of a bigger, audacious agenda of control and surveillance, of which COVID was the first, arrogant foray. Manufactured wars, ‘pandemics’, conflicts and social divisions are the tools being used against the population through the State and billionaire-funded legacy mass media to further this agenda.

As we begin 2024 we are greeted by the sight of a world beset by major wars, threats of man-made diseases and ‘climate collapse’, conflicts and increasing social division. More than half of the world’s population continues to live in abject poverty. We are told that eating insects and living under 24-hour State/Big Tech surveillance will miraculously make everything better.

Unelected and unaccountable globalist organisations colluding with governments and foreign-owned mega-corporations are vying to control, restrict, or eliminate entirely, our privacy, wealth, food choices, our freedom of movement, beliefs and expression. Work is underway to extinguish, without consent or debate, basic human rights which took centuries of spilt blood to gain. Don’t be fooled by the protestations of the globalists, or the governments and their ‘experts’ and media mules to the contrary, or assurances from them that it will never happen or that they are working for the betterment of humankind.

We see via social media tens of thousands of illegal, undocumented males of military age entering Europe and the USA each month. This migration will have a huge de-stablising effect on societies already under pressure economically and socially. The 2024 US Presidential election and it’s lead up, will provide a seminal moment, if indeed, we get that far.

None of these afflictions on our civilisation happens by chance. They are all planned, deliberate, and interconnected with one another through the workings of a diabolical, Satanically-minded elite, who, through the private ownership of the West’s monetary system and mass media, are able to control nations and governments like pawns on a chessboard.

But 2023 has seen a global awakening, of sorts. It hasn’t been a total one so far, but nevertheless millions of people in the West are starting to realise and understand the illusions we live under, the lies we have been told, and the threats future generations of our kind face should this elite faction assume total control over technology.

2024 will be another important year in this struggle because the ‘elites’ have found themselves at a crossroads.

Having seen the rapid collapse of their COVID and climate narratives over the past two years, what will they plan in response? With their backs to the wall and unable now to control the flow of information or make the sole claim to authority, we must expect crises that are presented to the masses as faits accomplis – an internet/energy/technology crash, a currency/economic collapse, a highly lethal airborne pathogen or World War 3 – or a combination of them. It will be an instantaneous and frightening new reality – one which the ‘elites’ do not need to propagandise the masses in preparation for – an extreme case of what David Icke describes as ‘Problem – Reaction – Solution’.

We can expect the reponse to be extreme because the elites have no other choice. Their brainwashing techniques don’t work as well as they used to.

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