The US Government has no authority, that we’re aware of, to dictate how we choose to live, or what we do in the privacy of our homes or in our cars, even “for our safety”. That’s because our government’s “Law of the Land” is the US Constitution, which acknowledges the God-given rights we are all born with, so that no man can take them away. Freedom of Speech, the right to own and bear arms and the right to Privacy are three of those rights, established and confirmed many times since the Constitutional was written.

Even drinking a beer while driving – and I haven’t had a drink or beer for 31 years, but this isn’t about me or about beer – it’s about our Constitutional right to self-determination – it is NONE of the government’s business. If I’m driving erratically and appear to be under the influence of alcohol, then pull me over, but no self-respecting Free Man lets the Government tell him what to do in the privacy of his own home or vehicle provided I’m not hurting anyone.

How about using my phone while driving? Show me where in the US Constitution gives the government the authority to fine me for doing something – ANYTHING – in the privacy of my own vehicle. It’s not there. Yes, drinking too much beer or texting while driving can be dangerous – Distracted Driving they call it – but where in the US Constitution is Government given the authority to dictate what I can or cannot do in the privacy of my home or car, provided I’m not hurting anyone? The fact that others may have hurt someone in the past does not give the government the authority to dictate what I can or cannot do in the privacy of my home or car. Change my mind.

And how about the Doctors/Physicians and Nurses oath to “Do no harm”? That’s the oath they all took, yet when the Covid-19 Scam started, both doctors and nurses willingly gave people injections that they knew were likely to cause harm. Even after people started “dying suddenly”, doctors and nurses are still giving out the “Death Jab Injections”. So much for “Do no harm.”

Why is that? Because if they don’t do as they’re told by Corporate hospitals, they’ll be fired. That’s called “coercion“ and people with principles won’t be manipulated in that way. My wife stepped down from her job after 11 years rather than get the Death Jab Injection. She would rather trust God moving forward into the unknown, than risk her own life because Corporate said so. The people who are attempting to take complete control of our country, by the way, are the same people who have compromised the Corporate hospital systems worldwide, who control the compromised global media monopoly and who have

This is how the Government has systematically chipped away at our freedom and Liberty for the last 100+ years. My favorite unconstitutional law is telling me I can’t “bear arms” everywhere I go in California, and that I need to PAY the government and APPLY for a PERMIT in order to exercise my God-given Constitutional Rights.

Wait-wHaT?! Concealed Carry is every American’s God-given right as acknowledged in the US Constitution. Period. I don’t need to PAY or get permission from the government to carry my weapons everywhere I go. The US Constitution already acknowledges my right to bear arms, without restrictions and the Government has no right or authority to infringe on those rights. None.

But government-run schools no longer teach students about constitutional rights. Government-run schools are teaching students total bulls***, like the made-up “Men can have babies”, Gender is your choice”, “Men can be Women” and the unconstitutional “hate speech laws” which does not exist in the US Constitution, so students today have no idea where their rights come from or what their right ARE. Government run schools are teaching children that they don’t have the God-given rights we are all born with, rights that God and our Founding Fathers have already acknowledged in the US Constitution.

Personally, I’m done with this tyranny. These people (government) work for US and are supposed to SERVE US, not dictate rules for our lives. I’m done letting unelected Bureaucrats tell me how to live. I’m an American and I am Free to make my own decisions which determine my destiny, not some stranger who doesn’t even know me, And I will be writing more about the outrageousness of this communist government taking our rights one chip at a time.

I was just picking up propane this morning, talking with the manager of the deli/gas station where I get my propane. I noticed a couple big signs behind him that said in big letters “CHECKOUT” and “DELI” and I mentioned I had never seen those signs before. He told me that they make sandwiches in advance and put them in the cooler for people to buy.

The all-Democrat Party Co-Conspirators of the November 3, 2020 Insurrection were hand-picked by the same Democrat Leaders who planned and executed the overthrow of the US Government by election fraud on 11/3/2020. Democrat Party leaders Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer altered and edited videos from January 6, which are Felonies, and tried to withhold more than 14 thousand hours of unedited videos which were released recently by Tucker Carlson of FOX News.

He described the Sonoma County Health Department coming by to stop his business from making sandwiches by order and told him he needs a separate license to make sandwiches that way. When he asked the Sonoma County Health Department employee how much that license costs, the county agent told him “It doesn’t matter. I will not approve a sandwich-by-order license for this business”.

That county employee is supposed to be serving us, not dictating what we can or cannot do in our homes, or places of business. He is a “Public Servant”, not a Dictator. But this is a perfect example of even local government has chipped away at our freedom and our right to determine our own destiny.

California gun laws are all unconstitutional but no lawyer will challenge them because the understanding is they will be disbarred if they challenge California gun laws. So the government is now bullying lawyers with the threat to take away their ability to make an honest living if they don’t respect the unconstitutional laws California has put in place, and there are many.

I think it’s time we the people exercise our God-given rights and stop letting the Government bully ALL of us. That’s what I’m doing, moving forward. This Tyranny has gotten WAAAAY outta hand because we’ve LET IT. I’m done with that bulls***.

The first law I’m going to challenge is the concealed carry law in California. I’ve already been turned down once, despite a history of working at the county jail for years and for working in county mental health for years. I’m going to apply again and if they deny my application, I’m going to sue the county. I’ll keep you apprised at how well that goes. If they put me in jail, my family is going to be wealthy for generations to come. I guarantee you that, because I will win in court. Eventually, perhaps, but definitely. 🇺🇸

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