Here we are and something DEFINITELY needs to be done now. I cannot continue to ‘do nothing’ anymore. The planet’s freedom and God-given rights depend on the United States of America remaining free and we are no longer free.

The Central Banker/WEF Criminal Syndicate has used this compromised Congress to make laws that intentionally deny our Constitutional rights and I’m going to be part of the effort to rid ourselves of all those laws that INFRINGE on our God-given rights, including all gun control laws – ALL gun control laws INFRINGE on our Constitutional rights – and I’m going to be part of the effort to rid ourselves of the TRAITORS who are proposing, and voting for, these unconstitutional laws. This much has become crystal clear over the past 3 years: Congress is literally and completely compromised.

Ridiculous “Hate Speech” laws infringe on our First Amendment Freedom of Speech rights and both the Democrats & Republicans who are voting for those laws know this. They are all Traitors to our country who are knowingly committing TREASON and need to be removed from office immediately for VIOLATING their Oath of Office to “defend & protect the US Constitution”.

ARE ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS COMMITTING TREASON? The answer to that question is “Yes.” Here is how we can say that with confidence: When the Covid-19 Scam began, no members of Congress came forward, or even made any attempt, to stop the clearly unconstitutional violations of American Citizens’ Constitutional rights to Free Speech, Self-determination and medical autonomy. To this day, no member of Congress has filed charges against any other member of Congress for proposing, supporting or voting for any unconstitutional law which violates American Citizen’s God-given Constitutional rights, and there are many such laws passed by Congress and the Blue States.

And why haven’t these members of Congress who have been committing Treason against the United States of America all been removed yet? Two reasons:

  1. Congress – both parties – are clearly and completely compromised now and no longer represent We the People.
  2. WE THE PEOPLE haven’t demanded they be removed or started the impeachment process to have them removed yet.

With a compromised Congress who is representing the Central Bankers, Big Pharma, the Propaganda/Terrorist Media, who is protecting the Pedophiles, Criminals and Degenerates among them in Washington DC, Hollywood, worldwide and trafficking children across our border now, the onus is on US to remove all of these Traitors – 100% of Democrats and EVERY Republican who has voted for ANY unconstitutional laws.

I’m looking into how a Citizen can begin impeachment proceedings against Treasonous members of Congress, because – and never forget – we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

So let’s get busy, my fellow Americans. We have a nation to defend, families to protect, a lifestyle to restore and our God-given rights of Freedom and Liberty to defend and protect from the Evil among us, who have infiltrated our government and our culture, and today, walk openly among us, as though Pedophiles, Liars, Traitors and Thieves run this country now. 

And guess what… that’s because they DO. 🇺🇸

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